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Mergers and Acquisitions showcase the following content expansions of Apart from providing simple recipes and guiding kitchen enthusiasts in their journey to improving their craft in food and in taste, the recipes website knows that they shouldn't limit themselves with just minimal recipes. Therefore, they merged with amazing content that makes the recipes unique in terms of location, flavor, cuisine, execution, and many others. Have a look at who we've partnered with and get a glimpse of the following recipes you'll also see as you go over each one.

Porchetta NYC

Porchetta NYC Merger is proud to announce its merger with We find that the content brought to you by, is in line with what we at Porchetta NYC have strived to deliver. That is quality food made easy for the amateur cook.

Cup&Cake Barcelona

Cup & Cake Barcelona Merger

Cup & Cake Barcelona is pleased to announce that we have merged with This merger was done as we believe in the good folk at and their goal to make restaurant-worthy dishes right at home!

For the Love Of Food

For the Love of Food Merger

For The Love of Food Blog is pleased to announce that we have merged with the team – a provider of an array of quick and easy recipes, with the idea to provide nutritious yet delicious recipes for both vegans and non-vegans.

Barbeque Smoked

Barbeque Smoked Merger

To serve up a char-grilled feast, Barbeque Smoked is pleased to announce that the contents have been merged with – a website that provides easy and simple recipes for aspiring kitchen cooks.

Cafe Gratitude

Cafe Gratitude Merger

In celebration of food and nourishment, Cafe gratitude is pleased to announce its merging of content with is a recipe website that presents a variety of easy-to-cook recipes based on different cuisines and cooking methods.

Yuma Lettuce Days Logo

Yuma Lettuce Days Merger

Yuma Lettuce Days proudly announces its merging of content with the recipes website – The archive of homegrown and nutritious recipes rooted from fresh vegetable produce makes its way to’s line-up of easy and satisfying cooking guides.

Blissful and domestic logo

Blissful and Domestic Merger

Blissful and domestic, in the most simple way possible, announces its merger with – a website that contains a variety of quick and easy recipes that will inspire any kitchen enthusiast to cook.

Savvy Fork Logo

Savvy Fork Merger

Savvy Fork, your recipe engine that presents the best of the best in recipes from around the web, delightfully announces its merging with The recipes website centers on content that is simple yet bursting with flavor at every bite.

Kraemer's Culinary Blog Recipe

Kraemer’s Culinary Blog Merger

Kraemer’s Culinary Blog would like to take the pleasure of announcing its merging of content with – your source of delicious and quality dishes made easy. With this merger, it sets another direction for the recipes website to delve into first-hand, content coming from the personal insights of the masters of cooking themselves.

Organic And Healthy

Organic and Healthy Merger

Organic and Healthy would like to announce its merging of healthy recipes under is a website that exhibits an array of simple recipes ranging from quick-and-easy eats to fine-dining cuisine.

The Half King

The Half King Merger

The Half King is proud to announce its affiliation with The recipes website is ready to offer a menu of various cuisines and dishes made easy for those who have a passion for cooking bar and restaurant-inspired favorites.

Recipe Japan Logo

Recipe-Net Merger

Recipe-Net, more familiar to the Japanese as The Kobe Working Girl Information Magazine would like to announce its merging of content with – your recipes website for kitchen ideas and scrumptious recipes.

Work It Mom Logo

Work It, Mom! Merger

Work it, Mom! is pleased to announce it's content merging with This is a wonderful expansion of content for those who are looking for quick and easy recipes that don't compromise the quality and flavor of the dish. With a busy schedule, one should give time to eat and with a delicious meal prepped ahead, you wouldn't have to worry about it.