Stuffing is a great add-on to your main dishes. More than just something to fill the turkey with during Thanksgiving, stuffing is a wonderful side dish to complement your dish of choice. There's no stopping you in enjoying this stuffing recipe!

New Stuffing


Gluten Free Stuffing Recipe

Make Thanksgivings special by whipping up this healthier gluten free stuffing! This herb-flavored stuffing pairs tastefully with any turkey.

50 mins


Pineapple Stuffing Recipe

Made using 5 ingredients, this pineapple stuffing serves a sweet and buttery holiday side dish with just 4 easy steps.

1 hr 5 mins

Popular Stuffing


Roasted Autumn Vegetable Stuffing Recipe

Roasted Autumn Vegetable Stuffing is the perfect side dish for your holiday meal.  Filled with roasted autumn vegetables and bacon, this is the perfect addition to the dinner table.  
1 hr 10 mins

Recommended Stuffing


Apple-Chestnut Stuffing Recipe

Ready up this delicious apple-chestnut stuffing made incredibly flavorful with a mix of apples, chestnuts, celery, onions, and herbs poured over challah.
1 hr 15 mins


Bread Stuffing Recipe

Enjoy a rich and healthier Thanksgiving side by whipping up this bread stuffing, loaded with soft whole-grain bread and low-fat chicken broth!
1 hr 5 mins


Stuffed Firecracker Chicken Rolls Recipe

Spinach, bell pepper, and onions stuffed in caramelized chicken rolls, this dish explodes in deliciously sweet, spicy, and garlicky flavors in every bite!
2 hrs


Burrito-Stuffed Chicken Rollups Recipe

Change your burrito gaming with these baked chicken rollups loaded with vegetables, cotija cheese, and black beans, seasoned with lots of herbs and spices.
1 hr 15 mins


Stuffed Bell Pepper Rings Recipe

Another way to enjoy veggies is with these stuffed bell pepper rings packed with a savory filling made of sauteed beef, rice, eggs, veggies, and spices!
1 hr 15 mins


Garlic Butter-Stuffed Chicken Recipe

Every bite of this crispy and juicy garlic butter-stuffed chicken bursts in a hot lemon-herb flavor that is best paired with creamy mashed potatoes.
1 hr 10 mins


Cheesesteak-Stuffed Peppers Recipe

These Cheesesteak-Stuffed Peppers are delicious red bell pepper treats that are filled with bits of well-seasoned steak, onions, and lots of cheese!
58 mins


Bacon And Cheese Stuffed Plantains Recipe

You won't regret making these stuffed plantains that are filled with crispy bacon and mozzarella cheese, offering a delightful and cheesy treat for all!
55 mins


Taco Stuffed Pasta Shells Recipe

Savor each bite of these jumbo stuffed pasta shells made with distinctly Mexican flavors using seasoned beef, salsa, and cream cheese for a meaty dish.
1 hr


Sausage & Apple Stuffing Recipe

This apple stuffing is loaded with savory pork sausage and a sweet crunch from celery and apples, all cooked in a delicious Swanson® chicken broth.
20 mins


Mushroom Fennel Quinoa Stuffing Recipe

Prepare a delicious healthier side dish for Thanksgiving with this quinoa stuffing made with mushrooms for earthy and minty flavors that is rich in umami.
35 mins


Stuffing Muffins Recipe

These stuffing muffins are packed with savory pancetta, celery, and whole wheat bread, for a healthy portion of stuffing to have over Thanksgiving!
1 hr 30 mins


Cheese-stuffed Taco Meatball Recipe

In this rendition of the classic meatball recipe, tortilla chips are crushed and inside a taco meatball along with cheese for a crunchy and cheesy treat.
25 mins


Classic Cornbread Sausage Stuffing Recipe

Sweet and moist, this scrumptious cornbread sausage stuffing made with cornbread mix, pork sausage, sage, and more, goes best with your savory holiday dish.
1 hr 45 mins