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Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

Add a spicy kick to your parties with this Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip. Packed full of flavors, the dip combines creamy cheeses, juicy chicken, and the tangy heat of buffalo sauce, creating a dish that will be the star of any gathering.

Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe
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While most ingredients for this recipe are pantry staples, you may need to search for a few special items. The blue cheese lends a unique, tangy flavor to the dip, and is usually found in the gourmet cheese section of your supermarket. The ranch seasoning is often located in the spice aisle, and the hot sauce can be found in the international foods section. Choose a good-quality hot sauce for best results.

Essential Ingredients for Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

Cream cheese: This ingredient provides a creamy base for the dip. It's tangy flavor pairs well with the spicy hot sauce.

Blue cheese: Known for its strong and tangy flavor, blue cheese adds a gourmet touch to this dip.

Chicken: A key protein in this recipe, chicken is used for its tender, versatile nature.

Mozzarella cheese: This cheese is a must for its melty, stretchy qualities, which create the perfect texture for dipping.

Hot sauce: The main flavor agent in this recipe, hot sauce brings the heat to the dip.

Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt adds protein to the dip and helps balance the spicy flavor with its creamy tartness.

Green onions: These are used for garnish, adding a pop of color and a crisp, fresh flavor.

Ranch seasoning: Ranch seasoning adds a burst of herby, tangy flavor that complements the other ingredients.

One reader, Dwight Martel says:

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This slow cooker buffalo chicken dip recipe is a game-changer! The flavors are perfectly balanced, and the creamy texture is irresistible. It's a hit at every gathering, and it's so easy to make. I love how the hot sauce and blue cheese blend together for a delicious kick. Highly recommended!

Dwight Martel

Techniques Required for Making Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

How to prepare the slow cooker: Spray the inside of the slow cooker bowl with cooking spray to prevent sticking and make cleanup easier.

How to combine the ingredients: Stir together the cream cheese, blue cheese, chicken, mozzarella, hot sauce, yogurt, green onions, and ranch seasoning until well combined. This will ensure that the flavors are evenly distributed throughout the dip.

How to cook in the slow cooker: Cook the dip on high for 1½ to 2 hours or on low for 3 to 4 hours, allowing the flavors to meld together and the dip to reach a creamy, bubbly consistency.

How to garnish and serve: Transfer the cooked dip to a serving bowl and garnish with extra blue cheese and green onions, if desired. Serve with chips for a delicious appetizer or snack.

How To Make Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

A batch of this spicy buffalo chicken dip will go amazingly with chips on game day! Toss everything in the slow cooker to create that creamy, flavorful dip.

Preparation: 10 minutes
Cooking: 1 hour 30 minutes
Total: 1 hour 40 minutes



  • 8ozreduced-fat cream cheese1 block, roughly cut into 1-inch cubes
  • 4ozblue cheesecrumbled, plus more for topping
  • 3cupschickencooked, diced or shredded
  • 2cupspart-skim mozzarella cheeseshredded
  • 1cuphot saucelike Frank’s, plus more for topping
  • 1cupplain Greek yogurtor sour cream
  • ½cupgreen onionsabout 3 green onions, thinly-sliced, plus more for topping
  • 1tbspranch seasoning


  1. Spray the inside of the bowl of the slow cooker with cooking spray.

  2. Add the cream cheese, blue cheese, chicken, mozzarella, hot sauce, yogurt, green onions, and ranch seasoning to the bowl of the slow cooker.

  3. Stir until combined.

  4. Cook on High for 1½ to 2 hours or on Low for 3 to 4 hours.

  5. Give the dip a final stir, then transfer to a serving bowl and garnish with extra blue cheese and green onions, if desired.

  6. Serve with chips, and enjoy!


  • Calories: 504.58kcal
  • Fat: 39.76g
  • Saturated Fat: 21.71g
  • Trans Fat: 0.05g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 11.40g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.79g
  • Carbohydrates: 5.59g
  • Fiber: 0.31g
  • Sugar: 3.34g
  • Protein: 31.45g
  • Cholesterol: 143.80mg
  • Sodium: 1527.22mg
  • Calcium: 518.21mg
  • Potassium: 284.98mg
  • Iron: 1.18mg
  • Vitamin A: 287.45µg
  • Vitamin C: 23.17mg

Helpful Technique for Perfecting Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

To ensure your buffalo chicken dip is creamy and well-blended, make sure your cream cheese is at room temperature before adding it to the slow cooker. This will allow it to melt more evenly and mix well with the other ingredients. Additionally, shredding your chicken into smaller pieces will allow the flavors to distribute more evenly throughout the dip.

Time-Saving Tips for Preparing This Dip

Prep ahead: Prepare the cream cheese mixture and store it in the refrigerator the night before. This way, you can simply transfer it to the slow cooker when you're ready to cook.

Use pre-cooked chicken: Save time by using pre-cooked chicken, such as rotisserie chicken or leftover grilled chicken. This eliminates the need to cook and shred the chicken before adding it to the dip.

Slow cooker liners: Consider using slow cooker liners for easy cleanup. These liners make washing up a breeze and save time on scrubbing the slow cooker pot.

Substitute Ingredients For Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

  • reduced-fat cream cheese - Substitute with full-fat cream cheese: Full-fat cream cheese will provide a richer and creamier texture to the dip, enhancing its flavor and mouthfeel.

  • blue cheese - Substitute with gorgonzola cheese: Gorgonzola cheese has a similar tangy and pungent flavor profile, making it a suitable substitute for blue cheese in this recipe.

  • chicken - Substitute with shredded turkey: Shredded turkey can be used as a delicious alternative to chicken, offering a similar texture and flavor while adding a unique twist to the dish.

  • part-skim mozzarella cheese - Substitute with smoked provolone cheese: Smoked provolone cheese will impart a rich, smoky flavor to the dip, elevating its taste and adding depth to the overall dish.

  • hot sauce - Substitute with chipotle hot sauce: Chipotle hot sauce will infuse a smoky and spicy flavor into the dip, providing a delightful twist to the traditional buffalo chicken dip.

  • plain greek yogurt - Substitute with sour cream: Sour cream can be used as a substitute for Greek yogurt, offering a creamy and tangy element to the dip while maintaining its richness.

  • green onions - Substitute with chives: Chives can be used as a milder alternative to green onions, providing a delicate onion flavor without overpowering the other ingredients.

  • ranch seasoning - Substitute with garlic powder and dried dill: A combination of garlic powder and dried dill can replicate the herby and savory flavors of ranch seasoning, enhancing the overall taste of the dip.

Best Way to Present Buffalo Chicken Dip

  1. Elevate the plating: Arrange the buffalo chicken dip in a stylish and artistic manner on the serving platter, ensuring that each element is showcased beautifully.

  2. Garnish with finesse: Add a sprinkle of finely chopped green onions on top of the buffalo chicken dip to provide a pop of color and a fresh, aromatic element.

  3. Incorporate texture: Consider serving the dip with a variety of dippable items, such as crispy tortilla chips, crunchy celery sticks, or even freshly baked breadsticks, to add an element of texture and contrast.

  4. Emphasize contrast: Pair the creamy buffalo chicken dip with vibrant, colorful vegetables or fruits to create a visually appealing contrast and enhance the overall presentation.

  5. Utilize elegant serving ware: Choose sophisticated and visually appealing serving dishes or platters that complement the vibrant colors and textures of the buffalo chicken dip, adding an extra touch of elegance to the presentation.

  6. Highlight the flavors: Introduce a drizzle of high-quality ranch dressing or a sprinkle of crumbled blue cheese on top of the dip to accentuate the flavors and add a touch of luxury to the dish.

  7. Create a focal point: Place the serving dish at the center of the table, ensuring that it becomes the focal point of the dining experience, drawing attention to the exquisite presentation of the buffalo chicken dip.

  8. Balance the composition: Pay attention to the overall balance of the presentation, ensuring that the elements are harmoniously arranged and that the visual appeal of the dish is captivating from every angle.

Essential Tools for Making Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Slow cooker: A countertop electrical cooking appliance used for simmering, which is perfect for slow-cooking the buffalo chicken dip to perfection.
  • Cooking spray: Used to prevent the buffalo chicken dip from sticking to the slow cooker bowl.
  • Serving bowl: A bowl used for presenting and serving the buffalo chicken dip.
  • Chips: Used for dipping into the buffalo chicken dip.

Storage and Freezing Instructions for Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Let the buffalo chicken dip cool completely before storing or freezing. This will prevent condensation from forming and making the dip watery.

  • To store in the refrigerator, transfer the cooled dip to an airtight container. It will keep well for up to 5 days. When ready to serve, reheat in the microwave or in a saucepan over low heat until warmed through.

  • For longer storage, you can freeze the dip for up to 3 months. Here's how:

    • Divide the cooled dip into smaller portions and transfer to freezer-safe containers or resealable bags.
    • Press out any excess air if using bags, then seal tightly.
    • Label the containers or bags with the date and contents.
    • Place in the freezer and store for up to 3 months.
  • To thaw and reheat frozen buffalo chicken dip:

    • Remove the desired amount from the freezer and place in the refrigerator overnight to thaw.
    • Once thawed, transfer the dip to a microwave-safe bowl and reheat in the microwave, stirring occasionally, until heated through.
    • Alternatively, you can reheat the dip in a saucepan over low heat, stirring frequently, until warmed through.
  • If the dip seems too thick after thawing and reheating, you can thin it out by stirring in a little hot sauce or chicken broth until it reaches your desired consistency.

How To Reheat Leftover Buffalo Chicken Dip

  • Microwave: transfer the desired amount of buffalo chicken dip to a microwave-safe bowl. Heat in 30-second intervals, stirring between each interval, until the dip is heated through and the cheese is melted and bubbly. This method is quick and easy, but be careful not to overheat the dip, as it may cause the cheese to separate or become grainy.

  • Oven: preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Transfer the leftover dip to an oven-safe dish and cover with foil. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until the dip is heated through and the cheese is melted. Remove the foil for the last 5 minutes of baking to allow the top to brown slightly. This method takes longer than the microwave, but it ensures even heating and maintains the dip's texture.

  • Slow cooker: if you have a small slow cooker or want to reheat a large amount of dip, you can use this method. Transfer the leftover dip to the slow cooker and heat on low for 1-2 hours, or until the dip is heated through and the cheese is melted. Stir occasionally to ensure even heating. This method is ideal for keeping the dip warm during parties or gatherings.

  • Stovetop: transfer the leftover buffalo chicken dip to a saucepan over low heat. Stir frequently until the dip is heated through and the cheese is melted. Be careful not to heat the dip too quickly or at too high a temperature, as this may cause the cheese to burn or separate. This method allows for more control over the heating process and is suitable for smaller portions.

Interesting Trivia About Buffalo Chicken Dip

The slow cooker buffalo chicken dip is a popular dish for gatherings and parties. It's a versatile recipe that can be customized to suit different tastes by adjusting the level of spiciness or adding extra toppings. This dip is a great way to enjoy the flavors of buffalo chicken in a convenient and shareable format. It's also a perfect dish for game days or casual get-togethers. The combination of creamy cheeses, tangy hot sauce, and tender chicken makes it a crowd-pleaser. Plus, using a slow cooker makes the preparation and cooking process incredibly easy.

Is Making Buffalo Chicken Dip at Home Cost-Effective?

The cost-effectiveness of this slow cooker buffalo chicken dip recipe largely depends on the availability and prices of the ingredients in your area. Chicken and cheese can be relatively expensive, but the use of Greek yogurt and green onions can help balance the cost. The approximate cost for a household of 4 people would be around $15-$20. Considering the quantity and the flavorful outcome, this recipe is a solid 8/10 for cost-effectiveness.

Is This Dip Healthy or Unhealthy?

This slow cooker buffalo chicken dip recipe has some healthy elements, but it also contains ingredients that may not be considered nutritious:

  • The recipe uses reduced-fat cream cheese, part-skim mozzarella, and Greek yogurt, which are lower in fat and higher in protein compared to their full-fat counterparts.
  • Chicken is a lean protein source, which is beneficial for maintaining muscle mass and keeping you feeling full.
  • Green onions add a pop of color and provide some vitamins and minerals.

However, there are a few concerns:

  • The recipe calls for a significant amount of cheese, which can be high in saturated fat and sodium.
  • Hot sauce and ranch seasoning may contain added sodium, which can contribute to high blood pressure when consumed in excess.
  • The dip is likely to be consumed with chips, which are often high in calories and low in nutrients.

To make this recipe healthier, consider the following suggestions:

  • Reduce the amount of cheese used or opt for lower-fat varieties to decrease the overall fat and calorie content.
  • Use a homemade ranch seasoning mix to control the sodium content and avoid any artificial additives.
  • Increase the amount of chicken and green onions to boost the protein and fiber content of the dip.
  • Serve the dip with fresh vegetables like carrots, celery, and bell peppers instead of chips to increase the nutrient density and reduce the calorie intake.
  • Use a hot sauce with lower sodium content or reduce the amount used in the recipe.

By making these adjustments, you can enjoy this tasty buffalo chicken dip while still maintaining a balanced and nutritious diet. Remember, moderation is key, and this dip can still be enjoyed occasionally as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Editor's Opinion on This Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

This slow cooker buffalo chicken dip recipe is a crowd-pleaser with its creamy and tangy flavors. The combination of reduced-fat cream cheese, blue cheese, and hot sauce creates a rich and spicy base, while the addition of chicken and mozzarella cheese adds a satisfying texture. The use of Greek yogurt adds a hint of tanginess, and the ranch seasoning brings a savory depth of flavor. Cooking it in a slow cooker allows the flavors to meld together beautifully, resulting in a delicious and indulgent dip that is perfect for parties or game day gatherings. Serve it with chips for a delightful and satisfying snack.

Enhance Your Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe with These Unique Side Dishes:

Garlic Parmesan Roasted Broccoli: Roasted broccoli tossed in a garlic parmesan sauce, served alongside the slow cooker buffalo chicken dip for a delicious and nutritious side.
Honey Sriracha Glazed Meatballs: Juicy meatballs coated in a sweet and spicy honey sriracha glaze, perfect for pairing with the buffalo chicken dip for a flavorful combination.
Caramelized Pineapple Skewers: Grilled pineapple skewers with a caramelized glaze, adding a touch of sweetness to balance out the heat of the buffalo chicken dip.

Similar Recipes to Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip

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Mango Salsa Chicken: Combine the sweetness of mango with the savory flavors of chicken to create a refreshing and satisfying meal. This recipe is perfect for a light and healthy dinner option.
Creamy Tomato Basil Soup: Indulge in a comforting and creamy tomato basil soup that is perfect for a cozy night in. Pair it with a grilled cheese sandwich for the ultimate comfort food experience.

Recommended Entrées and Desserts to Serve with Buffalo Chicken Dip

Main Courses:
Beef Stroganoff: Tender strips of beef cooked in a rich and creamy sauce, served over a bed of buttery egg noodles. This classic dish is the ultimate comfort food and is sure to impress your dinner guests.
Chicken Parmesan: Crispy breaded chicken smothered in marinara sauce and melted mozzarella cheese, served over a bed of al dente spaghetti. This Italian favorite is a crowd-pleaser and perfect for a family dinner.
Chocolate Lava Cake: Indulge in a decadent, rich chocolate lava cake that oozes with warm, gooey chocolate when you cut into it. Pair it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for the perfect balance of sweetness and richness.
Strawberry Cheesecake: Create a creamy and luscious strawberry cheesecake with a buttery graham cracker crust. Top it with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of strawberry sauce for a burst of fruity flavor in every bite.

Why trust this Slow Cooker Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe:

This recipe is a guaranteed crowd-pleaser, featuring buffalo chicken and creamy goodness. The combination of reduced-fat cream cheese, blue cheese, and part-skim mozzarella cheese creates a rich and indulgent flavor. The use of plain Greek yogurt adds a tangy twist, while the addition of hot sauce brings the perfect amount of heat. The slow cooker method ensures that the flavors meld together beautifully, resulting in a dip that's perfect for any gathering. With the added convenience of the slow cooker, this recipe is a must-try for any appetizer spread.

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Can I use regular cream cheese instead of reduced-fat cream cheese?
Yes, you can use regular cream cheese if you prefer. The reduced-fat version is used to lighten the dish, but feel free to use the regular version for a richer flavor.
Can I substitute the blue cheese with another type of cheese?
Absolutely! If you're not a fan of blue cheese, you can substitute it with another cheese of your choice, such as feta or cheddar. Just keep in mind that it will alter the flavor profile slightly.
Can I make this dip ahead of time and reheat it later?
Yes, you can make the dip ahead of time and reheat it when you're ready to serve. Simply store it in an airtight container in the refrigerator and reheat it in the microwave or on the stovetop, stirring occasionally until heated through.
Is there a milder alternative to hot sauce that I can use?
If you prefer a milder version, you can use a combination of hot sauce and tomato sauce to tone down the spiciness. You can also try using a milder hot sauce or even a sweet chili sauce for a different flavor profile.
Can I use rotisserie chicken for this recipe?
Yes, using rotisserie chicken is a great time-saving option for this recipe. Simply shred the rotisserie chicken and use it in place of the cooked chicken called for in the recipe. It adds a delicious flavor to the dip.

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