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10 Best Pizza Cutters For the Perfect Pizza Slice This 2022

10 Best Pizza Cutters For the Perfect Pizza Slice This 2022

Raise your hand if you agree: nothing elevates Friday pizza nights than a fresh-out-of-the-oven homemade pizza. And perhaps you’ll agree too that nothing ruins this much-anticipated family tradition more than poorly cut slices. So whether you’ll be making a thick-crust, thin-crust, or deep-dish pizza, make sure you have the best pizza cutter on hand for a clean-cut slice every time!

Jagged slices and messy toppings are every pizza lover’s worst nightmares. Add a high-quality pizza cutter to your arsenal, and you’ll never have to worry about such things—ever. Now some might think of this tool as a one-trick pony. However, its functionality extends to carving up or slicing off other foodstuffs too, such as pastry dough or some apple gouda quesadillas

Below, you’ll find 10 of the best pizza cutters available on the market to date. Whether you’re on the lookout for something quirky and efficient or have a strict budget in mind, we’re sure there’s a pick on this list that’ll suit your preference. 

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Our Favorite Pizza Cutters At A Glance

10 Best Pizza Cutters To Buy: 2022 Edition

We’ve scoured through Amazon to find the best pizza cutters in 2022. Although we must say, the selection process is certainly challenging, given how most products are on par with each other – quality-wise. So, we looked into a few factors to deliberate, including the product’s overall quality, durability, design, and customer reviews. Here are the top pizza cutters that made it to the list:

1. Best Overall: Kitchy Pizza Cutter Wheel with Protective Blade Guard

What We Love

  • Ergonomic grip
  • Affordable
  • Easy to store
  • Comes with a blade guard for safe storage

What We Don't Love

  • Needs disassembly when cleaning
  • Not suitable for a very thick deep-dish pizza

Looking at its rock-bottom price tag, you won’t expect just how sharp and efficient this Kitchy pizza cutter wheel is. With its top-notch quality, you will get to enjoy a perfect slice of stuffed crust pizza every time. It’s also currently the number one best-selling and top-rated pizza cutter on Amazon to boot.

Let’s talk about how this pizza cutter has a super-sharp blade, ensuring seamless slicing. In one easy glide, this slicer cuts through a pizza straightaway! This cutter, however, isn’t attached to a long handle like the usual pizza cutters. Nonetheless, its handle-free design boasts many perks. One is that it gives you more controlled and precise maneuvering when cutting. Another one is if you have a relatively small kitchen space or a cutlery drawer, know that this tool will fit right in! It also comes with a blade guard, ensuring that the blade is secured when not in use.

No matter the style or design, we all want a cutter that’s easy to clean after using. Thankfully, you can just disassemble this pizza cutter post-use and simply toss the parts in the dishwasher. This slicer comes in different colors, so just choose one that best suits your kitchen decor.


2. Best Wheeled Cutter: OXO Good Grips NEW Large 4-Inch Pizza Wheel and Cutter

What We Love

  • Has a sharp blade
  • Features a thumb-guard
  • Has a non-slip handle
  • Dishwasher-safe

What We Don't Love

  • Doesn’t have a blade guard for safe storage

Every pizza lover needs a sharp and durable pizza slicer in their arsenal. That’s exactly what OXO Good Grips’ pizza wheel cutter is! It’s a sharp-edge pizza cutter wheel built for long-time use. This is why we think it’s also an all-around winning choice among the best pizza wheels on the market today.

Speaking of its four-inch blade, you can rest assured that it will easily glide through both a deep-dish or thick-crust pizza. It’s ultra-sharp and heavy-duty, having been made with high-quality stainless steel materials. We also appreciate that it comes with a thumb guard and a non-slip handle, which are among the brand’s signature attributes. The thumb guard protects your fingers from cuts, while the handle promotes easy and comfortable gripping. Still, you have to make sure that you use this cutter carefully.

As this pizza wheel has a sharp edge, you can pretty much use it to slice off other food such as cherry brownies, quesadillas, and more. Now, after its job is done, simply put the cutter in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

3. Best Pizza Scissors: Dreamfarm Scizza Non-Stick Stainless-Steel Pizza Cutter Scissors

What We Love

  • Heat-resistant for up to 400 degrees F
  • Comfortable to use
  • Versatile

What We Don't Love

  • Hand wash only

Guess what? Snipping the pizza (yes, you read that right) can also get you the perfect slice, provided you have the best pizza scissor on hand. And among the staggering number of pizza scissors available in stores today, this product from Dreamfarm is our favorite.

Made with a top-notch stainless steel blade, this pizza scissor is crafted to last for years. And at a glance, you will notice that it comes with a nylon base, protecting the surface underneath the pizza. We also love how comfortable it feels upon using it and how the bottom blade efficiently glides under the pizza for seamless cutting.

This pizza scissor, being heat-resistant for up to 400 degrees F, can also handle freshly-made Pizza Hut-inspired pepperoni pizza or even a hot pan. To add, it can be a mainstay in the kitchen too! Not only is this efficient in snipping pizza but it can be used for other foodstuffs too, as well as cloth and paper. The only setback is that it’s recommended that you hand wash it.

4. Best Rocking Blade: Checkered Chef Pizza Cutter Sharp Rocker Blade With Cover

What We Love

  • Features a 14-inch sharp cutter blade
  • Comes with a plastic sheath or holster
  • Easy to use

What We Don't Love

  • Doesn’t work well on deep-dish pizza

Who wouldn’t want a delicious pizza cut in perfect slices with all the toppings still intact? Now to achieve this, you’ll need an efficient cutting tool. We must say, rocking pizza cutters fit the bill. And among the vast options in the market, this rocking pizza cutter from Checkered Chef is our top favorite!

For one thing, we are impressed with its high-quality and robust construction. Having been engineered with 18/0 stainless steel, there’s no need to worry about rust. More importantly, you can’t go wrong with its super sharp 14-inch cutter blade. Four slides of this rocker blade and you’ll end up with eight clean-cut slices of this Hawaiian pizza copycat from Pizza Hut straightaway!

Designed with safety in mind, this pizza cutter also comes with a plastic sheath or holster. This ensures that the blade remains at its best quality when stored in your kitchen drawer. Plus, it’ll lessen accidental cuts as well. On top of all that, its impressive functionality extends to chopping, slicing, and mincing other ingredients such as herbs too.

5. Best For Deep Dish Pizza: Luxear Professional Pizza Slicer with Sharp Blade Wheel

What We Love

  • Features a sharp blade
  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Has a finger guard
  • Dishwasher-friendly

What We Don't Love

  • Can be a bit flimsy

Picture this: a Chicago-style deep-dish pizza oozing with melty cheese and rich sauce. Such a delicious dish is meant to be shared. So, get the best pizza slicer there is and slice your pizza effortlessly! For deep-dish pies, our favorite cutting tool is this one from Luxear Professional.

A favorite among home and professional cooks alike, this roller pizza knife is among the best pizza cutters that you can get on Amazon today. Featuring an 8.5-inch cutter wheel, this large pizza slicer lets you slice through thick-crust and deep-dish pie with no trouble at all. And as it’s been manufactured with premium quality stainless steel, we just know it can last for years. The ergonomic handle also steals the spotlight, being non-slip with a finger guard to boot.

Another thing to love about this product is its versatility. You will also find this sharp cutting tool useful when slicing off waffles, lasagna, and more. Lastly, cleaning this pizza cutter is a cinch as it’s dishwasher-friendly.

6. Best Stainless Steel: Rösle Stainless Steel Round-Handle Pizza Cutter

What We Love

  • 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Resistant to corrosion, heat, and chemical damage
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Don't Love

  • A bit pricey

As a slicing tool made from 18/10 stainless steel, you can only imagine how incredibly sharp and efficacious this pizza cutter is. So, it’s not that surprising that this is the best stainless steel pizza cutter that you can buy from Amazon now.

Featuring a large, firmly anchored wheel made with top-grade materials, you don’t have to worry about corrosion, heat, or even chemical damage. And having a sleek design with an elegant satin finish, this pizza cutter is also stunning as it is durable. To add, this product also nails the slicing task easily as it feels comfortable and perfectly balanced in the hand. Use it to slice a thin or thick pizza or when you try this classic Hawaiian pizza recipe, and there’ll be no signs of ruined toppings at all! Lastly, you will be glad to know that this lovely pizza cutter is backed with a lifetime warranty.

7. Best Easy Clean: Vcspenkr Pizza Cutter Wheel

What We Love

  • Premium material
  • Sharp blade
  • Dishwasher-safe

What We Don't Love

  • A bit flimsy

A pizza cutter is a functional tool that should be included in your cutlery drawer. That is if you’re a true-blue pizza lover. However, such kitchen devices are pretty hard to clean. Thankfully, it’s not an issue with most models, including this product from Vcspenkr. You can just leave it in the dishwasher after use!

At first glance, you will instantly notice the ergonomic design of this pizza cutter from the slicer wheel to its handle. Having been manufactured with premium stainless, you can rest assured that it’s among the sharpest that you can get. On top of having a smooth mirror-like exterior, this pizza slicer is rust-resistant as well.

Meanwhile, the handle also boasts of functionality, having been made with non-slip ABS padded. This just means it’ll be easy and comfortable to grip while you slice the pizza into perfect slices. Plus, the ergonomic handle is also designed with a finger protector, for a much safer slicing process. There’s a hook hole at the tail part too, so storing this slicer won’t be an issue.

Whipping up a thick-crust pie? Well, you will be happy to know that this slicer works just fine with pizzas with various thicknesses! No matter the thickness, the pizza toppings remain intact just as well. Should you have any issue with this product, note that it’s secured by a lifetime 100 percent money-back guarantee!

8. Best Multi-purpose: Kitchenstar Sharp Stainless Steel Slicer Knife

What We Love

  • Made with anti-rust and food-grade stainless steel
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dishwasher-friendly

What We Don't Love

  • The coating may come off

Kitchenstar pizza cutter delivers an extremely sharp wheel at a reasonable price point. With such sharpness, you can use this tool to slice anything from this Giordano’s-inspired deep-dish pizza to cheesecakes, and even chop other foodstuffs like herbs.

Made with anti-rust and food-grade stainless steel, this product can withstand the test of time. Having an ergonomic design with a plastic protective cover to boot, using and storing this pizza slicer is a cinch. Plus, you can just place it in the dishwasher after a fun Friday pizza night! You can also have a full money-back guarantee should you encounter any issue with this product.

9. Best Quirky: Bicycle Pizza Cutter Wheel

What We Love

  • Features a unique design
  • Functional features
  • Food-grade stainless steel material

What We Don't Love

  • Can be a bit difficult to hold

Sure, pizza is hands down the best comfort food there is. But the preparations can be a lot of fun too! Slice your pizza with style and fun using this bicycle pizza cutter wheel from Ninonly.

Are you a pizza lover and a cycling enthusiast at the same time? Then you will love this pizza cutter’s unique design as it resembles a real road bicycle! Apart from its quirky style, you will also love the impeccable functionality of this pizza cutter. As it’s made with food-grade stainless steel material, this product has an impressive sharpness, allowing you to slice through pizza, pastry, and flatbread with no fuss. This type of material also makes it durable and rust-proof.

Customers also rave about its firm and smooth handle, promoting an easy and comfortable grip as you use the slicer, say, for this Copycat Build-Your-Own Pizza Recipe. More importantly, though it may seem difficult to clean given its design, note that it’s easy to remove the stains and food stuck on this cutter. Plus, it makes for a perfect gift and an interesting display item too!

10. Best for Professionals: KitchenAid Classic Pizza Wheel

What We Love

  • Made with high-quality 430 stainless steel
  • Features an ultra-sharp blade
  • Features a built-in finger guard

What We Don't Love

  • Might break if not handled with care

Slice everything from homemade pan pizza to cookie dough like a real professional using this classic pizza wheel from KitchenAid! It has an ultra-sharp blade that slices effortlessly through any crust without you worrying about ruined toppings. The wheel is made with high-quality 430 stainless steel, making it rust-resistant. This also means that it will keep its sharpness for a long time.

We also appreciate that it comes with an ergonomically designed handle. On top of being comfortable to hold, it also features a built-in finger guard, saving you from the sharp blade and the heat at the same time. You will also notice the debossed logo, the ABS chrome plated bolster, and an end cap on the handle. There’s also no need to worry about cleaning this pizza cutter as it’s completely dishwasher-friendly.

How to Choose the Best Pizza Cutter

pizza cutter

Finding the best pizza cutter is no easy feat. First, you have to determine your culinary needs, budget, and storage space. Here are a few more buying tips to help you make a final purchase decision: 

Types of Pizza Cutters

Before adding to your shopping cart the one you like the most, you should know that there are different kinds of pizza cutters, each having its perks and a few setbacks. 

  • Wheeled Cutter – This sort of pizza cutter features a sharp rotating circular blade. The blade or the wheel is usually attached to a handle. To cut a pizza with this tool, you just push the rotating blade using the handle. Wheel pizza cutters are safe and easy to use. Storage won’t be much of an issue, thanks for their compact design. 
  • Rocking Blade Cutter – This type of pizza, also referred to as mezzaluna blade cutter, features a large slicing knife, resembling a half-moon. It also has handles on both ends for easy gripping. When using a rocking blade to cut a pizza, as the name implies, you just rock the knife back and forth across the pizza. Although, you should note that it’s not easy to store such a pizza slicer because of its large size.
  • Scissors or Shears: – Scissor-style pizza cutter features a pair of kitchen scissors specifically designed for slicing pizza. Some models also come with a supporting spatula which ensures efficient slicing and serving at the same time. 


Pizza cutters are available in different sizes. So, before purchasing this kitchen tool, consider your kitchen space. Have a relatively small kitchen area? Then make sure that you choose the one that will fit right in!

Blade Sharpness

Who wouldn’t want a blade with a sharp edge when slicing off their favorite pizza, right? Always make sure that the cutter features a sharp blade because this primarily ensures that it can get the job done in no time! We mean, there’s no need to wheel or rock it back and forth over the pizza to get that perfect slice. 

Ergonomic Handle

An ergonomic handle, for one thing, promotes comfortable grip as you slice the pizza. Always cherry-pick the one designed with such a handle. No matter the size of the pizza, with an ergonomic handle, maneuvering the slicer will be a breeze!


While a pizza cutter is typically deemed as a tool having a single function, it can actually be a workhorse in the kitchen too! Luckily, some models can handle other tasks, from dividing brownies to chopping off herbs and other ingredients. Whether you’re a pizza lover or a novice cook honing your cooking skills, opt for the one that can be a perfect tool for any cutting or slicing jobs in the kitchen.

Want to share your experiences with pizza cutters or discuss your favorites? Join the conversation in the Kitchen Equipment forum section and let us know your thoughts on the 10 best pizza cutters for the perfect pizza slice this 2022.

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