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Dessert Recipes

Always make sure to leave room for dessert. Whether you’re looking for some gooey chocolate goodness or some velvety cakes, our delightful dessert recipes will make you wish you spared some room for dessert right at the beginning.


New Dessert Recipes

Semisweet Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Semisweet Chocolate Mousse

Get your chocolate fix in this light, rich and creamy chocolate mousse with just five simple ingredients. Quickly whip up this luscious dessert with intense chocolate flavor that you’ll enjoy in every scoop.

Total 25 mins
Yummy 2-Ingredient Soda Jelly Recipe

Yummy 2-Ingredient Soda Jelly

Kids and adults alike will love this simple soda jelly to satisfy their sweet tooth! Keep them chilled for a refreshing dessert on a hot summer day.

Total 15 mins
Oreo Dirt Cup Recipe

Oreo Dirt Cup

An oreo-filled, decadent dessert you’d definitely want to try. This Oreo Dirt Cup recipe is layer upon layer of goodness.

Total 55 mins
Oreo Cookie Pie Recipe

Oreo Cookie Pie

With the weather getting so warm these days, a no-bake dessert recipe is truly a blessing. Plus, it only takes 5 ingredients to put together a delicious sweet treat!

Total 195 mins
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More Dessert Recipes

Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler Recipe Cobbler

Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler Recipe

This Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler Recipe is a traditional American dessert with a twist. The twist is that you can still enjoy this baked good without the added sugar. What’s inside is a gooey and naturally sweet berry of your choice.

Total 40 mins
Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe Chocolate

Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe

Get your chocolate fix without the guilt in this sugar-free chocolate ice cream recipe that serves rich, creamy, and delicious chocolate ice cream, less the sugar.

Total 130 mins
Sugarless Pumpkin Pie Recipe Dessert

Sugarless Pumpkin Pie Recipe

Get your sweet fix without regrets in this sugarless pumpkin pie recipe and enjoy a rich and smooth filling in bright pumpkin flavor on a baked pie crust.

Total 55 mins
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