The Best Kitchen Torch To Buy In 2022: 10 Top Picks and A Buyer’s Guide

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S.A. Yanes Modified: January 30, 2023
The Best Kitchen Torch To Buy In 2022: 10 Top Picks and A Buyer’s Guide

There’s nothing like the satisfying crack as your spoon breaks through the crisp and caramelized crust of a luscious crème brûlée. Synonymous with luxury, this elegant dessert is often served at fancy restaurants and never once has it failed to elicit oohs and aahs from diners. Fortunately, with the best kitchen torch at your disposal, you can create your own rendition of this stunning after-dinner treat and have a restaurant-like eating experience in your home!

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A high-quality kitchen torch is a must-have for professional chefs and home cooks alike. After all, this equipment can be a workhorse in the kitchen too. Though mistakenly considered as a one-trick pony, a culinary torch, in fact, has its fair share of purposes from roasting peppers to making tuna melts. You can even use it to achieve a crisp browned crust in this scrumptious potato gratin recipe

By now, you must have realized that a cooking torch can also be on par with other kitchen essentials for its many culinary uses. That said, we’ve already vetted the best kitchen torches for you in case you consider buying this equipment! This rundown includes options for every budget and cooking need as well as a few buying tips to help you make a final purchase decision. 

Our Favorite Kitchen Torches at a Glance

10 Kitchen Torches That’ll Elevate Your Home Cooking

Choosing the best culinary torch is actually a bit challenging. That’s why we’ve put together this list, plus detailed kitchen torch reviews. Whether you need a kitchen torch to brown a meringue or char veggies, there’s definitely one on this list that best suits your culinary needs.

Zeroing in on the products’ overall quality, functionalities, and customer reviews, here are our favorite kitchen torches out of all the ones available in the market. 

1. Best Overall: Iwatani International PRO2 Culinary Butane Torch

What We Love

  • Piezoelectric ignition system
  • Easily attaches to butane canister
  • Adjustable temperature

What We Don't Love

  • Does not come with a safety lock
  • Butane is not included in the package

Highly praised for its premium quality and impressive functionalities, this culinary butane torch from Iwatani International ticks all the boxes. Providing ease of use and convenience, it’s no wonder that this high-performing tool is every chef and home cook’s favorite.

Conveniently, this kitchen device has an adjustable heat dial so you can control the flame intensity as well as the flame shape. Whether you need a mini flame to brown the topping of your delectable meringue pie recipe or a stronger one to sear steaks, this hand-held tool will be useful. Featuring a piezoelectric ignition, this culinary torch also does an efficient job with just a one-touch operation. Furthermore, it also comes with a stabilizing stand, ensuring safety as you use it.

Customers are also raving about the portability of this product. Whether you’re going on a camping trip and a cooking class, this PRO2 model makes for an incredible and efficient companion. This torch head will fit and attach directly to any butane tank. However, note that this product does not come with a fuel canister. Nevertheless, should you encounter any issue with this product, know that it’s secured with a one-year warranty.

2. Best for Crème Brûlée: Gibot Blow Torch Lighter

What We Love

  • Piezo ignition technology
  • Has a wide base
  • Has a security lock

What We Don't Love

  • May have a leaking issue

When it comes to caramelizing sugar toppings, this culinary blow torch from Gibot definitely fills the bill. Boasting more than 4,000 positive ratings on Amazon, this product has every feature you need to make an elegant maple crème brûlée right off the bat.

Combining function with aesthetics, this torch has a silver and black design, which can perfectly match almost any kitchen interior. Designed with safety in mind, this blow torch lighter also features a security lock to avoid accidental ignitions and a wide base to guarantee stability. Also, this cooking torch comes with an extended angled nozzle for precise maneuvering as well as to keep your hand away from the flame.

On top of its safety features, this product also has a long shelf life as it’s made with aluminum alloy materials. More importantly, this product lets you adjust the flame intensity to temperatures up to 2500 degrees F.  This being so, its excellent functionalities go beyond caramelizing layers of sugar on top of sweet desserts. And thanks to the piezo ignition technology, this machine operates with just a press of a button for a quick start-up and shut-off. Although, you’ll have to keep in mind that butane is its only fuel source.

3. Best for Sous Vide: Spicy Dew Blow Torch

What We Love

  • Designed for indoor and outdoor use
  • Multi-purpose
  • Has an adjustable knob

What We Don't Love

  • Tends to burn fuel a bit quickly

In the matter of efficiency and reliability, this sous vide and steak searing torch from Spicy Dew does not fall behind its competitors. For one thing, using this top-rated kitchen torch couldn’t be any easier, so you’ll be starting your BBQ parties in no time!

What sets this culinary torch apart from the other versions is that it comes with a fuel gauge window, allowing you to observe the exact butane level remaining. This only means that there’ll be no more guesswork if you need a refill or not. Furthermore, as it comes with a butane tank, refilling is a breeze as well. Featuring an adjustable flame knob, you can also easily change the intensity of the flame depending on your cooking needs.

This device is also packed with safety features from the child safety lock to the hand protection guard and anti-flare technology. Thus, you can give this palatable sous vide steak a seared final touch without any worries. The sturdy base is also yet another feature guaranteeing the user’s safety as it prevents the torch from tipping and falling over.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this cooking torch is highly recommended by many home cooks for its impressive durability and high burning temperatures that reach a high heat of 2372 degrees F. With that, its functions can extend to soldering, welding, and even jewelry making!

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4. Best Mini Torch: Kollea Kitchen Blow Torch

What We Love

  • Easy to use
  • Features a piezo ignition technology
  • Made of premium quality aluminum materials

What We Don't Love

  • Only fits long nozzle gas tanks
  • Does not have a fuel gauge or window

Designed to fit comfortably in one hand, this mini blow torch from Kollea is supported by more than 5,000 ratings on Amazon. Despite its small size, this product is a versatile tool that you can use outside kitchen premises. Now should you go on a camping trip or want to make DIY jewelry, consider this portable product as your efficacious torch.

This culinary equipment also features a piezo ignition technology. So all you have to do is unlock the safety button and press the ignition button for it to work. Simply lock after ignition should you need a continuous flame mode. And like most of the torch models available, this version is also top-notch when it comes to user safety for its safety lock feature.

Ergonomically designed, this blow torch for cooking is easy to hold as well while you’re flame-roasting this flavorful roasted vegetables recipe. On top of that, this product is also made of premium quality aluminum which makes it ideal for long-term use. Lastly, this refillable butane torch can fit with any butane gas canisters with a long nozzle.

5. Best Full-size Torch: Bernzomatic TS8000

What We Love

  • Durable cast aluminum materials
  • Has instant start/stop trigger ignite
  • Adjustable flame control knob

What We Don't Love

  • Poor spark ignition

If you prefer a big kitchen torch over the mini ones, then look no further than the Bernzomatic TS8000! After all, this type of torch can efficiently perform a few more tasks that the smaller versions can’t do.

This model is made with cast aluminum materials, giving it much longer shelf life. And it comes in handy during different culinary ventures, from melting butter to toasting bread. You can sear a juicy beef chuck roast for this succulent barbacoa-style beef tacos without much effort as long as you use this kitchen torch. Nevertheless, as it’s one of the best multi-purpose culinary torches in the market, its functionalities go beyond caramelizing sugar toppings and searing meats. This high-intensity trigger start torch can also provide maximum or enough heat temperatures for brazing as well as for light welding.

This cooking torch features an auto-start and stop ignition, letting you turn the flame on and off with one hand. Furthermore, it also comes with an adjustable flame control knob which you can regulate until you get your preferred size. There’s also a lock button to keep the fire on for short periods.

6. Best Professional-Grade: Tencoz Professional Kitchen Cooking Torch

What We Love

  • Ergonomic design
  • Easily adjustable flame
  • Multipurpose

What We Don't Love

  • Flame thinner compared to other products’

Offering safety, functionality, and reliability, this commercial kitchen torch is a favorite among professional chefs, home cooks, and bakers. Off the bat, this professional-grade cooking torch is outfitted with many features, making it truly a workhorse in restaurants and home kitchens.

This culinary torch has a gas flow regulator dial as well as a security lock. By that, it’ll be easy to adjust the flame intensity and size whether you’re using the torch for making crème brûlée or for whipping up this orange-glazed seared salmon recipe. Furthermore, this highly-rated product also reaches a temperature as high as 2370 degrees F. This machine emits a six-inch continuous flame and has a 30-minute burning time too.

Lastly, this product is equipped with built-in finger guards, safeguarding you from accidental burns and extreme heat. Constructed with TUV CE-certified aluminum and ABS plastic, this kitchen tool also promotes ergonomic comfort.

7. Best Multi-Purpose: EurKitchen Premium Culinary Butane Torch

What We Love

  • Has finger guards
  • Lightweight, compact, and portable

What We Don't Love

  • Does not feature a fuel gauge
  • Butane is not included

If you’re looking for a versatile and efficient kitchen torch, this high-quality culinary butane torch from EurKitchen does the trick. Not only is this lightweight kitchen tool useful for making crème brulée, roasting marshmallows, searing meat or seafood. It’s also largely functional for outdoor tasks too!

To add, this multi-purpose tool stands out for its large and sturdy body. Not to mention, it provides a consistent and reliable ignition flame. Featuring a piezo press ignition, this device does its job quickly and efficiently. With this impressive mechanism, you can easily adjust the flame size to up to six inches. And it can also reach a high temperature of up to 2370 degrees F. Best of all, this device is safe to use as it comes with a gas flow lock and built-in finger guards.

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8. Best for Beginners: Sondiko Butane Torch

What We Love

  • Features a piezo ignition
  • Adjustable flame
  • Fits any butane tank

What We Don't Love

  • Short burn time if on a high flame setting

A great tool to have in the kitchen, this product lets you add a touch of melty deliciousness in case the cheese on your delish chicken lasagna recipe isn’t browned and melty enough. With its safety lock feature and burn-free finger guard, this butane torch from Sondiko is a great option for novice home cooks. Made with aluminum alloy, this torch is durable and is great for long-term use as well.

Apart from its impressive durability and safety, this butane torch is also easy to use. In fact, it only takes one press of a button for this machine to operate efficiently. You can also angle this torch in varying positions, making the searing tasks so much easier. Furthermore, this product features an adjustable temperature regulator which lets you set the temperature to as high as 2372 degrees F. Given that, this is also a great choice for non-culinary tasks such as welding, camping, and even lighting cigars.

With its long and angled nozzle, you’ll be able to focus the heat with precision. It also fits any butane tank and can fit with any long nozzle gas tank. If the gas tank has a rather short nozzle, don’t worry! The package comes with a red adapter which you can use to lengthen the nozzle. Thus, refilling the torch will be a piece of cake!

9. Best Ergonomic: TBTEEK Kitchen Torch

What We Love

  • Adjustable flame and temperature
  • Has a safety lock
  • Multipurpose

What We Don't Love

  • Has leaking issue

One of the main selling points of this high-quality kitchen torch is its ergonomic design. This device delivers an efficient job without compromising comfort as you glaze this Kahlua baked ham recipe.

Made with aluminum alloy material, this torch should last for a longer period of time. In addition to its durability, this cooking torch is also equipped with a safety lock, a piezo ignition mechanism, a continuous flame mode, and an adjustable flame. The flame temperature, meanwhile, can go as high as 2500 degrees F. That being so, it can meet an array of lighting needs from caramelizing foodstuff, baking, and even soldering DIY jewelry!

When refilling this butane cooking torch, however, note that it’s only compatible with butane gas with a long nozzle. Lastly, this product comes with a manual and is secured with a one-year replacement warranty.

10. Best Budget-friendly: Authenzo Kitchen Butane Torch Lighter

What We Love

  • Multipurpose
  • Burn-free finger guard
  • Non-slip handle

What We Don't Love

  • Only fits with a butane gas with a long nozzle

At an affordable price, this butane torch lighter offers versatility, durability, and efficiency with a sleek design. Built with sturdy aluminum alloy materials, you’ll know that this product will last for a long time. Not to mention, this kitchen tool carries out several lighting tasks from searing tomatoes for this mouthwatering pan-seared salmon, to adding smoky flavors to a cocktail and even lighting a cigar.

This machine is also packed with safety features including a sliding security lock, burn-free finger guard, and non-slip handle. Another significant feature of this model is the sturdy brass nozzle which boasts of an effective windproof function. With this, the flame won’t easily be blown away, thus, extending the flame spraying time. Though it’s easy to use and refill, keep in mind that you’ll have to use butane gas with long nozzles.

What To Look For In A Kitchen Torch

creme brulee dessert and a flaming cooking torch

With the vast number of kitchen torches available in the market, be it online or in physical stores, cherry-picking the best one can be a bit difficult. And you have to consider a few things if you’re looking into purchasing this reliable kitchen tool. Below are the determining factors that can help you single out the best cooking torch. 

Flame Adjustment

Most high-quality torches, including all the products on our list, feature adjustable flame settings. This particular characteristic is a critical component to take into consideration if you want to invest in a culinary torch. With this, you can conveniently heat up or down the flame intensity depending on your cooking needs.

Each recipe needs varying heat intensities or temperatures to achieve a delicious finish. And if you’re an avid home cook, we suggest that you pick the product with an adjustable temperature or flame setting.

Fuel Source

Kitchen torches commonly use two fuel sources: butane or propane. Butane torches can heat only smaller areas, making them an excellent option when you need to torch with utmost precision. Propane torches, on the other hand, emit a wider and more consistent heat, ensuring even heat distribution. Make sure to hand-pick the one that best meets your culinary needs.

Ergonomic Handle

As you’re dealing with flame and any lighting task is obviously risky, a good kitchen torch should have an ergonomic handle. This specific feature ensures that you have a good and comfortable grip while you create a glaze for this glazed salmon recipe. Plus, it also minimizes slipping and accidents. That being said, you should always opt for the ones that are easy to grasp.

Burn Time

Let’s move on to another crucial factor when buying a kitchen torch. Burn time refers to the overall time or duration that the torch runs or the flames last. Each torch, in fact, has varied burn times. Some provide a flame that can last for half an hour while others have a maximum burn time of up to three hours!

You should consider how long you’ll be needing a torch to operate. Go for the product with a longer burn time if you’re a professional chef. On the other hand, if you just want to try your hand at this yummy campfire s’more cupcake recipe to share with your loved ones, then a torch with a lower or a shorter burn time will suffice.


When purchasing a cooking torch, you should also take into consideration its durability and the materials it’s made with. For one, with a sturdy torch on hand, you won’t have to keep on buying a new one. Make sure that you will only be getting a kitchen device that can stand the test of time. Hence, pick out the best ones that are made of high-quality materials.

Safety Features

Also, let’s not forget about the safety features of a good kitchen torch. Being a tool that poses risks, it’s vital to consider whether it promotes safety or not. With that said, here are some of the qualities that you should take note of: 

  • Safety lockA high-quality kitchen torch should have a child safety lock to prevent accidental ignitions. 
  • HeatshieldWith this feature, rest assured that your fingers are protected from burns. 
  • Flame guard  Since most kitchen torches have adjustable settings, you’ll have to ensure that the flame will stop flaring, say when you turn it to a higher setting. And a flame guard is the solution to this dilemma.
  • Aluminum or stainless steel nozzle We recommend that you pick the kitchen torch with an aluminum or stainless steel nozzle to avoid overheating.

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