Recommended Harissa


Green Harissa Salmon Recipe

A burst of mouthwatering flavors, this green harissa salmon recipe is made with freshly caught salmon and smothered with special harissa sauce.
25 mins


Skillet Harissa Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Make dinner special with this juicy, quick, delicious round Turkey meatloaf recipe. Add on some hot chili pepper paste for that monstrous hit!
30 mins

Pressure Cooker

Easy Shredded Harrisa Chicken Recipe

For this 5-ingredient Harissa chicken recipe, tender cuts of chicken are slow-cooked with herbs and spices to create an easy and extremely flavorful dish.
4 hrs 5 mins


Harissa Eggs in Purgatory Recipe

Have a quick Italian meal with this sumptuous Harissa eggs recipe! These eggs simmered in blazing hot tomato sauce is better enjoyed with bread!
20 mins

BBQ & Grilled

Grilled Harissa Lamb Chops Recipe

Grilled to the juiciest perfection, burning hot as it's seasoned with a hot chilli pepper paste! No lamb chops recipe is as good as this one!
20 mins