birthday recipes

Birthday Recipes

Make your special day even more memorable with our delicious birthday recipes! Celebrate with tasty easy-to-make cakes, dishes, sides, and desserts for a filling and fun birthday. So no need to worry about what to serve for your next birthday celebration. Just pick from our tasty birthday recipes!

Recommended Birthday Recipes


1 hr 5 mins

Mrs. Fields Copycat Cookie Cake Recipe

We’re bringing Mrs. Fields in the comforts of your own home and this delicious cookie cake recipe is so easy to make. Its delectable goodness is something you wouldn’t want to miss!


4 hrs 5 mins

Dr. Pepper And Brown Sugar Glazed Crockpot Ham Recipe

Tender, slow-cooked ham marinated with sweet Dr. Pepper soda, then caramelized with brown sugar. Our Dr. Pepper And Brown Sugar Glazed Crockpot Ham Recipe is sure to bring smiles to the dinner table.


2 hrs 15 mins

Copycat Golden Corral Pot Roast Recipe

Treat your family some tender, baked meat and vegetables for dinner. Enjoy pot roast oozing with flavorful juices in this Copycat Golden Corral Pot Roast recipe. It’s perfect for dinner celebrations and family gatherings like Thanksgiving!


1 hr 5 mins

Copycat Starbucks Birthday Cake Pops Recipe

Taste chewy vanilla goodness on your kids’ special day with our copycat Starbucks Birthday Cake Pops Recipe! This homemade birthday treat is perfect for kiddies’ parties and celebrations.


1 hr

Birthday Meatloaf “Cake” Recipe

Surprise a loved on their birthday with this cake that is actually a meatloaf. Decorate it with smooth mashed potatoes for that iced look.


Vanilla Birthday Cake Recipe

This moist and delicious birthday cake recipe is adapted from one of my favorite baking books, Perfect Cakes by Nick Malgieri.


55 mins

Easy Birthday Cake Recipe

Make birthdays more special with this versatile birthday cake, a dairy-free soft and moist cake that's made in just under one hour!


50 mins

6-Inch Birthday Cake Recipe

Glam up your cake by coating it with multicolor buttercream swirls and flowers that are aesthetically pleasing to the eyes with this 6-inch birthday cake.


45 mins

Confetti Sprinkle Cupcakes Recipe

These fluffy sprinkle cupcakes taste as delightful as classic vanilla cupcakes, only more fun and colorful! Whip up a tasty serving in just under one hour.


1 hr 10 mins

Funfetti Layer Cake Recipe

Awaken the child in you with this cute funfetti layer cake made with buttery vanilla cake coated with a sweet vanilla frosting and rainbow sprinkles on top.


50 mins

One Layer Sprinkle Cake Recipe

Birthdays ain't complete with this one layer sprinkle cake made with soft and moist vanilla cake coated with creamy, silky smooth vanilla buttercream.


25 mins

Unicorn Bark Recipe

Add more color to birthday parties with this recipe for unicorn bark. White chocolate is melted, colored, and then topped with sprinkles for a bright treat.


3 hrs

Ultimate Birthday Cupcakes Recipe

These soft and heavenly birthday cupcakes are bright and sweet treats, that are topped with a rich frosting and a crunchy chocolate shell!


4 hrs 25 mins

Deep-Fried Vanilla Cake Recipe

Put a twist on your vanilla cake by covering it in flour and milk and deep-frying 'til golden brown! Top with fresh strawberries and sweet powdered sugar.


1 hr 20 mins

Orange Pecan Cake Recipe

Surprise your kids with this rich and creamy orange pecan cake on their birthday. Made tastier with Grand Marnier poured into it before baking.


31 mins

Glazed Funfetti Muffins Recipe

These funfetti muffins are reminiscent of birthday cakes with their sweet glaze and colorful sprinkles. For an indulgent breakfast, this recipe is for you.


3 hrs 30 mins

Cake and Ice Cream Cake Recipe

This strawberry-flavored Cake and Ice Cream Cake Recipe is perfect for birthday parties! Enjoy delectable angel food cake with ice cream in this recipe.


5 mins

Banana Birthday Mug Cake Recipe

Do you have no time to bake a cake? This banana mug cake recipe will give a perfectly sweet and moist dessert that will be ready within a few minutes!


1 hr 10 mins

Reindeer Ginger Pops Recipe

Everyone loves cookies and this is a fun and colorful cookie pops recipe that's shaped in a reindeer form that's added with licorice and cinnamon flavors.


1 hr 5 mins

Ice Cream Cone Cakes Recipe

This ice cream cone cakes recipe, mixes cake batter and uses the cones as a serving cup. Both are baked in the oven and frosted at the top.


2 hrs 10 mins

Easy Dairy-Free Ice Cream Cake Recipe

Incredibly easy and simple, this dairy-free ice cream cake combines Oreos, ice cream sandwiches, and whipped cream for luscious cookies and cream sweets.


3 mins

Birthday Cake Shot Recipe

Enjoy your cake in a glass with this birthday cake shot recipe. This is a fun and sweet treat with a kick to celebrate your special day.

Ice Cream

25 mins

Birthday Cake Ice Cream Recipe

Two desserts in one treat is what you'll be getting with this birthday cake ice cream recipe. The frozen treat comes complete with vanilla cake & sprinkles.