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Beef Recipes

Get your dose of high protein in our selection of beef recipes. You can try our various cooking methods to bring out that beefy goodness you’ve been craving for. Beef up your dishes now!

beef steak

New Beef Recipes

Diner-Style Corned Beef Hash Recipe

Diner-Style Corned Beef Hash

No need to go to fancy restaurants to have your favorite corned beef hash. Here is a recipe to make it at home!

Total 70 mins
Penne Pasta With Ground Beef And Vodka Sauce Recipe

Penne Pasta With Ground Beef And Vodka Sauce

Bright, creamy, and velvety vodka sauce that infuses perfectly with penne pasta and ground beef

Total 45 mins
Crockpot Goulash Recipe

Crockpot Goulash

Total 185 mins
German-Style Beef Sandwiches Recipe

German-Style Beef Sandwiches

Total 10 mins
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