Top 10 Sugar-Free Dessert Recipes With No Regrets

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Abby Marcelino Published: August 3, 2020 Modified: May 21, 2021

If you are looking for sugar-free dessert recipes, look no further. Read on and you will find out more about the most delicious sugar-free desserts for those with a sweet tooth on a strict diet.

Delectable creamy frostings, three-tiered decadent cakes, and not to forget crusty yet luscious-textured fruit pies. It’s no wonder why sweets can be very addictive. These are just some of the many sweet treats we munch on to satisfy the underlying sweet tooth cravings. With every crunch, munch, and bite, it’s a brilliant finish to a savory meal.

However, in today’s trend of low-carb diets, keto meal plans, and calorie counts, if you want to lose the pounds, you need to reduce your sugar consumption as well. Too much sugar feeds the sweet tooth but also feeds your weight. Health complications can also result from excessive sugar intake, so reduce your sugars. After all, sugar reduction also benefits those who have diabetes. When you have a sugary sweet tooth to satisfy, it is tragic to realize that too much sugar can kill you.

But it’s alright! Instead of beating yourself up and depriving yourself of sweet treats, there can always be a way to make everyone happy – and that is sugar-free desserts! This list of our top 10 sugar-free dessert recipes will satisfy your sweet tooth without stressing you out.

Let us assure you that your misconceptions of sugar-free treats as bland and tasteless food are utterly untrue. These desserts contain ingredients that act as a healthier alternative to refined sugars without compromising the sweetness you’ll be looking for in a dessert. If you’ve enjoyed going through our list of sugar-free dessert recipes, feel free to check out our Dessert Category for yummy treats!


Sugarless Pumpkin Pie

Sugarless Pumpkin Pie, Dessert Recipes

A pumpkin pie is an occasional indulgence that’s enjoyed during the fall and winter seasons. A slice of this velvety-textured dessert equates to 200g of vitamins – all thanks to the mashed pumpkin. But while this spiced pumpkin pie may be delicious and nutritious, don’t just assume that by making this pie, you’re right on track with your weight loss goals. But wait, before you start thinking of another holiday dessert and start throwing this recipe in the bin, this recipe here includes the use of sugar-free pudding mixes. You’ll be more than excited to serve a few slices of this sugarless spiced custard cake at your next Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugarless Pumpkin Pie Recipe


Sugar Free Carrot Cake

Sugar Free Carrot Cake Recipe, Dessert recipes

Another spice-induced dessert is this sugar-free carrot cake recipe. Carrot cakes are known to be a bit dense or moist in texture but have that lingering spiced flavor after each heavenly bite. You can feel free to add in a handful of crushed nuts for a crunchy texture or you can top it off with a sweet cream cheese frosting. But like the renowned pumpkin pie, not all spiced-desserts means that you can get away from the haunting sugars and added calories. A deceiving dessert like the carrot cake packs a not-so-helpful amount of sugar. But for this recipe, sweetness does not come from refined sugar but fruit-flavored ingredients such as pineapple and apple juice – both natural sweeteners.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugar-Free Carrot Cake Recipe


Sugar-Free Chocolate Pecan Cookies

Sugar-Free Chocolate Pecan Cookies Recipe, Dessert recipes

For self-proclaimed Cookie Monsters out there, we wouldn’t want to leave out your favorite treats in our list of sugar-free dessert recipes. Chocolates are divine while pecan cookies add a nutty and earthy taste to compliment the sweetness. But if you’re thinking that this recipe packs a lot of sugar, well, it doesn’t. For the cookie mix, we used sugar-free pudding mixes. And if you’re asking about what would be a less sugary alternative to brown sugar, try the one from Sugar Twin. Their calorie-free brown sugar will still make these cookies sweet as if you’ve added refined sugar to it – but you didn’t.

If you’re surprised about the mayonnaise, they make a great alternative to eggs and oil – just a little trick in case you run out of eggs and oil in the kitchen.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugar-Free Chocolate Pecan Cookies Recipe


Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe, Dessert Recipe

Let’s scream for ice cream! Oops! Wait a minute, ice cream is high in sugar too! Mortified that you might not enjoy your favorite summer treat? Don’t worry because we’ve combined low-fat milk and a sugar-free chocolate mix alternative to still bring out the chocolaty fun in this dessert. To give a creamy texture to this diabetic-friendly ice cream, we used plain yogurt instead of heavy cream. This still makes the ice cream a blissful creamy dessert you’d enjoy for two scoops or more without feeling guilty about the calories. As we said, we make sure to find sweet alternatives to our sugar-free dessert recipes so that you’d turn that frown upside down. You can even use this recipe as a base if you want to experiment on other ice cream flavors. Just don’t forget to check the sugar content before purchasing.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugar-Free Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe


Sugarless Sponge Cake

sugarless sponge cake

Sponge cakes are a great base for making birthday cakes, wedding cakes, and any cake for all occasions. But if your guest happens to have health complications such as diabetes, well now, that’s a challenge. How can you still deliver the same sweet-tooth taste out of a simple sponge cake while reducing the sugar? A simple answer would be, sugar substitutes. And for this recipe, we used non-caloric sweeteners. It still offers the same sweet taste without calories and without increasing their glucose levels. It’s a win-win for all! Even the American Diabetes Association stood on the position along with the American Heart Association, back in 2012, that non-nutritive sweeteners are a friendly sugar alternative to a diet that cuts back actual sugar.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugarless Sponge Cake Recipe


Sugarless Apple Cookies

apple cookies

Tired of serving the same old apple pie or apple cobbler during the Thanksgiving season? These sugarless apple cookies will be a show-stopper on the dining table. They’re chewy and yummy with a hint of apple chunks in-between bites. For this recipe, liquid sweeteners are your refined sugar substitutes, so it still has that sweetness a regular cookie would have. A few liquid sweeteners you can try out are honey, molasses, and even corn syrup. Nobody will know the difference. They’re healthy and give a thicker and richer consistency to the cookie dough. We advise that when using liquid sweeteners, start with small amounts since they tend to taste sweeter than sugar. Once you’ve reached your desired sweetness, it’s time to hit the oven and bake these sugarless treats.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugarless Apple Cookie Recipe


Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies

Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

People with diabetes don’t have to say goodbye to all sugar sweets. That’s why we have our list of sugar-free dessert recipes. Now for this special cookie recipe, it’s diabetic-friendly to eat and still has that original chocolate chip cookie sweetness your sweet tooth is craving for. Using semi-sweet chocolate chips and granulated Splenda sweeteners, you’ve got yourself a sweet treat that has lesser sugar content. Splenda sweeteners are calorie-free and have reduced-sugar content so you get to enjoy your cookies with ease. Plus, diabetic folks will no longer feel the agony of having to stay away from their favorite sweets. All it takes is to find the right sugar substitutes to satisfy your sugary cravings – without consuming too much sugar, of course.

Recipe for Inspiration: Diabetic-Friendly Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe



Diabetic Friendly Snickerdoodle Cookies


To this day, the origin of the Snickerdoodle cookie remains a mystery. Some say it comes from German decent because of the name. Nevertheless, it remains a mystery. But what isn’t a mystery is that despite being traditionally made of cinnamon and white sugar, snickerdoodle cookies can also be diabetic-friendly. Trade in the regular granulated sugar with some non-caloric sweeteners to seal the deal. If there are instances that you would like just a bit of sugar to it, just mix a tablespoon of sugar with some cinnamon powder to coat the snickerdoodle cookies with it. And since we know snickerdoodle cookies for their slightly tangy flavor, the cream of tartar does the work – and also makes the cookies chewy with each bite.

Recipe for Inspiration: Snickerdoodle Cookies Recipe


Sugar-Free Raisin Bars

Sugar-Free Raisin Bars

Raisins, described as wrinkly, dry, and not a fan-favorite of many, can be quite delicious when incorporated in certain dishes like dessert. They are naturally sweet and beneficial to one’s health – so long as eaten in moderation. For this recipe, by adding the applesauce, it acts as a sweetener to the dessert. You won’t be needing any refined sugar to satisfy the sweet tooth. The apple sauce and raisins will do that for you. It’s very simple to make by just mixing the ingredients and letting it bake for 25 to 30 mins. So if your kids are looking for something sweet to snack on but you’d want to lessen their sugar intake, these raisin bars will be a delightful treat.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugar-Free Raisin Bars Recipe


Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler

Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler

Desserts somehow always taste better with fruit. If you agree to this then you’ll be happy to know that you can create a sugar-free cobbler recipe. Instead of using peaches, why not use a variety of sweet berries to make it more interesting? For this dish, you can use any of the four berries mentioned in the recipe: blackberries, blueberries, marionberries, and boysenberries. It’s all up to your preference. What’s great about this is that there is no sugar in the recipe. With the berries being naturally sweet, they will provide the sweetness you’re looking for in a traditional cobbler. Serve this while hot and top it with your favorite ice cream – sugar-free of course.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sugar-Free Old-Fashioned Berry Cobbler Recipe


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