It's always the season for merry making and nothing gets merrier than a full stomach. These Christmas recipes will do the trick for happy smiles and bellies. Nobody goes on diet and no tummy goes hungry during Christmas!

Recommended Christmas


Hunter’s Plum Pudding Recipe

This modern take of the 18th Century holiday plum pudding recipe is made from leftover bread and bursting fruity flavors from dried fruits. Then, topped it with an orange sauce that makes everyone drool over this classic hunter’s pudding over and over again.

1 hr 25 mins


Bibingka (Filipino Rice Cake) Recipe

Looking for a sweet and salty treat? Then this bibingka or Filipino rice cake, made of a soft base and salted duck egg, is perfect for you.

45 mins


Fruitcake Recipe

Feel the spirit of Christmas with this moist fruitcake recipe loaded with fruits and nuts.

3 hrs 55 mins


Mulled Wine Recipe

A combination of sweet, fruity, and mellow flavors, this mulled wine is a warm drink to keep you comfy during the holiday season.

25 mins


Creamy Cheese Corn Casserole Recipe

Try this 5-step corn casserole recipe perfect for the holidays when you want quick hassle-free recipes. This ideal holiday dish serves a perfect combination of sweet corn kernels, sour cream, muffin mix, and cheddar cheese.

1 hr


Rosemary-Roasted Turkey Recipe

Try this roasted rosemary turkey for your next potluck. The juicy meat is rubbed with fragrant and flavorful herbs for a tasty bite.

4 hrs 25 mins


Perfect Eggnog Recipe

A wonderful way to kick off the holiday spirit with a batch of eggnog! This version is for adults only with the inclusion of rum but nonetheless it surely is a delicious treat to be enjoyed around friends and family.

35 mins


Peppermint Brittle Recipe

A fantastic recipe for simple yet delicious peppermint brittles! May it be a recipe for leftover candy canes or serve it as a edible decoration among your holiday feast!

1 hr 16 mins


Crockpot Rum Cake Recipe

A moist and savory rum cake would make your day a whole lot better. Don’t pass up the chance to delight in a scrumptious rum-infused cake.

4 hrs 15 mins


Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

This all-time favorite English dessert, sticky toffee pudding, is mixed with pumpkin, warm spices, and caramel-like dates for a decadent and fruity treat.

1 hr 10 mins


Christmas Breakfast Casserole Recipe

Make this easy Christmas breakfast casserole to save time and catch some z’s for a festive holiday. Filling and delicious, the family will surely love the classic casserole sausage and ham combo with a hint of malty beer.

45 mins

Pies & Pastries

Open Face Apple Pie Recipe

Your guests will go crazy over this sweet and tart open face apple pie with a juicy caramelized pie filling over a firm crust. Make this smooth and velvety granny smith apple pie in under an hour for the perfect fall dessert.

50 mins


Copycat Fiddleheads Restaurant Apple Cobbler Recipe

Bite on soft dough topping and moist, cinnamon-flavored apple fillings in this Fiddleheads Restaurant-inspired apple cobbler recipe! Try the best apple cobbler recipe for this year’s Christmas celebration.

2 hrs 5 mins


Favorite Sugar Cookie Recipe

Bite on soft and chewy sugar cookies for a truly delightful treat. This is an easy recipe that will make you realize that it’s always fun and fulfilling to bake sugar cookies from scratch.

2 hrs 38 mins


No-Bake Mint Cheesecake Bars Recipe

These mini cheesecake bars have rich cool mint flavors with just the right tanginess and sweetness from cream cheese and heavy cream. Taste velvety soft cheesecake topped with candies and chocolate, then cut into bars for everyone to enjoy.

2 hrs

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Beef Wellington Recipe

Best Ever Beef Wellington Recipe is a decadent tender and juicy beef tenderloin with a layer of mustard, mushroom sauce and prosciutto wrapped in a soft, buttery pastry that is cooked until golden brown. A holiday favorite! 
1 hr 15 mins