Mango Recipes

Step into an island utopia with our collection of mango recipes! Get your sweet fix with mango desserts or spice up your meals with mango salsa. Also, you can add a tropical twist to your mains and salads with this sweet and creamy fruit!


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Mango Recipe

Yogurt Parfait

Featuring a dazzling medley of colorful fruits, this refreshing treat is a beautiful and satisfying breakfast and dessert -- and highly nutritious.
Total 5 mins
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Orange Mango Chicken Recipe
Pan-Fry & Skillet

Orange Mango Chicken

Add some unique fruity flavor to your usual chicken dish.…
Total 40 mins
Filling Fruit Salad Recipe

Filling Fruit Salad

Fruit salad recipe made of slices of different delicious fruits
Total 10 mins
Mango Sorbet Recipe

Mango Sorbet

The taste of fruity mango is utterly divine once made…
Total 15 mins
Mango Ice Cream Recipe
Ice Cream

Mango Ice Cream

A sweet and flavorful mango ice cream made with fresh…
Total 2 hrs 5 mins
Fresh Fruit Salad Recipe
Fruit Desserts

Fresh Fruit Salad

A six-fruit combo combined with sugar and syrup for a…
Total 1 hr 30 mins

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