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These kitchen guides will come in handy for the next meal you'll be whipping up at home. From food preparation to cooking hacks, we've got it all for you. Kickstart (or elevate) your culinary journey on the right foot, and you'll be making the most delicious food in no time.

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Person demonstrating how to cut up a whole chicken 

Kitchen Guides

How to Cut Up a Whole Chicken: A Step by Step Guide

bunch of fresh cilantro

Kitchen Guides

How to Store Cilantro So It Lasts Longer

tomatoes and tomato puree

Cooking Tips

Tomato Puree vs. Paste: Which to Use in Cooking

elegant pancake with raspberry dusted with powder, fancy desserts

Cooking Tips

29 Fancy Desserts to Make For Special Occasions

egg cooker on the kitchen table

Kitchen Guides

Best Egg Cooker of 2022: 11 Top Picks To Choose From

person cracking open an egg over pan, different ways to cook eggs

Kitchen Guides

12 Simple Ways to Cook Eggs (Recipes Included!)

meal prep ideas


35 Easy Meal Prep Ideas For An Easy Week Ahead

Man and child decorating a gingerbread house kit

Kitchen Guides

12 Best Gingerbread House Kit Options for the Holiday Season

chocolate advent calendar, 18 Chocolate Advent Calendar to Try

Kitchen Guides

18 Best Chocolate Advent Calendars for Christmas This 2022

Glass of non-alcoholic beer

Kitchen Guides

15 Best Non Alcoholic Beer Brands to Try This 2022

30 Best Cheeses

Kitchen Guides

30 Best Cheeses Ranked According to Cheese Connoisseurs

set of measuring tools, How Many Ounces In a Cup?

Ingredient Guides

How Many Ounces In a Cup? Both Liquid and Dry Measurements

Red wine in a glass decanter, with a stemless wine glass and charcuterie on the side

Kitchen Guides

15 Best Wine Decanter Options for Wine Night This 2022

cutting raw chicken wings on a cutting board

Kitchen Guides

How To Cut Chicken Wings in 7 Steps

frozen chicken, How to Defrost Chicken

Kitchen Guides

How to Defrost Chicken: 4 Quick and Safe Methods

Pieces of marinated chicken meat, how long to marinate chicken

Kitchen Guides

How Long to Marinate Chicken For the Best-Flavored Meat

Bowl of shredded chicken

Kitchen Guides

How to Make Shredded Chicken Quickly and Easily!

ground coffee

Kitchen Guides

13 Best Ground Coffee For Your Coffee Bar This 2022

dredging chicken meat in the flour

Kitchen Guides

How to Bread Chicken Using 4 Easy Methods

Coffee bar ideas with metal gooseneck kettle, canister of ground coffee, and drip coffee equipment

Kitchen Guides

25 Amazing Coffee Bar Ideas For A Cozy Home Cafe This 2021

How to Boil Chicken

Kitchen Guides

How to Boil Chicken the Foolproof Way and Recipes To Try

chicken rotisserie on a chopping board, How to Tell If Chicken is Bad

Kitchen Guides

How to Tell if Chicken Is Bad: 5 Signs to Look For and How to Avoid Them

fresh whole chicken, eggs, and cheese in the fridge

Kitchen Guides

How Long Does Chicken Last in the Fridge And Freezer? (Both Raw and Cooked!)

cup of tea, Best Tea Brands

Kitchen Guides

17 Best Tea Brands For Your Next Tea Party

bottles of beer on a bar cart

Kitchen Guides

21 Best Bar Carts For Your Home Bar This 2022

Person taking out dish from an oven using the best oven mitts

Kitchen Guides

15 Best Oven Mitts for All Your Kitchen Needs: 2022 Edition

roast chicken with cloves, How to Truss a Chicken

Kitchen Guides

How to Truss a Chicken: An Easy Guide and Recipes To Try

woman reading a recipe book, Best Cookbook Stands

Kitchen Guides

13 Best Cookbook Stand Options For Easier Cooking This 2022

Person pouring water to a cup from a metal gooseneck kettle

Kitchen Guides

13 Best Gooseneck Kettles For Your Coffee Upgrade This 2022

slicing pizza with pizza cutter

Kitchen Guides

10 Best Pizza Cutters For the Perfect Pizza Slice This 2022

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