Chips Recipes

Switch your store-bought chips for healthier options. We've got the best chips recipes perfect for munching and crunching while snacking.


New Chips Recipes

beetroot crisps recipe
Finger Foods

Beetroot Crisps Recipe

Craving for some crisps? These deep-fried Beetroot Crisps are incredibly easy and simple…
Total 1 days 26 mins

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Popular Chips Recipes

sweet potato fritters recipe
Finger Foods

Sweet Potato Fritters Recipe

Perfect as a snack, these seasoned sweet potato fritters plus carrots are easy-to-make…
Total 22 mins

Dirty Chips Recipe

Potato chips, crispy bacon, and cheese curds are baked together to make these…
Total 29 mins
crunchy kale chips recipe

Crunchy Kale Chips Recipe

Snack on these 30-minute crunchy kale chips simply flavored with salt and olive…
Total 30 mins

More Chips Recipes

potato chips clusters

Potato Chip Clusters Recipe

These potato chip clusters are sweet, salty, and crunchy bite-size pieces of crushed…
Total 20 mins
chia seed chips recipe

Chia Seed Chips Recipe

Put together a quick snack with these chia seeds chips made with whole…
Total 25 mins
vegetable peel chips recipe

Vegetable Chips Recipe

Can you imagine saving all parts of the vegetable including the peel? Here's…
Total 35 mins