Raspberry Desserts

Raspberry Dessert Recipes

Recommended Raspberry Dessert Recipes


2 hrs 40 mins

Irish Sherry Trifle Recipe

This is a wonderful dessert dish with layered sponge cake and an alternating combination of Jell-O, fruits and cream! The sherry-soaked sponge cake along with rich and creamy milk is topped with custard, nuts, and fruits for a delicious trifle dessert that is fittingly a party in a bowl.


Summer Pudding Recipe

This summer pudding recipe serves the ultimate treat using a mixed-berries-filled white bread. Enjoy an easy and tart no-bake dessert in this simple recipe.

Pie & Pastry

50 mins

Raspberry Clafoutis Recipe

A French rendition of berry tarts, this moist and sweet raspberry clafoutis serve a decadent dessert, made from milk, eggs, and sugar.

Pie & Pastry

4 hrs

Raspberry Custard Pie Recipe

Meet your new favorite dessert in this custard pie that's loaded with fresh raspberries for that unmistakable summertime flavor.

Fruit Dessert

15 mins

Raspberry Fool Recipe

Tart and creamy, this 3-ingredient raspberry fool layers pureed raspberries and heavy cream for a simple and luscious chilled Irish dessert.

Fruit Dessert

20 mins

Raspberry Pretzel Salad Recipe

The Famous Raspberry Pretzel Salad is a classic sweet and savory dessert or side salad that everyone goes wild over. Plump raspberries, creamy whipped topping and a crunchy caramelized pretzel layered together making this a real treat!


20 mins

Grand Raspberry Trifle Recipe

A classic English dessert, this raspberry trifle is overflowing with fresh summery fruits and layers of rich cream and delectable pound cake.

Pie & Pastry

4 hrs 55 mins

Cherry-Berry Pie Recipe

Juicy and fresh, this luscious berry pie is a bright combination of raspberry, blueberry, and cherry in one delectable dessert.


33 mins

Coffee Cake Muffins Recipe

These coffee cake muffins take on a classic dessert and turn it into bite-sized deliciousness with a raspberry filling and a cinnamon and walnut topping.

Chocolate Dessert

1 hr 30 mins

Double Chocolate Pavlova Recipe

A light, elegant and gorgeous dessert, this pavlova has a crisp shell and fudgy, marshmallowy center.

Pie & Pastry

7 hrs 55 mins

Deep-Dish Peach-Raspberry Pie Recipe

Grab a bite of this luscious Peach-Raspberry Pie, bursting with fruity flavors of sweet peaches and tart raspberries, for a vibrant and rich dessert!

Fruit Dessert

10 mins

Berry Fool with Black Pepper Recipe

Level up your fruit desserts with a serving of this sweet-tart berry fool! It has added black pepper for a hint of spice to balance out the rich sweetness.

Pie & Pastry

20 mins

Fresh Raspberry Pie Recipe

Fresh berries are always great in desserts, and this raspberry pie is no exception. Whip up a tart treat of fruity raspberries in just 20 minutes!


2 hrs 30 mins

Trifle Pudding Recipe

Indulge in a serving of this rich trifle pudding, with layers of creamy pudding, tart raspberries and strawberries, and fluffy cake, for a tasty dessert!

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

30 mins

Cranberry-Raspberry Dessert Sauce Recipe

Made with sugar and orange juice, this cranberry and raspberry dessert sauce adds tarty sweetness to your favorite treats that'll make you go for seconds.


4 hrs 40 mins

Easy Raspberry Sorbet Recipe

This raspberry sorbet bursts into berrylicious flavors, made with tart raspberries and sweet whipped cream for a truly refreshing summer treat!

Crisp & Crumble

1 hr 15 mins

Rhubarb and Raspberry Crumble Recipe

Each slice of this rhubarb and raspberry crumble gives a nutty and fruity surprise. Enjoy a flaky dessert with the goodness of macadamia nuts and chocolate.

Pie & Pastry

1 hr 15 mins

Raspberry Peach Pie Recipe

Whip up a sweet summer dessert with this raspberry peach pie, tossed with sugar and cinnamon, and baked with a beautiful lattice pie crust.


50 mins

Raspberry Lemonade Cupcakes Recipe

Bake a bright and citrusy dessert with these lemonade cupcakes brushed with a lemon syrup then topped with rich frosting made of fresh raspberries.

Fruit Dessert

4 hrs 20 mins

Blueberry Raspberry Gazpacho with Mint Recipe

A Spanish classic turned into dessert, this raspberry gazpacho soup is borderline sour with a hint of sweetness from frozen yogurt, blueberries, and mint.
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