Appetizers & Snacks

Have a few bites of appetizers to prep you for the big meal. Hungry but don’t want anything too heavy? These snack and appetizer recipes are sure to satisfy you and keep the hunger pangs at bay. From healthy snacks to extravagant party appetizers, you'll find anything light bite that suits your fancy right here!

Recommended Appetizers & Snacks


Homestyle Chicken and Fries Recipe

Indulge in a crispy baked chicken and golden brown french fries with this homestyle recipe. This delicious plate of chicken and fries is simple and effortless to make!

1 days 1 hr 50 mins


5 Ingredient Nachos Recipe

You can assemble this 5 ingredient nachos recipe in no time at all. Crunchy nachos, topped with savory bacon and creamy cheese in one easy snack.
20 mins

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Microwave Cheese Dip Recipe

This easy 5-ingredient cheese dip simply oozes with flavorful cheesy goodness. You can whip this up in just a snap and all you need is a microwave.
8 mins


Edamame With Sea Salt Recipe

This edamame with sea salt recipe adds a delicious layer of saltiness to the edamame beans. By blanching and seasoning the beans, you’ll get the perfect combination of salt and crisp with every crunch.

10 mins


KFC Potato Wedges Recipe (Copycat)

These KFC-inspired potato wedges are double-fried for a crispy outside and a soft inside. They are perfectly seasoned, evident from the tasty flavors of garlic, paprika, and more.

3 hrs 35 mins


Fresh Avocado And Cottage Cheese Salad Recipe

Fresh avocados stuffed with tasty cottage cheese and refreshing spinach and tomatoes—our Fresh Avocado And Cottage Cheese Salad Recipe makes for a quick and healthy lunch that doesn’t lose out on deliciousness.

5 mins

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

3-Cheese Qdoba Queso Recipe (Copycat)

Dip your tortilla chips in smoky and spice-filled cheesy goodness with our crockpot Qdoba 3-cheese Queso recipe! It’s perfect as a snack or appetizer with friends and family.

20 mins


Best Ever Cheese Curds Recipe

Serve hot and gooey cheese curds as snacks or appetizers! This finger food is so addicting and simple to make, you’ll love making batches of them!
25 mins


Virginia Peanut Soup Recipe

Who would have thought you can use peanut butter to make a delicious steaming, savory bowl of soup? We love this soup recipe as it is incredibly simple and comforting.

25 mins

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Coney Island Hot Dog Sauce Recipe

An incredibly hearty hot dog sauce with buttery ground beef and softened onion cooked down to perfection. It\'s perfect for making Coney hot dogs, but it can easily spruce up any grilled meat!
35 mins


Qdoba Copycat Chicken Burrito Recipe

A rich and savory chicken and rice burrito that’s sure to satiate your burrito cravings! It’s filled with the right amount of spicy from the chicken and tangy from the cilantro rice.

2 hrs 35 mins


5 Ingredient Hot Dog Casserole Recipe

Made with hot dogs, corn, hash browns, canned chicken soup, and cheese, this hot dog casserole is an easy comfort food dinner recipe that kids and adults will love.

55 mins


Popeye’s Copycat Popcorn Shrimp Recipe

Crispy, tender shrimp seasoned with spices reminiscent of Southern-style cooking, this scrumptious popcorn shrimp dish from Popeyes is the perfect seafood meal. Recreate it in this easy recipe!

25 mins


Fantastic Pistachio Muffins Recipe

A toothsome pistachio muffins treat that is sure to delight any crowd. They’re baked with real pistachio nuts and topped with more nuts for extra crunch. Serve warm with some coffee or tea, and enjoy!

35 mins


Pizza Popovers Recipe

Pizza popovers are simple, delicious, and filled with cheesy goodness! Make them at home for a delicious instant snacking.
55 mins


George’s Chili Just Like Culver’s Recipe

With ground chuck, tomato sauce, beans, bell peppers, and a blend of spices, this Culver’s chili recipe has got all the ingredients you need for a scrumptious chili like George’s.

2 hrs 25 mins


Chocolate Covered Pretzels Recipe

Bite into these yummy chocolate covered pretzels with sea salt for the perfect sweet and salty snack. Drizzle your favorite topping or throw in sprinkles for texture and you can easily munch on these crisp treats!
1 hr 15 mins


Copycat Chili’s Chicken Fajita Nachos Recipe

Make Chili’s nachos at home with this easy recipe using chicken breast, nacho chips, bell peppers, lime, homemade fajita seasoning mix, and cheese for the tastiest appetizer.

1 hr 10 mins


Baked Beans with Hot Dogs Recipe

Enjoy game days with our baked beans recipe! It comes with hot dogs, a mix of pork and beans and sweet tones of molasses and mustard.

1 hr

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Easy Herb Cream Cheese Dip Recipe

This tangy and soft herb cream cheese dip is sure to leave a lasting impression. It’s the perfect dip for your afternoon cravings.

15 mins

Hot Dog

Pigs in a Phyllo Blanket Recipe

These homemade pigs in a blanket are juicy hot dogs wrapped in a butter phyllo dough, and then deep-fried until crisp and golden brown. All the flavorful ingredients come together to make a crispy and meaty appetizer. Serve them warmed or at room temperature, and enjoy every flavorful crunch!
33 mins


Cheesy Caramel Popcorn Recipe

This cheesy caramel popcorn will make a great snack on movie night or a sports party. Sweet caramel popcorn paired with salty cheddar popcorn will have you munching nonstop.
2 hrs


Cheesy Breadsticks Recipe (Toppers Pizza Copycat)

Oozing with cheesy, buttery, and garlicky flavors, this recipe allows you to make your favorite cheesy breadsticks by Toppers Pizza at home.  It uses only a few ingredients and will be ready in less than an hour.

35 mins


Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips Recipe

Make this cinnamon sugar pita chips recipe in less than 30 minutes! This light and refreshing summer-y dip and pita chips make a perfect summer snack or party appetizer.

20 mins


Waffle Fries Recipe (Chick-fil-A Copycat)

This waffle fries recipe is sure to satisfy your fries cravings! They taste and look just like Chick-fil-A’s waffle potato fries that you know and love. Serve them with your favorite dipping sauce and share a basket with friends and family.

40 mins


Calamari With Vegetables Recipe

Bite into soft, savory squid and refreshing asparagus and tomatoes with this mouthwatering appetizer. Our Calamari With Vegetables Recipe combines seafood and vegetables like it’s a match made in food heaven!

30 mins