Chocolate Dessert Recipes

You'll always find an excuse to skip diet once you've tried these chocolate desserts recipes. Brownies, cakes and ice cream got that irresistible yummy goodness; guests will be asking for more. Turn them loco with these chocolate desserts recipes.

Chocolate Dessert

New Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate Dessert Recipe
Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate Cream Puff

Enjoy light and fluffy chocolate cream puffs oozing with rich chocolate cream and topped with a drizzle of chocolate syrup to complete the chocolatey…
Total 1 hr 10 mins

Fudge Drops

Chocolate bite-sized dessert made with sweet milk chocolate morsels, granola…
Total 7 mins
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More Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Chocolate Dessert

Frozen Chocolate

A cold and refreshing chocolate drink that'll beat the summer…
Total 20 mins
Chocolate Dessert

Orange Chocolate Hearts

We've combined the flavors of luscious chocolate and tangy orange…
Total 1 hr 55 mins
Chocolate Dessert

Tiger Butter

White chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate mixed together with peanut butter…
Total 45 mins

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