32 Delicious Fruit Desserts You Should Try

32 Delicious Fruit Desserts You Should Try
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What better way to enjoy a bounty of fresh fruits than whipping up decadent fruit desserts? Beyond being sweeteners and toppings for fancy sweet courses, fruits are also the stars of many delicious after-dinner treats. Presenting this collection of fruity desserts! From classic banana pudding to blueberry scones, you will find great ideas to make the most of your favorite summer fruits.

Easy Fruit Desserts

Banana Pudding Recipe, Golden Corral Copycat recipe
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Banana Pudding

Got some ripe bananas in your pantry? Turn them into a creamy banana pudding! This no-bake dessert features vanilla pudding sitting atop layers of vanilla wafers and banana slices. Taking inspiration from Golden Corral, this recipe starts by combining cold milk, condensed milk, and instant pudding. Then, it is finished with whipped cream and crushed wafers on top. When choosing bananas for this fruit dessert, pick out the ripe ones for a sweeter flavor.

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lemon angel food cake with lemons
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Lemon Angel Food Cake

You will never go wrong with a dessert that only needs two ingredients to pull off! Enter this easy recipe that only calls for boxed cake mix and lemon curd. When making this lemon angel food cake, avoid overmixing the batter so you don’t end up with chewy and dense cake. Add lemon juice and lemon zest to amplify the lemon flavor. The dash of powdered sugar or the twirls of meringue on top will be a sweet finishing touch.

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ambrosia salad recipe
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Ambrosia Salad

If a mixture of fruits prepared in one bowl appeals to you, then you’re in luck. This salad recipe is exactly what you’re looking for! Ambrosia salad features a creamy base and a mixture of pineapple chunks, mandarin oranges, maraschino cherries, and green grapes. For a more fantastic texture, toss in some coconuts, marshmallows, and walnuts, too. This salad is a healthful take-along during potlucks and Thanksgiving dinners.

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Classic Lemon Meringue Tart Recipe
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Lemon Tart

The custard filling and flaky crust of a classic lemon tart is a dream for every dessert person. But adding a sweet, fluffy topping downright sends it to another level. Here, the marriage of creamy lemon filling and sweet meringue topping provides a delicious contrast of flavors to your palate. Using a quality kitchen torch, carefully brown the outside of the meringue to give it its iconic look.

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Blueberry Peach Cobbler Recipe- easy fluffy peach blueberry cobbler
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Blueberry Peach Cobbler

In this recipe, two summer fruits team up to make an incredible cobbler. The sweet juiciness of peaches blends deliciously with the buttery cake crust. Meanwhile, blueberries liven up this dish with its vibrant pops of color. Lastly, a dash of cinnamon adds a bit of spice. If you don’t have fresh fruits on hand, no worries! You can also make use of canned or frozen ones. The result will be just as good.

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Fruit Tarts

A classic summertime dessert, fruit tart is an excellent way to showcase the freshest fruits in season. But instead of the usual crisp pastry shell, this recipe boasts a gluten-free almond pie crust. As such, you can enjoy this summer treat with zero guilt! The luscious filling, meanwhile, consists of fresh fruits and yogurt cream. Swirl through the agave syrup on top before placing the fruit tart in the fridge.

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Delicious fresh cherry pie
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Cherry Yum Yum

Cherry yum yum is a delicious mash-up of cherry and cream cheese filling inside a crunchy crust. Looking at how yummy this fruit dessert is, it is hard to believe just how easy it is to prepare. In fact, it only takes 35 minutes to whip up this baked dish. Toss in some pecans before popping the pie crust into the oven. Then, combine cream cheese, sugar, cherry pie filling, and whipped topping for the stuffing.

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Fruit Cake Desserts

no bake strawberry shortcake recipe
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Strawberry Shortcake

Sure, baked fruit desserts are on top of the heap. But if you don’t have time to bake, then try your hand at this no-bake strawberry shortcake recipe. You will be pleased with just the first bite! This show-stopping treat consists of fresh strawberries, shortcake biscuits, and vanilla pudding. And it has a 10-minute prep time to boot! It needs two to three hours of chill time though, but the wait is all worth it.

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one pan banana cake
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One Pan Banana Cake

On a prowl for a dessert that’s effortless to prepare? This banana cake recipe is the embodiment of ease because it uses just one pan. Best of all, you are just five steps away from making a moist cake! What also sets this banana cake apart from the others is the addition of orange juice. We’re telling you, you will love the sweet-tangy palate this fruit dessert brings about. If you don’t have a blender to mash the fruits, using a fork works just as well.

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Lemon Cake

If you fancy lemon desserts, try to include lemon cake in your repertoire. It is brimming with sweetness and bold lemon flavors, perfect for a sunny day get-together. The lovely swirls of tangy cream cheese frosting only make it all the more fabulous.

This recipe calls for simple cake ingredients, like all-purpose flour, baking flour, and eggs. Meanwhile, lemon zest and juice deliver a refreshing palate to the cake. Combine the softened cream cheese with vanilla extract to enhance the frosting. Make sure to use a quality serrated knife to achieve a seamless slice of cake.

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raisin pound cake
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Raisin Pound Cake

Raisins are not getting the attention they deserve when these dried fruits actually go well in sweet and savory dishes! Case in point, this sweet pound cake recipe is sure to delight even your raisin-averse guests.

This raisin pound cake only needs a handful of ingredients, such as unsalted butter, milk, raisins, and lemon and vanilla extract. To prevent the raisins from sinking to the bottom of the cake, coat them with flour. Once it is all baked, sprinkle your cake with powdered sugar for a delightful finish.

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a slice of pineapple cake
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Pineapple Cake

Make your weeknight dinner next-level with a tropical after-dinner dessert like this pineapple cake. This recipe uses crushed pineapple and pineapple juice concentrate so it is guaranteed fruity and sweet. Then, to provide tanginess to the cake, incorporate a bit of lemon zest. Some shredded coconut will be a fantastic addition, too. With just one hour of prep and cook time, you will soon be serving a refreshing fruit dish on the table.

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Latin american food, coconut cake, torta or pastel de coco, Colu
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Coconut Cake

Fluffy and incredibly moist, coconut cake is one of those cake recipes with fruit that instantly impresses. It has layers of coconut cake, vanilla filling, and coconut frosting. To make this traditional treat, you need standard baking ingredients for the cake and a few foodstuffs for the frosting. If you want it to be extra creamy and coconut-y, use coconut milk instead of regular milk. Then, dress up your finished product with flaked coconut on top and on all sides.

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a slice of key lime cake
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Key Lime Cake

Looking for fruit dessert recipes that are both pleasing to the eyes and your palate? This key lime cake fits the bill! It gets its bright, tangy flavor from the lime zest, juice, and syrup. Meanwhile, the creamy whipped topping makes for a simple yet elegant presentation. Another icing on the cake here is it’s ready to slice and serve in just one hour or so.

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apple dump cake recipe
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Apple Dump Cake

Any collection of fruit desserts would not be complete without recipes that feature apples. So, we bring you this delicious apple dump cake recipe. It only requires apple fruit filling, yellow cake mix, cinnamon, and pecans. Here, the ingredients are literally dumped into the baking pan and mixed. It’s one of the easiest fruit dishes to make as it only takes three steps to assemble.

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Fruit Pie Desserts

open face pie and a slice topped with ice cream
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Apple Pie

There is no doubt that the traditional apple pie, with its sweet stuffing enclosed in a buttery crust, is heavenly. But for a more delightful spin, we omit the top layer, putting the caramelized pie filling on full display.

Apples that can hold their shape and texture even when cooked are the best to use for this apple pie recipe. For added flavor, incorporate cinnamon in the pie filling, or drizzle a dash of it on top. If you are feeling a bit extra, you can even top your open-face apple pie with a scoop of delicious ice cream.

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Copycat Marie Callender’s Lattice Peach Pie Recipe
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Lattice Peach Pie

Fresh fruit desserts should be sweet and delectable. And this peach pie recipe ticks all the right boxes! The sweetness and juiciness of fresh peaches are highlighted in this summer staple. We also use vanilla extract, coconut oil, and ground cinnamon for the filling to amp up the flavor. Enclosing the delectable stuffing is the lattice crust that makes this dessert even more appealing to the eyes. This lattice peach pie requires a bit of effort and attention, but the result is downright satisfying.

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delicious lemon pie
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Lemon Pie

This lemon pie recipe proves that desserts with minimal ingredients can be just as heavenly. It requires lemon and vanilla extract to intensify the flavor and cornstarch to thicken the filling. The flavorsome stuffing atop the brown crust is enough to make you drool. But, try topping it with a browned meringue and see how it could be a more delicious visual presentation.

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Grid with delicious coconut cream pie on grey table
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Coconut Cream Pie

Who can say no to a creamy coconut filling, crispy crust, and pillowy whipped cream? Definitely not us. This is why this coconut cream pie is always welcome, whether for a regular weeknight or any occasion. To make this ethereal fruit dessert, start by placing the pie crust on the pie plate before popping it in the oven. We also combine the flaked coconut with heavy cream and powdered sugar for an authentic and creamy coconut palate in the filling.

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Fruit Crisps and Crumbles Desserts

Crispy Apple Banana Crumble dessert
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Apple Crumble

Just when you thought apple crumble is already at the peak of its deliciousness, here comes a variation. Try tossing in some banana slices in your apple crumble to make it a next-level treat. Then, finish it off with a crumbly combination of flour, butter, and sugar. You can also try accompanying this apple treat with ice cream, if you prefer.

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strawberry rhubarb crisp recipe
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Strawberry Rhubarb Crisp

Rhubarb is delicious, especially when cooked and married with fruits. This recipe, for instance, is proof that strawberries and rhubarb make for a delectable pair. They become delectably sweeter when you add honey and vanilla extract. The topping, which consists of oats, sea salt, and Greek yogurt, is quite a scene-stealer as well. When preparing rhubarb stalks, just make sure to cut off the leaves.

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mixed berry (blackberry, raspberry) crumble in a baking dish on
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Berry Crisp

How about some fruit crisp that combines your favorite berries? If this sounds inviting to you, you are not alone. We just love how customizable this berry crisp recipe is. You can toss in various fresh berries, such as raspberries, blueberries, and strawberries. Even more striking is the crumbly layer of oats, coconut, and pecans on top. In about one hour, you will be enjoying one of the best summer fruit desserts on this list.

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Healthy Fruit Desserts

fudge dipped strawberries
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Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

Chocolate-dipped fruit is synonymous with elegance and romance. And these chocolate-covered strawberries are a classic example. The sweet fruits are drenched in a dark chocolate fudge dip and drizzled with white chocolate. Make sure that you use fresh strawberries and high-quality chocolate for more enticing results. Serve this exquisite dessert on your date night to dazzle your other half.

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oat crumble bars with strawberries
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Strawberry Oatmeal Bars

Even light dessert recipes exude vibrant flavors, like this strawberry oatmeal bar recipe. Strawberry and lemon juice, when married, delivers a big burst of sweetness and tanginess. Opt for gluten-free old-fashioned rolled oats and gluten-free 1:1 baking flour to make these sweets healthier. As a finishing touch, glaze the bars with a mixture of powdered sugar, vanilla, and milk.

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cherry fruit salad recipe
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Cherry Fruit Salad

The fruity base, creamy dressing, and nutty topping make this cherry fruit salad recipe stand out. It uses sweet cherries, fresh pineapple slices, honeydew melon, and orange. Now, the vinaigrette is just as good, thanks to the mixture of yogurt, orange juice, and lemon juice. Put some delicate ribbons of orange peel on top for a fancier and more flavorful dish.

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dessert, frozen bananas in chocolate on a stick on a brown clay plate, tropical desserts, party
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Chocolate-Covered Bananas

If you haven’t tried chocolate-covered bananas yet, then you are missing out a lot! This ultimate summer treat features frozen bananas coated in melted chocolate. You can even dress your chocolate-dipped fruit with chopped peanuts or dried fruits and crushed nuts. Best of all, this decadent and refreshing dessert is a cinch to prepare.

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watermelon sorbet ice cream in bowl, close up view
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Watermelon Ice Cream

Ice cream might be one of your go-to cool desserts on a hot day, but the combo of fruit and ice cream is just next-level. The success of this pairing is evident in this easy watermelon ice cream recipe. It only requires two ingredients: watermelon and coconut milk. But when in a pinch, you can also use yogurt or sweetened condensed milk to replace the coconut milk.

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More Delicious Fruit Desserts to Try

buttery lemon bars
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Lemon Bars

Some good dessert recipes are meant to brighten up your day, just like these delicious lemon bars. At a glance, you will notice the sugar-dusted gooey lemon curd sitting on a crisp shortbread crust. After baking the lemon bars, let them cool completely first before putting them in the fridge. And lastly, only sprinkle these dessert bars with powdered sugar when ready to serve.

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brownie fruit pizza recipe
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Brownie Fruit Pizza

There are many things to love about this fruit pizza dessert, from its beautiful presentation to the fudgy brownie base. Here, the colorful fruit toppings lusciously are laid out on top of cream cheese frosting. Feel free to use any fresh fruits you love.

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homemade crostata with ripe apples, nuts and maple syrup on rustic white wooden background, selective focus
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Apple Galette

Are you looking for new ways to cook your apples? Then give this apple galette recipe a try. It calls for slices of crisp green apples, almonds, and blue cheese, among other things. As such, you can expect a sweet and salty palate from this dessert. Sprinkle it with honey to add a bit of sweetness.

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lemon blueberry scones recipe
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Lemon Blueberry Scones

If you love combining certain fruits to make a delightful dessert, then try this delicious scones recipe. The lemon-blueberry combo is simply sublime! We incorporate juicy blueberries and fresh lemon zest in the flour mixture. The lemon icing, which is just a combination of lemon juice and confectioners sugar, is just the perfect finish.

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passion fruit cake on table
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Passion Fruit Cake

One of the most underrated fruity desserts, passion fruit cake is a dream. Simply glaze each cake layer with passion fruit syrup. Then, fill with creamy passion fruit curd and soft meringue buttercream. Top this gorgeous dessert with fruit pulp and seeds.

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