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Got a sweet tooth? Satisfy that craving for something sweet as you follow these candy recipes! They’re the least messy of the bunch, and the best part? You can take your candy wherever you go! Great idea for those who need their sugar intake checked.


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Grinch Cookies Recipe

Grinch Cookies Recipe

Brightly colored Grinch Cookies for your holiday cookie tray!
Total 37 mins

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S'more Muddy Buddies Recipe
Finger Foods

S’more Muddy Buddies Recipe

A combination of cereals, graham crackers, marshallows, and chocolate brings lots of taste…
Total 7 mins
Butter Mints Recipe

Butter Mints Recipe

Sweeten up any gathering by making these adorable butter mints. These seriously addictive…
Total 13 hrs 12 mins

Churro Toffee Recipe

It's one of our favorite treats to pick up at the Happiest Place…
Total 25 mins

Monster Bark Recipe

Make Halloween creepier yet more delicious this year with this adorably spooky monster…
Total 40 mins