Chicken Recipes

From frying, roasting, grilling to slow-cooking, these chicken recipes are sure to hit the spot for our favorite lean meat to bring out the flavours in every meal that chicken lovers can’t resist.


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Easy Cheeseburger Casserole Recipe

Cook up this tasty cheeseburger casserole for a hearty meal in just 30 minutes. This cheesy and meaty dish is sure to satisfy all your cheeseburger cravings.

Total 30 mins

Potato Risotto Recipe

The ultimate comfort food, this Potato Risotto is packed with cheesy parmesan and buttery potatoes steeped with robust flavors of chicken broth.

Total 30 mins

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Pineapple Chicken Recipe

Try out this pineapple chicken recipe and get a refreshingly tropical take on flavored chicken. It’s stir-fried chicken with fruits and vegetables swimming in flavorful sweet and sour sauce. It’s quick, easy, and healthy!

Total 25 mins

Homestyle Lemon Chicken and Rice Recipe

An easy and tasty lemon chicken recipe that serves chicken strips seasoned and cooked in rich and savory lemon butter sauce and rice. It’s a complete and flavorful meal that highlights the refreshingly tangy citrus flavor of lemon infused in chicken and rice.

Total 30 mins

Orange Cinnamon Chicken Recipe

The best cinnamon chicken recipe that highlights the fusion of orange and cinnamon, giving you a sweet and spicy flavor that just hits the right spot.

Total 55 mins
BBQ & Grilled

Apple Sweet BBQ Chicken Recipe

This sweet and spicy bbq chicken recipe soaks your chicken pieces in rich, flavorful and mildly spicy sweet and sour sauce that’s seasoned with spices.

Total 2 hrs 35 mins

Chicken Lazone Recipe

This Chicken Lazone recipe is so easy to make, and you'll love the tender pan-fried chicken that's drenched in an amazingly flavorful Cajun cream sauce!

Total 30 mins
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