This sweet, delectable dessert is the perfect ender to any and every heavy meal! In fact, it's great even as a stand-alone snack. Make your own batch of scrumptious pudding with our amazing pudding recipes. We have recipes for all kinds of pudding, from pudding cake to bread pudding, and even rice pudding. Enjoy your own homemade version of everyone's comfort meal.

Recommended Pudding


Hunter’s Plum Pudding Recipe

This modern take of the 18th Century holiday plum pudding recipe is made from leftover bread and bursting fruity flavors from dried fruits. Then, topped it with an orange sauce that makes everyone drool over this classic hunter’s pudding over and over again.

1 hr 25 mins


Puerto Rican Rice Pudding Recipe

An incredible sweet and hearty dessert that surely your family would enjoy! Puerto Rican rice pudding, or also known as arroz con dulce, is a sweet rice pudding with a balance of creamy and starchy. A wonderful contrast of evaporated and coconut milk with a mix of flavors from ginger and cinnamon to round everything up.
1 hr


Crockpot Banana Pudding Recipe

A simple banana pudding recipe that only needs minimal effort and a slow-cooker to bring out the yummy flavor and chunky texture.

3 hrs 5 mins


Microwave Bread Pudding Recipe

Enjoy bites of soft bread, rich custard, and crunchy peanuts in this delicious serving of microwave bread pudding.
36 mins


Irish Cream Custard Bread Pudding Recipe

Try our simple and delicious Irish cream custard bread pudding that’s bursting with soft and creamy goodness. Top it off with our smooth and sweet sauce and vanilla ice cream.

1 hr 55 mins


Old Fashioned Banana Pudding Recipe

Let your taste buds explode with this delectable Old Fashioned Banana Pudding Recipe. It's a creamy dessert topped with sweet vanilla wafers!

45 mins


Irish Coffee Pudding Recipe

Switch up your morning routine and try out this creamy pudding recipe that\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s mixed with coffee and a kick of whiskey. It\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s made the Irish way!
15 mins


Best Slow Cooker Tapioca Pudding Recipe

Soft and mushy yet still carrying a sweet flavor. This tapioca pudding recipe is so easy to make, especially with the help of a slow cooker.
6 hrs 5 mins


Pumpkin Sticky Toffee Pudding Recipe

This all-time favorite English dessert, sticky toffee pudding, is mixed with pumpkin, warm spices, and caramel-like dates for a decadent and fruity treat.

1 hr 10 mins


Creamy Vanilla Pudding Shots Recipe

We’ve created an adult take on instant pudding inspired by the classic alcohol-filled dessert jello shots. Enjoy these shots that mix cake vodka and Irish cream liqueur into a cool vanilla treat.

1 hr 15 mins


Easy Christmas Pudding Recipe

Make Christmas Eve dinners merrier with this homemade pudding recipe! Flavored with dried fruits and a dash of few liquors, this easy dessert for Christmas dinner will put everyone into the festive mood!

50 mins


Copycat Golden Corral Banana Pudding Recipe

It's hard to resist a rich and creamy pudding with crunchy wafers. This copycat banana pudding recipe from Golden Corral is quick and easy. Simply follow this recipe and enjoy!

25 mins


Brown Rice Pudding Recipe

Creamy Brown Rice Pudding made with simple ingredients including rice, milk, sugar, cinnamon and raisins is a healthier spin on traditional rice pudding.
2 hrs 15 mins


Banana Pudding Squares Recipe

Satisfy your sweet tooth craving with these no-bake banana pudding squares, made with a flaky crust, creamy pudding, and luscious chocolate squares.
3 hrs 30 mins


Easy Chia Pudding Recipe

This easy 3 ingredient chia pudding is not only deliciousand nutritious, this healthy breakfast takes just minutes to make.
5 mins


Banana Pudding Recipe (Magnolia Bakery Copycat)

Magnolia Bakery Banana Pudding is a heavenly dessert made up of layers of creamy vanilla pudding, bananas, and Nilla Wafers. It's the very recipe that the famous New York City bakery uses! This delicious and easy recipe is sure to become a family favorite!
15 mins