35 Simple and Easy Ground Chicken Recipes To Try At Home

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Odette Modified: January 16, 2023
35 Simple and Easy Ground Chicken Recipes To Try At Home

Among the list of ground meats, pork and beef undeniably take the top spots. And ground chicken is somewhere in the top five of the list. However, many don’t know (or realize yet) that ground chicken offers a leaner and healthier protein-packed alternative for ground pork and beef. Add to that it’s also milder in flavor, making it easy to use for other ground recipes like meatballs, burgers, and this all-time-favorite chili recipe. It won’t hurt to be adventurous too by trying the ground chicken recipes we listed just for you! From Asian lettuce wraps and American meatballs to Italian bolognese, we sure got recipes you might take fancy on.

Slow Cooker Taco Soup

mouthwatering slow cooker taco soup recipe

First on our list is this Mexican-inspired slow cooker soup that’s easy to make as it requires very little attention! Preparation just takes 15 minutes. After that, just throw ingredients together in a slow cooker or your best stock pot.

What we love the most is that it’s incredibly healthy despite being easy to put together! Stock up on this ground chicken recipe and pair it with chips, brown rice, or potatoes.

Recipe for Inspiration: Mouthwatering Slow Cooker Taco Soup

Low Cholesterol Chicken Meatloaf

Low Cholesterol Chicken Meatloaf Recipe, easy juicy homemade italian meatloaf with vegetables and marinara sauce

One of the most popular ground chicken recipes (or any ground meat, really) is meatloaf. But unlike other meatloaf recipes that use pork and beef, which have higher fat content, this recipe is low in cholesterol. Thanks to the leaner meat of ground chicken, this alternative is healthy on top of being delicious. For a truly satisfying pairing, try it with mashed potatoes or roasted vegetables!

Recipe for Inspiration: Low Cholesterol Chicken Meatloaf

Chicken Lasagna

Italian Chicken Lasagna Recipe

Have leftover chicken lying around from last night’s dinner party? Make it into a fabulous meal once again with this chicken lasagna recipe. Though unusual, ground chicken is just as good as the ground beef used in typical lasagna recipes! Plus, it’s a healthier alternative too!

Recipe for Inspiration: Italian Chicken Lasagna 

Ground Chicken Stir Fry

ground chicken stir fry recipe

Looking for savory ground chicken recipes you can cook at home? Try this ground chicken version of the Hunan chicken stir fry you usually see on Asian take-out menus. This soy sauce-based stir-fry is full of umami flavor and vegetables that are best served with other Chinese dishes like egg rolls, dumplings, and stir-fried vegetables. But in our opinion? Nothing beats having the rice-chicken stir fry combo by itself!

Recipe for Inspiration: Ground Chicken Stir Fry

Chicken Pesto Meatballs

chicken pesto meatballs recipe

Next on our list is chicken pesto meatballs — one of the easiest and most popular dishes to make. You can find other meat varieties for meatballs too like beef, pork, and lamb. Add with pasta and stuff with cheese, and you’re golden. This one, however, is made with ground chicken then mixed with pesto. This recipe is the perfect way to hide vegetables for kids who hate eating them.

Recipe for Inspiration: Chicken Pesto Meatballs

Tomato Chicken Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce Recipe

Here is another ground chicken recipe you can try in meatball form. This one is served with flavorful tomato sauce that goes well with the meatballs.  To make these cheesy and savory meatballs, the ground chicken thighs are mixed with bread crumbs, cheese, egg whites, and milk.

Besides the famous spaghetti with meatballs, turn your meatballs into a sandwich using a French baguette or a hoagie roll. Any crispy and thick slices of bread will work just fine.

Recipe for Inspiration: Chicken Meatballs in Tomato Sauce

Ground Chicken Tater Tot Casserole

california surprise recipe, tater tots casserole, ground chicken

Got picky eaters in the house? Good thing there’s this ground chicken tater tot casserole with vegetables and creamy mushroom sauce. It’s one of the perfect ways to mask away vegetables so you can trick kids into eating them. We are sure this is one of the ground chicken recipes that your kids will say yes to!

Recipe for Inspiration: California Surprise

Ground Orange Chicken

savory ground orange chicken

Developed a love for zingy and savory foods lately? Well, if you love Panda Express as much as we do, we recommend trying this rich and flavorful recipe for chicken! Making this recipe is simple and quick. Ground chicken is cooked until it develops a good crust then it’s tossed into a zingy orange sauce. And the good thing is, you can have as much as you want as opposed to a take-out.

Recipes for Inspiration: Ground Orange Chicken

Greek Chicken Sloppy Joes

greek chicken sloppy joes recipe

These Greek chicken sloppy joes are the healthier version of the classic beef sloppy joes you love. But even though it’s healthier and relatively leaner than ground beef, it’s still the same comfort food you eat whenever you need a pick-me-up. Eat it with a side of fries for a truly comforting and satisfying pairing.

Recipe for Inspiration: Greek Chicken Sloppy Joes 

Ground Sesame Chicken

ground sesame chicken recipe

Looking for another Asian favorite you can whip up at home? Give this ground sesame chicken a try! This savory dish is sweet with just the right amount of heat and spice from the crushed red pepper. Of course, you can always adjust the spice depending on your preference. If you love General Tso (and anything sticky-sweet and spicy), you have to give this one a try.

Recipe for Inspiration: Ground Sesame Chicken

Chicken Lettuce Tacos

thai chicken peanut lettuce tacos recipe

Looking for a healthier way you can eat your favorite chicken tacos? This recipe is the one you’ve been looking for. For this recipe, instead of using the usual tortilla shells, you’ll be needing lettuce. The spicy and slightly sour Thai chicken complements the leafy green well. Now if the iceberg lettuce doesn’t quite cut it for you, you can swap it with the real thing too!

Recipe for Inspiration: Thai Chicken Peanut Lettuce Tacos

Chicken Larb Lettuce Wraps (Larb Gai)

chicken larb lettuce wraps

One of the easiest and healthiest ground chicken recipes you can try is this chicken larb lettuce wraps or larb gai. Larb gai is a Laotian dish (also a famous dish in Thai cuisine) that’s famous for its high protein (lean meat from ground chicken) and low carbohydrate nutritional content. Roll it in butter lettuce for a crispy crunchy texture.

Recipe for Inspiration: Chicken Larb Lettuce Wraps (Larb Gai)

Zucchini Boats

taco zucchini boats recipe

Aside from the chicken lettuce tacos, this is another healthier version of the tacos you love. Only this one uses zucchini. To make the zucchini boats, you just have to scoop the center, bake it, and fill it with the sauteed ground chicken. This recipe is delicious without cheese, but a cheese-topped zucchini boat will make it more appealing to the kids.

Recipe for Inspiration: Taco Zucchini Boats

Easy Egg Rolls

egg rolls recipe

The crunch you’ll hear from a perfectly cooked egg roll is one of the most satisfying sounds ever. This recipe starts with ground chicken, a lot of cabbage (four cups!),  mushrooms, and carrots. Then, it’s wrapped in egg roll wrappers. Deep fry it in oil and watch the wrapper turn golden.

Recipe for Inspiration: Easy Egg Rolls

Pressure Cooker Chicken Lettuce Wraps

pressure cooker chicken lettuce wraps recipe

Just because it’s a weekday doesn’t mean you have to settle for a PB&J. You can cook quick and easy ground chicken recipes in a pressure cooker without compromising the taste. Take a chance on this chicken-filled lettuce wrap that’s full of protein and vegetables.

Recipe for Inspiration: Pressure Cooker Chicken Lettuce Wraps

Thai Basil Chicken

20-minute thai basil chicken recipe

If you love Asian cuisine, there’s no way you don’t know this chicken recipe. But if you aren’t a fan (yet), Thai basil chicken is a famous Thai street dish that’s composed of chicken infused with the delicious flavors of Thai basil, chilies, dark and light soy sauce, and more. The usual recipe uses bite-sized pieces of chicken. But for this recipe, you can swap it with chicken mince or ground chicken and it’ll taste just as good!

Recipe for Inspiration: 20-Minute Thai Basil Chicken

Wedding Soup

closeup on a spoonful of soup with vegetables

Tired of saucy, tomatoey recipes for meatballs? Put your tastebuds into a taste fest with this Italian wedding soup recipe. This Italian staple is one of the few ways you can enjoy ground chicken meatballs with soup made from chicken-based stock! This recipe uses ground turkey, but you can opt for ground chicken just as well.

Recipe for Inspiration: Healthy Italian Wedding Soup

Chicken Bolognese

chicken bolognese with crispy oregano recipe

Aside from the Italian wedding soup, this ground chicken bolognese is also one of the few pasta recipes you can find that uses chicken mince. If you’re looking for a lighter version of your favorite bolognese, then this is it.

Bolognese’s hearty meat sauce pairs well with Italian reds like Sangiovese. Our tip? Serve this on your date or when you feel extra fancy on a regular day.

Recipe for Inspiration: Chicken Bolognese with Crispy Oregano

Baked Chicken Samosas

baked chicken samosas with mint yogurt dip

Do you happen to love curry and Middle Eastern cuisine? Or ground chicken recipes in general? If you do, you’ll surely love this baked chicken samosa. These triangular-shaped samosas are made with ground chicken seasoned with a masala spice mix. Serve it as a snack, appetizer, or even as a main dish. With its versatility, you can enjoy it however you want!

Recipe for Inspiration: Baked Chicken Samosas 

Keto Chicken Crust Pizza

keto chicken crust pizza recipe

Looking for some keto-friendly ground chicken recipes? Then try our keto chicken crust pizza! A regular pizza crust would be made of dough, but this one is made of a mixture of ground chicken and cheeses! Yes, the whole pizza crust! So just imagine how keto-friendly this is compared to the usual pizza crust.

Recipe for Inspiration: Keto Chicken Crust Pizza

Chicken Pot Stickers


This dish is great whether you’re craving for Cheesecake Factory’s chicken pot stickers or simply want to try to recreate it. So get your bamboo steamer ready and give this copycat recipe a shot! This recipe can be done in less than an hour, but asking for extra helping hands won’t hurt.

Recipe for Inspiration: Copycat Cheesecake Factory Chicken Pot Stickers

Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites

chicken cordon bleu bites

Not only is this cordon bleu bites easy on the eyes, but it also makes eating cordon bleu mess-free and pretty straightforward. In short, you don’t need cutlery! If you have kids at home this is one of the best ways you can serve ground chicken recipes to them.

Recipes for Inspiration: Chicken Cordon Bleu Bites

Firecracker Chicken Meatballs

firecracker chicken meatballs recipe

Elevate your plain chicken meatballs with spicy-sweet firecracker sauce. You won’t have to do any daunting tasks too. You just have to prepare your meatballs like you would any recipe: fry them, then toss the sauce in until thick and fully incorporated in the meatballs.

Recipe for Inspiration: Firecracker Chicken Meatballs

Spiced Chicken-Stuffed Buns Recipe

spiced chicken stuffed buns recipe

These stuffed buns are not like any ordinary sandwich you prepare at home. These are made with spiced chicken filling akin to Chinese steamed buns. And this one is baked instead of steamed and made using whole wheat flour.

If you’re looking for snacks you can take for long road trips, this recipe is for you! You don’t have to worry about soggy buns and messy spills even if it’s literally a bumpy ride.

Recipe for Inspiration: Spiced Chicken Stuffed Buns

Ground Sweet and Sour Chicken

ground sweet and sour chicken recipe

Do you have a penchant for sweet and sour flavors? Then you’ll like this ground chicken version of sweet and sour chicken. To make the flavors more concentrated in every bite, why not make a ground chicken version? Plus, it has fewer calories too since it’s made with poultry!

Recipe for Inspiration: Ground Sweet and Sour Chicken

Honey Jalapeño Chicken Sliders

honey jalapeno chicken sliders recipe

Tired of serving the same old slider recipe you make for snacks? Let these honey Jalapeño chicken sliders win you over! It’s composed of spiced ground chicken, sweet honey mustard, and sweet and sour coleslaw. It’s an all-in-one easy-to-make snack!

Recipe for Inspiration: Honey Jalapeño Chicken Sliders

Poblano White Chicken Chili

poblano white chicken chili recipe

Cold weather means it’s time for a steaming bowl of white chicken chili. Unlike most chili recipes, poblano white is soupy instead of saucy. That is why it’s also lighter compared to the usual heavy chili con carne. It’s a soothing chicken-based soup good for chilly days or when you are under the weather.

Recipe for Inspiration: Poblano White Chicken Chili

Russian-Style Chicken Cutlets

russian-style chicken cutlets

Ground chicken recipes can tend to be dry since it’s made of lean meat. But like the rest of the recipes on this list, these Russian-style chicken cutlets prove you only need creativity to make this versatile ingredient work. Having said that, you only need five tablespoons of butter to make this cutlet moist and tender!

Recipe for Inspiration: Russian-Style Chicken Cutlets

Chicken and Shrimp Laap

chicken and shrimp laap recipe

Incorporate a seafood taste into this Laotian national dish by adding roughly-chopped shrimps and wrapping herb-seasoned shrimp and ground chicken in butter lettuce. If you get tired of munching lettuce, switch it up with bread and taco! Here’s a pro tip: serve all three. The more choices there are, the merrier your guests would be.

Recipe for Inspiration: Chicken and Shrimp Laap

Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli Chicken Burgers

sour cream and sweet chilli chicken burgers recipe

Ever tried mixing sweet chili sauce with ground chicken to make burger patties? It’s high time you do. Begin with this incredibly quick and easy recipe! It goes well with just the burgers and lettuce, but who would stop you from adding toppings you like? You can add in more vegetables too. Your creativity shouldn’t have any limit in the kitchen.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sour Cream and Sweet Chilli Chicken Burgers

Chicken and Vegetable Risotto

minced chicken and vegetable risotto recipe

Here is another dish that’s worth adding to your list of ground chicken recipes. And this one’s different from the rest of the recipes on this list. What is risotto you ask? Risotto is an Italian rice dish cooked with broth. The standard recipe calls for fish, vegetables, or any meat broth. But for our own variation, use chicken broth.

Recipe for Inspiration: Minced Chicken and Vegetable Risotto

Chicken Parmesan Pasta

ground chicken parmesan pasta recipe

Cheese lovers and pasta lovers alike will find this ground chicken recipe just as appetizing as the well-loved mac and cheese! The ground chicken made the dish even easier to make. Now if you plan on adding cheese as much as you want, using chicken makes it at least less fatty compared to beef.

To start, this pasta dish needs one cup of mozzarella and ¼ cup of parmesan cheese. But honestly, who would say no to extra cheese?

Recipe for Inspiration: Ground Chicken Parmesan Pasta

Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls

teriyaki chicken rice bowls recipe

Fans of chicken teriyaki will enjoy this ground chicken version. This uncomplicated recipe is relatively easy to make than the original too. In a time crunch, it’d be good to just throw ingredients together that still produce delicious food. Kids will love it served over rice and topped with sesame seeds.

Recipe for Inspiration: Teriyaki Chicken Rice Bowls

Ground Chicken Taco Burgers

ground chicken taco burgers

Want to cut back on fatty foods but don’t want to miss out on delicious food as well? Worry no more! These taco burgers are flavorful and delicious despite having healthy ingredients from the ground chicken down to its hamburger buns made of wheat flour.

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For an even healthier meal, substitute buns with lettuce and eat it as a lettuce wrap.

Recipe for Inspiration: Ground Chicken Taco Burgers

Jalapeño Popper Chili

Jalapeno Popper Chili Recipe

One of the best things about chili con carne is its versatility when it comes to meat options. By now, it’s no surprise that we can swap beef with turkey or chicken. Some like to stick to beef, while others try different meats like ground chicken. Speaking of that, you can try a healthier dish like this jalapeño popper chili that you can eat with cornbread sticks!

Recipe for Inspiration: Jalapeño Popper Chili

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