Jelly desserts don’t always have to mean ordinary gelatin dishes in cups. With our tasty jelly recipes, a jelly dessert will make you become the talk of the town before you know it.

Recommended Jelly


Yummy 2-Ingredient Soda Jelly Recipe

This simple soda jelly topped with a sprinkle of coffee granules is the perfect grown-up dessert to satisfy one's sweet tooth! Keep the jelly chilled for a refreshing dessert on a hot summer day.

26 mins


Jalapeno Jelly Recipe

Spice up your toasts, crackers or meat with this sweet and spicy jalapeno jelly. It also has bell peppers, vinegar, and sugar.
40 mins


Dr Pepper Jello Salad Recipe

Whip up an easy jelly dessert with this Dr Pepper jello salad with pineapples, cherries, and chopped pecans. Prep it in 5 minutes!
4 hrs 40 mins


Spiced Apple Jelly Recipe

Apples and cranberries and juiced and made into jellies to be stored for any sweet cravings.

35 mins


Cranberry Jelly Recipe

Combine cranberry and orange to make this thick and rich cranberry jelly that is easy to make and versatile enough for a lot of dishes.

3 hrs 30 mins


Muscadine Jelly Recipe

Amp up your favorite bread with this tart muscadine jelly! Its made with grape-like muscadines for a delightful spread.

1 days 1 hr 10 mins


Japanese Coffee Jelly Recipe

Satisfy your caffeine craving and sweet tooth with this Japanese coffee jelly! Whip up this easy treat with just 5 ingredients.

5 hrs 25 mins