What's Cooking


1 hr

Persimmon Tart Recipe

Create an elegant fall dessert with this persimmon tart recipe! Persimmons are glazed with honey and served on custard-filled puff pastries.


5 mins

The Grinch Cocktail Recipe

Make your holidays extra festive with this Grinch cocktail! Vodka, melon liqueur, and ginger ale makes an outstanding green drink.


3 hrs 55 mins

Fruitcake Recipe

Feel the spirit of Christmas with this moist fruitcake recipe loaded with fruits and nuts.


55 mins

Cranberry Curd Tart Recipe

This cranberry tart is a sweet citrusy holiday fruit dessert made with fresh cranberries with bites of citrus from orange.


10 mins

Crab Omelette Recipe

Take your usual egg dish to the next level with this crab omelette recipe. Start your day on an indulgent note with this easy dish.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

20 mins

Jerk Sauce Recipe

Jerk sauce hails from Jamaica, and is an important component of Jamaican cuisine. The sauce is flavorful and really hits you with its signature spice.


50 mins

Caldo Gallego Recipe

Warm and comforting, this caldo gallego is a hearty dish for the family. It comes complete with beans, ham, chorizo, and potatoes.


2 hrs

Sinigang na Baboy Recipe

Sinigang na baboy is a Filipino soup made of pork with a tamarind-flavored broth that imparts a sour flavor to the savory dish.


45 mins

Sarah Bernhardt Cookies Recipe

Want to try a new cookies recipe? These Sarah Bernhardt cookies are named after a French actress and consist of layers of chocolate.


Louisiana Crunch Cake Recipe

This Louisiana crunch cake brings a delectable dessert made with cake flour and coconut flakes for a fluffy bite that's drizzled with a rich glaze.

Bread & Dough

35 mins

Limpa Bread Recipe

Limpa bread is sweetened rye bread with Swedish origins. This recipe uses a mix of herbs- fennel, caraway, and cumin- to create a complex flavor profile.


20 mins

Tuscan Pasta Salad Recipe

Tuscan Pasta Salad is an easy pasta salad with sun dried tomatoes, peppers spinach, and olives tossed in a tangy dressing. This pasta salad is perfect for your next potluck!

Pie & Pastry

30 mins

Pecan Pie Truffles Recipe

These pecan pie truffles are coated in a rich dark chocolate ganache to create irresistible bite-sized treats that everyone is sure to love at Thanksgiving.


15 mins

Butterscotch Cornflake Cookies Recipe

Kids will enjoy making these 4-ingredient, no-bake cornflake cookies. They're a simple mix of corn flakes, peanut butter, chocolate chips, & caramel chips.


10 mins

Omelet Waffles Recipe

A protein-packed breakfast to kickstart a busy day ahead. This omelet waffles recipe is made extra special with ham and cheddar cooked in a waffle maker.

Pie & Pastry

1 hr 25 mins

Flapper Pie Recipe

With a flaky graham cracker crust, this Canadian flapper pie has a spongy custard filling topped with a creamy meringue for a decadent baked dessert.


40 mins

Pork Paprikash Recipe

Enjoy a traditional Hungarian dish for dinner with this tender pork paprikash, a filling stew made with peppers, onions, and paprika!


39 mins

One Pot Garlic Parmesan Pasta Recipe

Enjoy a rich and filling plate of this garlic parmesan pasta, a fettuccine dish cooked in a creamy broth and parmesan cheese that comes together in one pot!


35 mins

Honey Soy Baked Chicken Thighs Recipe

Baked chicken thighs are always a great dinner go-to. In this recipe, they're smothered in a sweet-salty sauce with garlic, ginger, honey, and soy sauce.


1 hr 20 mins

6 Inch Vanilla Cake Recipe

With its pristine 3-tier soft crumb and creamy buttercream, this 6-inch vanilla cake is versatile and easy to decorate -- perfect for small gatherings!


30 mins

Grilled BBQ Chicken Sandwiches Recipe

These chicken sandwiches are filled with shredded barbecue chicken that's coated with a tangy sauce and served with a fresh pickle slaw.


30 mins

Mexican Chicken Noodle Soup Recipe

This healthy bowl of chicken noodle soup is made with tender chicken, veggies, and fideos (noodles) in a zesty spicy tomato broth. Made in just 30 minutes!

Pie & Pastry

1 hr 15 mins

Baked Strawberry Pie Recipe

Delight in the sweetness of this strawberry pie made with fresh fruits and deliciously spiced with cinnamon, for a rich and tasty dessert!

Finger Food

26 mins

Honey Garlic Crunch Chicken Tenders Recipe

Fried to a satisfying crunch, this chicken tenders recipe is a cut above the rest through the contrasting flavors of paprika, honey, ginger, and garlic.


30 mins

Chewy Blondies Recipe

Whip up a batch of these classic blondies that are soft and gooey, studded with chocolate chunks for a sure delight in every bite.


45 mins

Christmas Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Make this easy Christmas breakfast casserole to save time and catch some z’s for a festive holiday. Filling and delicious, the family will surely love the classic casserole sausage and ham combo with a hint of malty beer.


2 hrs 5 mins

Copycat Fiddleheads Restaurant Apple Cobbler Recipe

Bite on soft dough topping and moist, cinnamon-flavored apple fillings in this Fiddleheads Restaurant-inspired apple cobbler recipe! Try the best apple cobbler recipe for this year’s Christmas celebration.


37 mins

Soft Mocha Nut Christmas Cookies Recipe

These soft and crunchy Christmas cookies make the perfect sweet treat for Christmas eve! They’re made addicting and delicious with instant coffee and cocoa powder for added layers of flavors.


15 mins

Quick Collard Greens Recipe

These quick and easy collard greens are cooked in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes, then served with a lemon wedge.

Fruit Dessert

5 mins

Mixed Fruit Salad Recipe

This healthy fruit salad recipe makes the easiest and quickest Christmas dessert. The combination of tropical fruits and berries makes the perfect light snack while your guests wait for dinner or as a refreshing dessert during a cold winter holiday.


4 hrs 20 mins

Crock Pot Beef Stroganoff Recipe

This beef stroganoff recipe can be easily made in a slow cooker until it almost melts in your mouth. Serve with some sour cream and on top of egg noodles.


Easy Christmas Pudding Recipe

Make this sweet baked fruit pudding filled with dried sultanas and candied peel for your Christmas dinner! It’s the perfect dessert that everyone will love!

BBQ & Grilled

25 mins

Chicken Tzatziki Bowl Recipe

This chicken tzatziki is filled with flavorful ingredients. Smoky yogurt-marinated grilled chicken is served over quinoa with tzatziki and Feta.


10 mins

Creamy Garlic Scallops Recipe

This scallops recipe comes with a creamy and garlicky sauce for a more indulgent meal. It's the perfect one-pan easy meal to whip up for dinner tonight.

Rice & Risotto

35 mins

Mediterranean Cauliflower Rice Recipe

Upgrade your cauliflower rice by adding Mediterranean flavors. This recipe use special blend of herbs and spices to make cauliflower a tasty side dish.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

1 hr 15 mins

Beef Masala with Ginger

Although the origin of this beef masala curry dish is Portuguese, it has become a South Asian staple. Grab the spices, and experience the depth of flavors.


1 hr 20 mins

Oreo Peppermint Balls Recipe

Give a minty twist to your favorite cookie dessert! These peppermint oreo balls will add a festive touch to your holiday cookie trays.

Chocolate Dessert

2 hrs 15 mins

White Chocolate Holiday Bark Recipe

A saccharine treat for the holidays, this White Chocolate Bark recipe is made with dried cranberries and tasty pistachio nuts mixed in white chocolate. A perfectly imperfect dish you can make ahead of time!


1 hr 40 mins

Christmas Beef Roast Recipe

This savory Christmas Beef Roast will save the holiday cheer! Taste the divine red wine glaze smothered on top of tender roast beef. The mouth-watering meat is seasoned to perfection and you can easily pair this with yummy mashed potatoes!


1 hr 22 mins

Easy Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

These earthy, nutty, and warm easy gingerbread cookie treats made from your staple holiday ingredients result in this delicious dessert that the kids will get excited for.


10 mins

Non-Dairy Eggnog Recipe

We've found the perfect recipe for non-dairy lovers! The perfect combination of reduced-fat soymilk, sweetener, and reduced-fat tofu makes this non-dairy eggnog a rich and satisfying drink.


35 mins

Perfect Eggnog Recipe

A wonderful way to kick off the holiday spirit with a batch of eggnog! This version is for adults only with the inclusion of rum but nonetheless it surely is a delicious treat to be enjoyed around friends and family.


1 hr 16 mins

Peppermint Brittle Recipe

A fantastic recipe for simple yet delicious peppermint brittles! May it be a recipe for leftover candy canes or serve it as a edible decoration among your holiday feast!


1 hr

Puerto Rican Rice Pudding Recipe

An incredible sweet and hearty dessert that surely your family would enjoy! Puerto Rican rice pudding, or also known as arroz con dulce, is a sweet rice pudding with a balance of creamy and starchy. A wonderful contrast of evaporated and coconut milk with a mix of flavors from ginger and cinnamon to round everything up.


2 hrs 10 mins

Swedish Rice Pudding Recipe

Traditionally served at Christmas, this light, creamy, and densed Swedish Rice Pudding Recipe will disappear in the table the minute it is served.


1 hr 10 mins

Chopped Ham and Cheese Ball Recipe

This Chopped Ham and Cheese Ball recipe is a marvelous last-minute appetizer. You get a meaty bite from the ham with a slight tang from the cream cheese and sour cream. The ground nuts add an interesting texture that completes the creamy dish!


40 mins

Date-Nut Pinwheel Cookies Recipe

This date pinwheel cookies recipe lets you use dates, walnuts, and raisins as fillings for a nutty and fruity treat.


1 hr 20 mins

Candy Cane Cake Recipe

Have a festive celebration with this candy cane cake recipe. Light and moist cake frosted with white icing and topped off with sweet candy canes.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

25 mins

Holiday Cranberry Chutney Recipe

For this cranberry chutney recipe, the bitter-sweet flavor of the cranberries compliments the flavors of autumn favorite ingredients.