tangerine recipes

Tangerine Recipes

Recommended Tangerine Recipes

Pan-Fry & Skillet

35 mins

Easy Orange Chicken Recipe

Cooking your favorite Chinese fried chicken in orange-flavored sauce has never been this easy!


1 hr 32 mins

Beet Salad with Tangerines Recipe

Savor refreshing tart flavors in this roasted beet salad that combines tangerine and raspberry vinegar for a sophisticated and scrumptious bite.


10 mins

Vodka and Cranberry Punch Recipe

Summer in a glass, that's the best way to describe this vodka and cranberry punch. Tangerine and lime juices add a great freshness to this drink.


20 mins

Mixed Citrus and Arugula Salad Recipe

This deliciously zesty arugula salad is given a bright twist with three types of citrus, arugula, and mint tossed in a creamy lime-crème fraîche dressing.


1 days 6 hrs 32 mins

Cuban 24-Hour Roast Pork Recipe

This Cuban roast pork is glazed with flavorful ingredients and the brine for the boneless pork shoulder roast highlights tangerine juice flavor with spices.

Dinner Roll

1 hr 20 mins

Homemade Dinner Rolls Recipe

Make your own version of this all-time favorite dinner rolls. Perfect to serve as a side for your meal or for breakfast. Finished with honey butter topping.

Dinner Roll

2 hrs 45 mins

Buttery Dinner Rolls Recipe

Flaky and buttery, these dinner rolls can easily be the best part of your every meal. They're tasty, easy, and perfect with any main dish.

Fruit Dessert

2 hrs 15 mins

Easy Fruit Salad Recipe

Treat your taste buds to a sweet serving of this refreshing fruit salad, packed with sweet pineapples, tart berries, and more for a scrumptious dessert!


3 mins

Ranch Water Drink Recipe

Ranch water drink is a fizzy, bubbly, refreshing cocktail made with only 3 ingredients—tequila, lime juice, and Topo Chico mineral water. Serve it for your next party by following this simple recipe.