32 Birthday Desserts for Your Special Day

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Odette Modified: September 22, 2022

Title: 32 Birthday Desserts for Your Special Day

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Birthday desserts are a must-have at birthday parties. Or desserts on any special occasion really. However, serving guests and decorating your buffet table with towering confetti cake might get a little boring after some time. You don’t have to go dessertless at your party though! Here are 32 desserts to go with your birthday dinner ideas. Whether you are looking to switch up the usual rainbow-colored sweets or looking for something unique and fun, these sweets will keep your party rolling! 

32 Birthday Desserts Ideas to Try

Throwing a fun birthday celebration with delicious food and decadent desserts is no easy feat! After all, you have to consider the celebrant’s favorites and think about what the crowd would like too. Find what you can whip up besides cakes with confetti. 

Vibrant and fun with a lot of sweet and decadent flavor, these birthday cupcakes will delight kids and kids at heart. They are adorned with colorful candy sprinkles sitting on top of marshmallow meringue frosting and fluffy cupcakes! Now, you can stop there or go extra! Dip the frosting in melted chocolate to make a crunchy chocolate shell. Decorate with additional sprinkles for more kiddy points! 

Cakes and cupcakes are not the only birthday party desserts bedazzled with sprinkles! For a fun spin on cookies, these birthday cake cookies taste exactly like birthday cakes! A bite of these treats is sweet, moist, and full of white chocolate flavor just like a true birthday cake only crispy and chewy! 

Towering cakes are overrated! They are hard to distribute and even harder to clean off children once things get messy. These birthday cake pops should solve that problem. Sweet? Check! Visually appealing? Check! Easy to make? Definitely check! Easy to eat and distribute? Yes and yes. What’s not to love? You can decorate it however you want too. You can use sprinkles, edible gold, and nuts. 

With all of the colors, the assortment of treats, and fun dips, a birthday charcuterie board is one of the best ways to spruce up a birthday party! Dips include chocolate and the crowd favorite funfetti dip that’s made using funfetti cake mix, milk, Greek yogurt, whipped cream, and sprinkles! Serve it with strawberries, graham crackers, cookies, and more! 

Can’t get enough of cake batter-flavored desserts? Then try this funfetti cake batter blondies featuring rainbow sprinkles and white chocolate chips! This recipe in particular is done in less than 30 minutes. To be exact, you only need five minutes of prep time and another 25 minutes for baking.

For a fun spin on the favorite confetti birthday cake, we introduce you to birthday cake pie. It features a deep pie crust baked to a perfect golden brown color. This dessert highlights the flavor of vanilla cake mix decorated with confetti sprinkles. All in all, the filling is creamy and decadent which goes perfectly well with the golden, crispy crust.

It’s no secret that macarons are so darn hard to make. But for a treat as delicious and heavenly as this, we make it anyway. Still, that doesn’t mean there are no easy recipes to make it at home. This five-ingredient macarons only use almond meal, egg whites, powdered sugar, granulated sugar, and salt. That’s it! Don’t forget to fill it with cream with sprinkles to give it a true birthday makeover!

Give your cheesecake the birthday cake makeover treatment by adorning it with funfetti sprinkles! Not a baker by any chance? Then this cheesecake has your name on it. It has no eggs and it’s only made of graham cracker crust, cream cheese, heavy cream, and sprinkles for a fun no-bake birthday project that will wow your guests. 

We all know kids love sweet, heavenly treats, especially ones as colorful as these funfetti doughnuts. They’re crowd stunners with their pink sugar frosting and rainbow sprinkles. There’s only one problem for parents: they’re usually fried! No worries! You can bake them instead. Follow our recipe below and see how easy it is to make. 

Chocolate cake is never out of place no matter what you’re celebrating. Admittedly though, chocolate cake is one of the crowd favorites when it comes to birthdays. The secret? High-quality cocoa powder. It’s pure chocolate goodness without a lot of sweetness just like the recipe below! Why don’t you try it for richer, more decadent, and heavenly flavors fit for a special occasion?

Are there birthday desserts other than cake and sprinkles? Of course! Chocolate mousse not only sounds fancy but they also look like it. Just like chocolate cake, mousse won’t be lost at any party with their sophisticated dessert glasses topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings. Just imagine how it would look on your buffet table! Now, what do you need to make a quick and simple rendition? Pudding mix, whipped cream, and condensed milk. That’s all and you’re on your way to chocolate heaven. 

It may be called a cake but this birthday sweet treat is dangerously easy to make! Don’t have a clue how this cake starts? Don’t worry! It’s made with the same classic cookie ingredients only ten times its size. Overall, it has a soft and moist center and crispy outer layer with sprinkles and white chocolate. Since it’s a cake, don’t forget to decorate it with vanilla almond frosting and more sprinkles!

What’s a birthday party without birthday-themed ice cream? Take this two-in-one dessert for example. It features funfetti cupcakes and vanilla ice cream stacked on a waffle cone or bowl. Your choice. This recipe is good for leftover funfetti cake scraps. Just crumble it or cut it into small cubes and top with ice cream. If you don’t have scraps, no problem! You can make it with cupcakes instead. Of course, don’t forget the candle for the celebrant to blow! 

Scones are one of the best American breakfast. They are often seen besides eggs and ham but you’re forgetting one very important detail about it: they’re also fitting desserts for birthday parties! This buttery goodness takes to different fillings and toppings. Think chocolate chips and colorful funfetti sprinkles drizzled with more frosting! The kids would absolutely be delighted at the mere sight of it. 

Party favors and birthday sweets are a must-have for every kid’s birthday party. And what better treat to steal their attention than delicious and indulgent chocolate bark decorated in unicorn theme? Imagine unicorn bark in adorable party favor bags. Cute right? Now, this visually appealing treat is made by melting white chocolate disk and then colored with pastel hues. Decorate with unicorn sprinkles to complete the look. 

Birthday parties are not limited to confetti sprinkle desserts and chocolate cakes. In fact, party snack bars like birthday charcuterie boards and ice cream bars are must-have corners for birthday parties. One of the favorites you can make is banana split sundae diner-style! It usually involves three flavors of ice cream such as chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. And then it’s topped with banana, whipped cream, cherries, chocolate syrup, and mallows! Top it with M&M’s, sprinkled, and chocolate chips if you like. 

Most people would say gluten-free desserts are nearly impossible to make. Before you bid your final goodbye, there are actually gluten-free birthday desserts you can whip up like this vanilla birthday cake. You have to make a few swaps of course. This version uses flax meal instead eggs and only uses non-dairy milk. But it basically tastes the same as the original! 

Throwing a birthday bash for adults? Then this birthday cake shot is a must! It mixes equal parts cake vodka, creme de cacao, and Irish cream for a fun and sweet treat with a lot of booze! Of course, the rim is decorated with vanilla frosting and candy sprinkles — a shot appropriate for the occasion! You can even throw in some birthday candles for the celebrant to blow before taking the shot. 

By now you probably thought we’ve already mentioned all the possible cake batter desserts you can think of. No. This no-bake birthday cake batter fudge is another rendition of the remarkable birthday treat. They are chewy and decadent, just like the original! Make a ton though. As pretty and inviting as they are with their colorful appearance, this fudge will run out in no time. 

Fudge is good and heaven on a plate. But what if you want more texture and build to your desserts? Then try your hand at this chocolate confetti squares. Besides the rich chocolate taste, there are more texture and flavor in this dessert. You’ll notice marshmallows and the peanut butter flavor in this yummy dessert.

Every birthday party should have a show-stopping piece. If you are looking for fun desserts to make, then piñata cake definitely fits the bill! Just like the real piñata it’s inspired from, this cake is filled with exciting sweet treats inside. The base is made with layered vanilla cake filled with rich chocolate frosting. The center is then filled with an assortment of candies like M&M’s, Reese’s cups, mini candy bars, jelly beans, gummies, and more! Add what your kids like. 

The classic Italian tiramisu dessert is made with alternating stacks of delicate ladyfinger cookies and mascarpone cream. It’s a marriage of the two birthday desserts. It’s tiramisu and cake rolled into one! This two-in-one dessert has cake layers brushed with espresso syrup instead of ladyfingers. Of course, it’s also filled with delectable coffee mascarpone cream! If you love the original, we’re sure you’ll like this one. 

It’s an open secret that one of the key ingredients to a good party is bite-sized, mini desserts. Now, when it comes to bite-sized and cute treats, cannoli takes the cake! Cannoli is a sort of Italian pasty featuring fried tube-shaped shells usually filled with sweet creamy fillings. This version highlights the flavor of Ricotta cheese, mascarpone, and chocolate for a creamy, yet decadent dessert! 

Cannoli bites aren’t the only cute, bite-sized desserts you can add to your birthday desserts bar. In this birthday treat, you get the best of both worlds from your favorite desserts. You’ll get the delectable flavor and chew of cookie dough and then the decadent taste of truffles. What we love about this dessert is that you can design it however you want. Think edible gold leaves, rainbow confetti, or mini marshmallows! Or just keep it classic and simple. 

With its vibrant color and aesthetic appearance, this strawberry shortcake won’t be out of place at your birthday party! The base is made with a single vanilla cake topped with a simple vanilla whipped cream, tart strawberries, and jam. Overall, the cake is sweet but refreshing and surprisingly light! 

Your kids will absolutely love this cute cupcake served on a cone. Don’t be confused though. Compared to the birthday cake ice cream, this one is a cupcake sitting on a cone base without ice cream. Instead, it’s topped with delicious frosting or whipped cream. And then each cone is personalized with toppings like sprinkles and chocolate chips.

Pizza is nearly everyone’s favorite food. So it’s only a matter of time before you try dessert pizza. Like the iconic dish topped with various pizza toppings that make them more delicious, dessert pizzas are topped with sweet and delectable treats such as chocolate ganache, chips, pudding, Bavarian cream, fruits, nuts, and more. You can go big with all the fruits ensemble. Or go simple using sweet chocolate pudding sauce topped with homemade sugar crumble! Kids will surely put this on top of their favorite birthday desserts.

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There’s no simple way to put it, this Italian cake is a showstopper anyway you slice it. The cake is made with rich pecan and coconut-flavored batter. And then it’s filled with cream cheese frosting, binding all the components together. All in all, it’s rich, creamy, and moist. It also doesn’t help that it plays the part too. Put it at the center of your buffet table and guests will surely gush over how you made it. 

Who said red velvet cakes are reserved only for Valentine’s Day? With their stunning red color, it will be a shame to leave it out of other special occasions such as birthdays. Besides the cream cheese frosting is absolutely delicious and complements nicely with the insanely rich cake. We guarantee you, this heaven on a plate is a sure stunner on any occasion. 

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Desserts sitting on beautiful dessert glasses like chocolate mousse are dessert staples at birthday parties. Or any special occasion really. They’re neatly served and you don’t have to bother slicing cakes into saucers. Now, besides chocolate mousse, another crowd favorite is the Oreo dirt cup. It’s made with alternating layers of cream cheese and Oreo

Throwing a birthday bash for kids needs a tremendous amount of creativity. You have to keep it fun and interesting. That involves food or desserts that looks kinda wack or crazy like these cotton candy cupcakes that made us think about cookie monster. In this dessert, you’ll find cotton candy cupcakes and buttercream with a fluff of real cotton candy as a topping! Your guests will knock them down before the party even ends.

Many have combined the allure of cookies and cakes. But have you ever combined the flavor of cheesecake and cookies in one dessert? Well, if you haven’t yet then a birthday party is the perfect opportunity. This dessert captures the sweet taste and crispy texture of cookie dough and the rich and thick mouthfeel of cheesecake. Top it with rainbow sprinkles to complete this birthday party dessert!


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