Cupcakes Recipes

Want a dessert that’s a little more fun and visual? Then cupcakes is the treat for you! Enjoy these cupcake recipes as a sweet dessert, or sneak them in as something to snack on when nobody’s looking. You deserve it!


New Cupcakes Recipes


Oreo Cupcakes Recipe

Indulge your taste buds with these rich Oreo cupcakes! They're baked in with…
Total 35 mins

Soft Coconut Cupcakes Recipe

Named for my great-grandmother "Honey," these old-fashioned coconut cupcakes are tender and super…
Total 45 mins

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Popular Cupcakes Recipes


Gingerbread Cupcake Recipe

Keep the Christmas spirit alive with this gingerbread cupcake, a moist and tender…
Total 42 mins

Dirt Cake Parfait Recipe

Turn a cake favorite into this dirt cake parfait, individually portioned treats that…
Total 10 mins

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