Jam & Spread Recipes

Your minds in a jam on what to serve for snacks? Looking into making your own marmalades, chutneys, herb butter, or fruit spreads? Choose from an array of jam recipes, for that bit of sweet and tart add-ons onto your scones, to savory spreads that would definitely brighten up your toast or dinner rolls. Have a go at our lineup and spread the love.

Jam & Spread

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Jam & Spread Recipe

Easy Raspberry Jam

Sweet and scrumptious jam made from fresh raspberries and simple…
Total 30 mins
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Cooking 101

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Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Tarragon Butter

A wonderful yet easy recipe for compound butter that is…
Total 1 hr 5 mins
Jam & Spread

Hazelnut Butter

A quick and easy recipe for homemade hazelnut butter that…
Total 50 mins
Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Horseradish Butter

This simple compound butter recipe has a depth of flavor…
Total 45 mins

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