Fruit Desserts Recipes

If you're craving for sweet and sugary desserts, adding fruits make it more flavorful and healthy. Whether you're looking to make pies, parfaits or even salads, our fruit recipe is a must-see.

New Fruit Desserts Recipes

Sprite Apple Dumplings Recipe

Sprite Apple Dumplings

These delicious desserts are little delectable pockets of goodness! Pair it with your afternoon cup of joe, or tea. You'll sure to crave tea-time again with this by your side.

Total 30 mins
Pan-fried Banana with Lechera Recipe

Pan-fried Banana with Lechera

Cinnamon dusted, caramelized pan-fried plantains drizzled with sweetened condensed milk.

Total 16 mins
White Chocolate Strawberry and Lemon Foole Recipe

White Chocolate Strawberry and Lemon Foole

When it’s hot outside and you’re trying to keep things cool, a White Chocolate Strawberry and Lemon Foole has got to be your go to heat quencher!

Total 15 mins
Five Fruit Salad Recipe

Five Fruit Salad

Total 240 mins
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