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Fancy yourself a nice drink? Whether you’re looking for a colorful cocktail or want a calming cup of tea, these delectable drink recipes and thirst-quenchers ideas will have everything you’re looking for to make you bring out your fancy cups or glasses.


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Drinks Recipe

Yummy 2-Ingredient Soda Jelly

This simple soda jelly topped with a sprinkle of coffee granules is the perfect grown-up dessert to satisfy one's sweet tooth! Keep the jelly…
Total 26 mins


Affogato is a quick and easy dessert to end your…
Total 5 mins
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Cooking 101

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Sangria Punch

A fun party punch best on warm summer nights to…
Total 10 mins

Wormy Swamp Punch

A swamp-filled Halloween punch recipe made of pineapples and gummy…
Total 1 days 20 mins

Rhubarb Drink

Zesty vegetable drink made of rhubarb and lime.
Total 2 hrs 20 mins

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