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Keep things sweet and simple with our easy tart recipes. There’s a whole world of desserts to explore! And with our scrumptious tart recipes, you're sure to have a brand new favorite dessert. These delicious pastries filled and topped with fruits are a classic dessert that's a perfect ender for any heavy and satisfying meal. Whether it's sweet or savory, our tart recipes are the perfect dessert to serve to your loved ones.


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Banoffee Tart Recipe

You'll feel like you're tasting a bit of heaven with this banoffee tart.…
Total 3 hrs

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Rustic Pear Tart Recipe

With a crisp buttery crust & sweet, juicy filling, this pear tart is…
Total 1 hr 40 mins
easy apple tart recipe

Easy Apple Tart Recipe

With hints of lemon and cinnamon, delight guests with this dense apple tart…
Total 25 mins

Lemon Tart Recipe

Bright and golden, this lemon tart is filled with sweet and tart filling…
Total 1 hr 55 mins