Italian Recipes

Italian Recipes

We can never thank the Italian people enough for inventing pizza and pasta. And you can enjoy these anytime with these easy-to-follow Italian recipes, while you take a sip of your wine! Bon Apetit!

Recommended Italian Recipes


1 hr 15 mins

Baked Fish with Tomato Mushroom Sauce Recipe

The sweet and tangy flavors of our tomato mushroom sauce work wonderfully with our baked fish, seeping into the fillet meat as it cooks in the oven. This results in juicy, flavorful, and nutritious baked fish fillets.


30 mins

Microwave Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

This vegetable lasagna recipe is so simple to make yet it tastes just as good as a regular lasagna. It's hard to believe it was cooked in a microwave!


10 hrs 10 mins

Crockpot Italian Chicken Stew Recipe

Staying true to Italian cuisine as being hearty, this chicken stew recipe is both hefty and healthy without being too labor-intensive, all thanks to the wonders of cooking in a crockpot.


40 mins

Creamy Pasta with Summer Vegetables Recipe

Taste the fresh and velvety flavors of this creamy pasta dish! It's packed with tender bites of pasta, crunchy asparagus and zucchini; all tossed in a rich sauce.


40 mins

Squash Meatballs Recipe

Serve savory fried squash meatballs that you can easily whip up in your kitchen and enjoy crispy-fried meat-free meatballs loaded with fresh flavors!


1 hr 10 mins

Italian Chicken Lasagna Recipe

The best tasting chicken lasagna recipe that gives you layers of lasagna pasta filled with meaty, creamy, and cheesy goodness.

Slow Cooked

10 hrs 30 mins

Slow Cooker Italian Beef Recipe

This italian beef recipe tenderizes the meat that it literally falls off on its own. Strip the meat and pair it with a nice toasted bun before digging in.


55 mins

Roast Beef Mac and Cheese Recipe

This roast beef mac and cheese is tossed with a flavorful homemade cheese sauce and strips of savory roast beef. Topped with crushed pretzel biscuits, this indulgent dish is perfect for meat lovers and cheese fans alike.


35 mins

Creamy Chicken Spaghetti Recipe

This creamy chicken spaghetti will be a sure favorite once you serve it! This pasta dish offers baked spaghetti that's made with rich soups.


50 mins

Capellini Pomodoro Recipe (Olive Garden Copycat)

This savory capellini pomodoro is full of rich and popping tomato bites. Add notes of fresh and peppery basil and the creaminess of Parmesan cheese for a delectable Olive Garden-inspired meal!


15 mins

Garlic Butter Linguine Recipe

If you're craving a simple yet vibrant meal, this garlic butter linguine recipe is for you. Pasta tossed in a rich garlic butter sauce with fresh tomatoes.


45 mins

Spinach Ricotta Ravioli with Mushrooms Recipe

This spinach ricotta ravioli recipe uses wonton wrappers instead of dough which makes this dish easier to make. Our ravioli filling combines spinach, ricotta, and mushrooms to make a great savory flavor profile that’s creamy, robust, and earthy.

BBQ & Grilled

38 mins

Grilled Lemon Pollock Recipe

Make your dinners better with our grilled lemon pollock recipe! These fish filets are doused in a zesty and herb-loaded marinade made with lemon and Dijon mustard. Serve with lemon wedges and fresh dill for a fancy presentation.


40 mins

Italian Pasta Salad Recipe

A wonderful and easy recipe for hearty pasta salad that surely your friends and family would enjoy.
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