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14 Best Cointreau Cocktails for Happy Hour

14 Best Cointreau Cocktails for Happy Hour

Cointreau cocktails might just be what you need to bring your cocktail hour to life! What makes them so special, you ask? The answer is the common denominator between these drinks: Cointreau liqueur, which is also known as quantro or cuantro licor in other parts of the world.

Pronounced as kan-trow, Cointreau is a colorless triple sec or orange-flavored liqueur. It’s like orange juice for adults, but with a more developed and complex bitter orange flavor. As the main component in a handful of bar staples, this liqueur imparts a bitter, sweet, and tart quality to every drink.

Now if you’re interested in experimenting with Cointreau cocktails, continue reading. With this list, you can try making everything from classic sours to more modern cocktail recipes. Feel free to browse through the many options below:

sparkling margaritas (champagne margaritas) recipe
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Sparkling Margarita

Tequila, orange liqueur, and lime are the core elements of a classic margarita recipe. Hence, it’s one of the top things that come to mind when we think of cocktails to make with Cointreau. Mixed with silver or blanco tequila and lime juice, the citrusy concoction bears the signature margarita look and feel. It also has a bubbly quality that isn’t present in the original margarita recipe, thanks to the champagne.

Served in glasses with a lime wedge and sea salt rim, this is a classic cocktail with perfectly balanced flavors that anyone can drink! You don’t have to wait for Cinco de Mayo to have this recipe in your arsenal.

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mai tai cocktail recipe
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Mai Tai

Treat your taste buds with the tropical flavors of the South Pacific with a glass of mai tai! Made by shaking together rum, honey, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, and orange liqueur with ice cubes, this drink offers an energizing pop of flavors. You can opt for either Cointreau or Grand Marnier, but we suggest you stick with the former since lends a smoother, cleaner taste overall.

On the whole, the tart and citrusy quality of this drink is backed by just the right amount of sweetness. Tied together by a spritz of Angostura aromatic bitters, it promises a delightful play of flavors that you should definitely try.

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Homemade Cosmopolitan Recipe
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Cosmopolitan Cocktail

A fancy cosmopolitan cocktail is among the most iconic Cointreau cocktails to order in a bar. And now, you can make some in the comforts of your own home bar!

Citron vodka, Cointreau, simple syrup, and lime juice are shaken together with crushed ice to form this memorable and zesty concoction. And of course, you can’t forget the cranberry juice that gives the drink a bright red hue for an extra layer of oomph. It’s one of those classic cocktails that you should definitely add to your personal bar menu.

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cold lemon drop martini
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Lemon Drop Martini

Did someone say lemon juice cocktails? If you’re a sucker for the mouth-puckering tartness of lemon and all things citrus like us, this lemon drop martini is a must-try! This particular rendition mixes together vodka, Cointreau, simple syrup, ice, and of course, freshly squeezed lemon juice.

The resulting concoction is just as tart as you would expect, but with just the right amount of sweetness to keep it from being overly acidic. This sour cocktail is then served in a lemon-sugar rimmed martini glass. In our book, this is one of the best triple sec cocktails to try if you want a refreshing happy hour.

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sidecar cocktail recipe
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Classic Sidecar Cocktail

Put your expensive bottle of cognac to good use by making one of the most popular Cointreau cocktails in existence: the sidecar cocktail. Mixed with Cointreau, lemon juice, and simple syrup, this drink acquires a sweet and delightfully bright taste from the flavoring ingredients. This tart beverage is often served in a tasteful coupe glass or cocktail glass with a lemon twist as garnish.

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white lady cocktail
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White Lady Cocktail

A list of Cointreau recipes isn’t complete without this drink. The white lady cocktail, aptly named after its milky color, is a classic concoction that consists of gin, Cointreau liqueur, freshly-squeezed lemon juice, and an egg white. Mixed in a cocktail shaker, this mixture turns into an emulsified drink with a thick and smooth body that you wouldn’t want to miss! It’s the best drink to whip up if you want something sour, sweet, and rich at the same time.

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cadillac margarita recipe
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Cadillac Margarita

In this list of the best Cointreau cocktails, no drink is more well-suited for a fancy dinner than this Cointreau margarita recipe. You might be wondering, how does this Cadillac margarita compare to a regular margarita with Cointreau?

The only difference is that this specifically calls for premium ingredients. Its base is a combination of high-quality tequila reposado, Cointreau liqueur, and freshly squeezed lime juice. It’s served on a cocktail glass with a flaky salt rim, and Grand Marnier is floated over the drink for a heightened citrusy experience.

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between the sheets cocktail
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Between The Sheets Cocktail

Between the Sheets is similar to your classic sidecar, but with a twist. Aside from the cognac base, this recipe also calls for rum — making it a double spirit drink to double the fun! These two types of booze blend together incredibly well to form a dry beverage with tropical fruit undertones. Mixed with lemon juice and Grand Marnier or any kind of triple sec (like the Cointreau orange liqueur), the flavor of this drink is tart and citrusy. This is heightened by the orange peels flamed on top of the drink. It’s nothing like any of the Cointreau cocktails you’ve ever tried before!

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crantini (cranberry martini) recipe
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Cranberry Martini

Martinis are really some of the best drinks to make with Cointreau or any triple sec. For this “crantini” version, cranberry juice is the special ingredient — hence the name cranberry martini. This is mixed with sweet vodka, Cointreau, and lime juice to make a refreshingly tart drink. There’s no better way to liven up any home bar party than by serving invigorating Cointreau cocktails such as this!

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corpse reviver cocktail recipe
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Corpse Reviver

Corpse reviver: a fun name for a fun cocktail! Ironically named after its supposed ability to “revive” hungover people, you’ll be surprised to know that this drink still contains alcohol. To be specific, it’s a popular gin sour variety.

Like most Cointreau cocktails, each sip of this drink is refreshing and tart due to the addition of lemon juice and good ol’ Cointreau liqueur. It also has hints of sweetness from the dry vermouth, and a licorice-like finish from the absinthe. It’s commonly garnished with an orange peel twist or wedge for serving.

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Blue Monday Cocktail Recipe
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Blue Monday

Need a dose of booze to help get you through the week? Why not try whipping up a Blue Monday? Despite its blue color, the flavor of this cocktail is actually very citrus-forward. This is mainly thanks to the combination of Cointreau liqueur and blue curacao, which has a sweet yet bitter taste that you can compare to that of an orange peel. Hence, the name actually refers to its pick-me-up quality. With vodka as the base ingredient, this cocktail is best suited for those who prefer Cointreau drinks that are quite dry overall.

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sparkling cranberry orange sangria recipe
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Orange Sangria

Didn’t see this coming? Well, when you think about how fruity sangria actually is, you’ll realize that it’s just right to have it in a list of cocktails with Cointreau. For this particular version, the orange liqueur is mixed with sparkling wine and cranberry juice — resulting in a drink that’s tart, sweet, and bubbly. Cinnamon sticks impart a delightfully aromatic quality to this mixture. And of course, this Cointreau cocktail is not a sangria without fruit slices!

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cactus pear margaritas recipe
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Cactus Pear Margarita

Sure, classic orange alcoholic drinks are timeless. But for nights when you simply want to switch things up, you might want to explore more experimental concoctions. This cactus pear margarita is exactly what its name entails: the ol’ reliable margarita with a unique fruity twist!

The body of this drink is citrusy as the regular kind, consisting of vodka, Cointreau, and lime juice. What makes this cocktail recipe unique, however, is the addition of cactus pear juice, which lends a delightful mellow sweetness to the drink.

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mango cocktail recipe
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Mango Cocktail

Last but not least in this list of Cointreau cocktails is this mango-flavored drink. With an unconventional flavor for a cocktail, this boozy beverage is like mango juice made for adults. The essence comes from mango puree, spiked with a vodka spirit that cuts through the sweetness of the fruit. It also is quite tart, since triple sec Cointreau liqueur and lime juice are also stirred into the mix.

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Want to share your favorite Cointreau cocktail recipes or get ideas for your next happy hour? Join the discussion in the Recipe Sharing forum and let’s mix up some delicious drinks featuring this versatile orange liqueur!

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