Orange Desserts

Orange Dessert Recipes

Recommended Orange Dessert Recipes

Jam & Spread

30 mins

Easy Orange Marmalade Recipe

Get yourself a jar and fill it up with this sweet, tangy, and zesty orange marmalade, made with 100% orange preserves and sugar from peel to fruit! Enjoy pairing it with tons of flavorful dishes and desserts.


7 hrs 30 mins

Orange Cheesecake Recipe

A no-bake orange cheesecake with layers of graham cracker crumbs and creamy orange filling made of orange gelatin and fresh orange zest.


1 hr 10 mins

Orange Cornmeal Cake Recipe

If you like your desserts subtly sweet, then this orange cornmeal cake is something that you should try. It's moist and light and tasty!

Fruit Dessert

35 mins

Candied Orange Slices Recipe

Level up simple oranges to delightful fruit desserts with this easy recipe! Orange slices are simmered with sugar for decadent candied orange.


50 mins

Orange Pecan Cookies Recipe

Treat your taste buds to these decadent pecan cookies! Nutty and citrusy cookies are dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with orange zest for added zing.


4 hrs 44 mins

Dark Chocolate Orange Cookies Recipe

Enjoy crumbly and tangy bites of these orange cookies, dipped with rich dark chocolate, and lightly seasoned with sea salt to top, for a tasty treat!


1 hr 37 mins

Orange Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

These chewy orange chocolate chunk cookies are a game-changer with their zesty orange flavor and melty chocolate topped off with sea salt.


50 mins

Oranges and Cream Cookies Recipe

These orange and cream cookies are soft, chewy cookies with strong citrus flavors. They're finished off with bits of white chocolate.


2 hrs 40 mins

Orange Creamsicle Truffles Recipe

If you're a fan of sweet & citrusy desserts, then you should definitely try these orange creamsicle truffles. Sweet white chocolate is infused with orange.


1 hr 15 mins

Orange Cream Cookies Recipe

These orange cream cookies comes with a scrumptious flavor combo of citrusy orange and sweet chocolate chips, for an irresistible sweet treat!

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

13 mins

Cranberry Orange Sauce Recipe

This delectable orange sauce works brilliantly on both savory and sweet dishes! It's also mixed with fresh cranberries for added fruitiness.


43 mins

Orange Pecan Butter Cookies Recipe

Another mouthwatering butter cookie recipe that involves a fruity orange flavor from orange extracts and a satisfying crunch from chopped pecans.

Bar and Brownie

45 mins

Chocolate Brownie and Orange Blondie Recipe

This recipe serves fudgy, spiced chocolate brownies and sweet blondies with an orange-flavored glaze.  Make this spooktacular duo with easy to find ingredients in under an hour.


4 hrs 15 mins

Orange Dreamsicle Jello Cake Recipe

This Orange Dreamsicle Cake Recipe will excite your taste buds! A texture-filled cake with orange and pineapple tidbits. The jello layer is infused with citrusy flavors and soft to taste. Topped-off with creamy frosting and you have a heavenly dessert to serve!