Jelly Recipes

Jelly desserts don’t always have to mean ordinary gelatin dishes in cups. With our tasty jelly recipes, a jelly dessert will make you become the talk of the town before you know it.


New Jelly Recipes

jalapeno jelly recipe

Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

Spice up your toasts, crackers or meat with this sweet and spicy jalapeno…
Total 40 mins
jell o snow pudding recipe

Jell-O Snow Pudding Recipe

This pudding recipe yields nostalgic sweet treat made with soft and creamy gelatin…
Total 4 hrs 30 mins

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Popular Jelly Recipes


Bing Cherry Salad Recipe

Made from cherry Jell-o, cola, and bing cherries, this 5 ingredient cherry salad…
Total 3 hrs 30 mins
citrus jell o® salad recipe

Citrus Jell-O® Salad Recipe

Light, smooth, and velvety, this citrus jell-o® salad is made with orange juice…
Total 4 hrs 15 mins
fruit gelatin jigglers recipe

Fruit Gelatin Jigglers Recipe

These deliciously vibrant fruit gelatin jigglers are delightfully smooth and fruity, made with…
Total 3 hrs 15 mins
ube panna cotta recipe

Ube Panna Cotta Recipe

Indulge yourself with a serving of this delicate and creamy ube panna cotta,…
Total 3 hrs 41 mins

More Jelly Recipes

red hots jello recipe

Red Hots Jello Recipe

This red hots jello recipe combines the sweet and fruity gelatinous texture of…
Total 7 mins