15 Best Stock Pots to Get in 2022

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Odette Modified: September 23, 2022
15 Best Stock Pots to Get in 2022

Whether you are making homemade chicken stock or delicious turkey jook, having the right-sized stock pots at your disposal is essential. And if you love cooking and stews, then maybe it’s time for you to add some razzle-dazzle into your kitchen by leveling up your stock pot ranges.

Don’t worry, we’ve rounded up some of the best stock pots so you don’t have to. Below is a list of our top picks, as well as some tips to guide you on your shopping for the best cookware.

Our Top Picks for Different Boiling Needs

15 Best Stock Pots

1. Best Overall: Cooks Standard Quart Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot

What We Love

  • Oven-safe up to 500 degrees F
  • Works with all types of stovetops

What We Don't Love

  • Finger and water stains stick to the pot

Conquer the kitchen with Cooks Standard 12-Quart Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot! It’s no surprise that it topped the list considering how this pot can work with just about anything, from gas and electric to induction stoves. It’s also oven-safe up to 500 degrees F.

This cooking pot is made with polished 18/10 stainless steel with an aluminum disc layered bottom that provides even heat distribution. So you can finally say goodbye to uneven hot spots! This pot is also made large to accommodate various functions such as canning, jarring, and stewing, say a hearty beef stew that everyone loves.

2. Most Versatile: Bayou Classic Stainless Steel Stockpot with Boil Basket

What We Love

  • Comes with a pot basket
  • Versatility in the kitchen

What We Don't Love

  • Too expensive

Who doesn’t want a stock pot that lets you do all kinds of cooking methods? You’re in for quite a surprise if you weren’t aware that it could handle canning, jarring, boiling, and even deep-frying food like chicken! This 122-quart pot is also good when you’re hosting extra-large parties or when you cook this delicious fisherman’s cioppino or seafood tomato stew for lunch. This Bayou Classic 122-quart stainless steel stockpot with a boil basket is one of the most versatile pots you’ll find in the market.

3. Best Non-stick: T-fal B36262 Specialty Total Non-stick Stock Pot

What We Love

  • Non-stick interior and exterior

What We Don't Love

  • Not induction compatible

Cooking stews and cleaning pots can be daunting tasks, especially if you’re using a standard pot that sticks and scorches food at the bottom. Worry no more! Cooking and cleaning becomes easier with this non-stick stock pot from T-fal. It’s good for making chicken and seafood gumbo that your family loves.

It’s also extremely helpful to have cookwares like this lying around for people who struggle to control their cholesterol intake, since using too much cooking oil can be quite unhealthy for one’s heart. Now, you can look forward to healthy cooking results by using less oil with a T-fal Specialty Non-stick Stock Pot.

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4. Best for Large Gathering: Homichef Commercial Grade 20 Quart Stock Pot With Lid

What We Love

  • Elegant design
  • Good for large batches of food
  • Nickel-free stainless steel

What We Don't Love

  • Prone to rusting
  • Not good for acidic food

Get this handy addition for your kitchen especially during holidays and special occasions! Easily serve large batches of food with this 20-quart large stock pot that boasts a timeless and elegant French design. It’s a design that can be displayed on the dining table when you host a party or simply on your stovetop. Whip up this red-curried Caribbean soup recipe for your next dinner party with the help of this big pot from Homichef.

5. Best Luxury: Cuisinart MCP-12N Multiclad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece Set

What We Love

  • Oven-safe up to 550 degrees F
  • Tapered rims for easy pour

What We Don't Love

  • Not easy to clean
  • Poor heat conductor

It’s no wonder why this Cuisinart MCP-12N Multic=lad Pro Stainless Steel 12-Piece looks so classy and elegant, as the kitchens of France were the reason for its sophisticated design. Not only does it look gorgeous, but it also has everything you need. It’s a set that can do any recipe, from broths and stews to rich Arrabiata sauce.

When you purchase the set, you’ll get one 8-inch skillet, one 10-inch skillet, one 3-quart saucepan with a lid, one 5-quart saucepan with a lid, and finally an 8-quart crockpot that comes with a lid and a steamer.

6. Best for Beginners: Cuisinart French Classic Tri-Ply Stainless 6-Quart Stock Pot

What We Love

  • Tight-fitting stainless steel lid
  • Oven-safe to 500 degrees F
  • Induction compatible

What We Don't Love

  • Limited lifetime warranty

This 6-quart stock pot made from France is perfectly sized for beginners in the kitchen who are making classic French onion soup. But above all, beginners can also avoid minor burns thanks to its riveted, stainless steel stay-cool handles.

7. Best Budget-Friendly: Cook N Home Stainless Steel Saucepot with Glass Lid

What We Love

  • Encapsulated aluminum disc bottom
  • Budget-friendly

What We Don't Love

  • Oven-safe just up to 350 degrees F

Our top pick for the best budget-friendly stock pot is this stainless steel saucepot with a glass lid from Cook N Home. Finally, here’s a budget pot that will not hurt your cooking nor your wallet.

This 8-quart stock pot is made of mirror-polished, 18/10 stainless steel for quick and easy cleanup after use. This pot also comes with a glass lid which lets you check your hearty vegetable soup while it’s simmering. Like most pots, you will also find its reinforced rim for long heating useful for canning and jarring.

8. Best Heavy Duty: Circulon Radiance Hard Anodized Nonstick Stock Pot

What We Love

  • Shatter-resistant lid
  • Total non-stick system

What We Don't Love

  • No vented lid

If you are looking for a pot that checks all the boxes in your list, then look no further! Check out this heavy-duty stock pot from Circulon Radiance that’s not only oven-safe to 400 degrees F. It’s also dishwasher safe for easy cleanup after heavy cooking. This wide pot is made of hard-anodized aluminum for fast and efficient performance.

You can also forget about reheating more as this cookware comes with a shatter-resistant, glass tempered lid that locks in heat to preserve the freshness of your tripe stew!

9. Best for Multitasking: Excelsteel Stainless Steel Multi-Cookware Set

What We Love

  • Encapsulated base for even heat distribution
  • Easy to clean
  • Induction compatible

What We Don't Love

  • Prone to denting and rusting

Nothing says multitask and multi-cookware more than this Stainless Steel Multi-Cookware Set from Excelsteel. This set includes a cooking pot, a steamer basket, a pasta basket, and a vented tempered glass lid for easy viewing while you’re cooking. With this product, you can boil your pasta while steaming this easy Asian dumplings recipe.

Excelsteel also added an encapsulated base that will give your pot fast and evenly distributed heat in no time. These additional cooking tools are easy to clean as well, so you’ll have no problem once cooking is done.

10. Best for Induction Stoves: NutriChef Steel Steel Heavy Duty Induction Stock Pot

What We Love

  • Works with any stovetop
  • Retains heat up to 500 degrees F

What We Don't Love

  • Glass lid can’t support high heat

This stock pot works with any stovetop but is best for induction! This cookware offers great performance across any stovetops from induction, electric, gas, ceramic, hot plate, and even halogen. With an impact-bonded base in addition to its stainless steel finish, this heavy-duty pot will give you even heat distribution, especially on an induction top. It also includes a see-through lid made with tempered glass that helps distribute heat while cooking dishes like this spicy stew loaded with Moroccan spices.

11. Best Stainless Steel: IMUSA USA Stainless Steel Stock Pot 20-Quart

What We Love

  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Double-sided metal handles

What We Don't Love

  • Shows all smudges

If you want an excellent corrosion-resistant stew pot that can withstand the most oxidizing acid out there, then go for quality stainless steel like IMUSA USA Stainless Steel Stock Pot. It’s not only versatile but also durable for any cooking. Perhaps you can try this slow cooker lentil and cabbage soup recipe and see how its stainless steel construction provides the evenly distributed heat required for this dish.

However, if you do not like your pots with fingerprints on them, then this pot is not for you as smudges can easily stick onto it.

12. Best Cast Iron: Bruntmor 2 In 1 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven Set

What We Love

  • Durable and longlasting
  • Affordable

What We Don't Love

  • Can be heavy

The hand-it-down-pot that gets better with age. Yes, that’s right! Cast irons get better with age. They’re quite heavy but their durability compensates significantly for their weight.

If you’re also looking for pots that conduct heat the best, cast iron is the best material. But this 2 in 1 Cast Iron Double Dutch Oven Set from Bruntmor is extra special because it actually doubles as a skillet! Super handy, right? You can use the pot for making stews while you’re busy searing those round eye steaks into perfection.

13: Best Quality Enamel: Rachael Ray Enamel on Steel Stock Pot with Lid

What We Love

  • Oven-safe up to 400 degrees F
  • Stain-resistant

What We Don't Love

  • Handwash only

Some of the most sturdy stock pots are a combination of two quality materials. Indeed, Rachael Ray Enamel on Steel Stock Pot with Lid is a combination of quality enamel and sturdy steel. Steel on its own won’t give a pot a non-stick coating. But combined with enamel that gives it a non-stick finish, you don’t even have to worry about scratches, dents, and smudges because this pot deflects it all. Plus, it will look pretty on your stovetop when cooking your vegan detox soup. And since it’s stain-resistant, cleaning will be easy too.

14. Best Carbon Steel: IMUSA USA Speckled Enamel Stock Pot

What We Love

  • Posh design
  • Heats up quickly

What We Don't Love

  • Comes in only one color

Posh and pretty—these are the words that best describe this stock pot. If you’re looking for a stock pot that goes well with the interior of your kitchen, then you might like this specific product. But it’s not just all about the looks, as this stock pot is pretty heavy-duty too. It’s made of quality materials like carbon steel and enamel that heats up quickly and evenly, so you can cook any dish into perfection.

15. Best Quality Anodized: Calphalon Premier Space-Saving Nonstick Stock Pot

What We Love

  • Space saver
  • Oven-safe up to 450 degrees F
  • Minimalist design

What We Don't Love

  • Not for large-batch cooking

For fans of the minimalist interior, this pot is for you. It sports a clean and sleek design that will give you that simple and uncluttered look. This pot is also a super space saver as it can be stacked into smaller shelves. Use the lid to stack other pots on top and save up to 30 percent of space. This 12-quart pot is just perfect for this sweet potato soup recipe that everyone’s dying to try.

What Makes a Good Stock Pot

We understand that choosing the right cookware that suits your needs can be difficult. After all, you need to consider several things — the right size, handle, material, and even the heat threshold. So make sure that you’ll get the right product by taking these factors into account:


Stock pots have diverse sizes, ranging from the smallest 6 quarts to the large 20 quarts. What you need it for should tell you what size to get. You don’t want to make your homemade stock in small pots if you will be making soups or stews for large groups of people.

Shape and Height

Some stock pots are large with tall and narrow openings that are perfect for cooking pasta. Some are large but short and stout, perfect for making stews and making homemade bone broth and stocks. Pick which one you need based on what dish you’ll be using it for.

Weight and Handles

Insignificant it may be to some, but the handles are also important when choosing a pot for your kitchen. It should be able to handle the capacity and weight of your stock pot, whether it’s empty or if it’s filled with delicious soup.


A good stock pot is one that is made of different materials. For starters, there’s stainless steel, aluminum, copper, and enamel. It can also be a combination of two like an enameled cast iron. If you’re going for the posh and sophisticated look that goes well with your kitchen, we suggest you pick an enameled cast iron stock pot. But if you are a kitchen pro, then you might want to get durable stainless steel.

Heat Threshold

Different metals will also give you varying heat thresholds. So, it’s important to consider whether you’ll be doing a lot of high heat cooking in your kitchen or just the basics. For instance, the best cookware for high heat cooking is copper, carbon steel, and cast iron. Meanwhile, stainless steel—though still a good conductor—has a lower heat threshold compared to others.

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