Gourmet Recipes

Gourmet dishes are not just for chefs! If you want to impress your guests, try our delicious gourmet recipes that look fancy but are easy to make. Don't be surprised if they'll be setting the next lunch or dinner date before the meal ends.

New Gourmet Recipes

Lobster Ravioli recipe, fine dining red lobster pasta recipe


Lobster Ravioli Recipe

2 hrs 51 mins
Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe, southern sweet potato souffle with marshmallows


Sweet Potato Souffle Recipe

1 hr 5 mins
Grilled Beef Tenderloin Recipe, grilled marinated tenderloin with dates infused bbq sauce

BBQ & Grilled

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Recipe

5 hrs 20 mins
old fashioned sauteed shrimp recipe


Old Fashioned Sauteed Shrimp Recipe

This old fashioned-inspired sauteed shrimp is cooked in bourbon and orange juice with…
15 mins
strawberries romanoff recipe

Fruit Dessert

Strawberries Romanoff Recipe

Make an easy 3-ingredient dessert with our Strawberries Romanoff Recipe! Taste the fruity…
5 mins
mozzarella basin and tomato skewers recipe

Finger Foods

Mozzarella Basil and Tomato Skewers Recipe

These tomato skewers with mozzarella cheese and basil leaves are the perfect finger…
45 mins


Spaghetti with Mushrooms, Garlic, and Oil Recipe

Make a simple yet delectable pasta dish with this recipe. Enjoy gourmet-like spaghetti…
22 mins


Mushroom Shallot Frittata Recipe

Serve a gourmet-like dish for breakfast with this delectable mushroom shallot frittata. Enjoy…
30 mins

Popular Gourmet Recipes

easy sheet pan chicken cordon bleu recipe


Easy Sheet Pan Chicken Cordon Bleu Recipe

Have a gourmet meal right at home with this chicken cordon bleu recipe.…
40 mins
grilled portobello mushroom with beans recipe

Finger Foods

Grilled Portobello Mushrooms With Beans Recipe

These Grilled Portobello Mushrooms with mashed cannellini beans and Harissa sauce are the…
38 mins
garlic parmesan duchess potatoes recipe

Mashed Potato

Garlic Parmesan Duchess Potatoes Recipe

Take the mashed potatoes to a whole new level and make it fancier…
1 hr 10 mins
fancy fondant potatoes


Fondant Potatoes Recipe

If you want your dishes to look fancy, try making these fondant potatoes…
1 hr
butternut squash ribbon goat cheese pizza with arugula-pepita pesto recipe


Butternut Squash Ribbon Goat Cheese Pizza with Arugula-Pepita Pesto Recipe

If you love goat cheese, you must try this goat cheese pizza topped…
45 mins

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Chicken Limone Recipe

35 mins

Recommended Gourmet Recipes

spring risotto recipe

Rice & Risotto

Spring Risotto Recipe

35 mins
Potato Risotto Recipe

Rice & Risotto

Potato Risotto Recipe

40 mins
sweet chocolate truffles

Chocolate Dessert

Chocolate Truffles Recipe

30 mins
Chicken Lazone


Chicken Lazone Recipe

30 mins
ratatouille de provence ratatouille recipe


Ratatouille de Provence Recipe

55 mins
sweet chocolate mousse cake


Chocolate Mousse Cake Recipe

1 hr 10 mins
delicious french onion soup recipe


Basic French Onion Soup Recipe

1 hr 30 mins
autumn rarebit soup autumn soup recipe


Autumn Rarebit Soup Recipe

1 hr 5 mins
Harvest Moon Soup


Harvest Moon Soup Recipe

1 hr 15 mins