23 Fruity Alcoholic Drinks for Your Next Home Party

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Odette Modified: August 9, 2022
23 Fruity Alcoholic Drinks for Your Next Home Party

Going out is fun every once in a while, but learning how to mix your own drinks at home can be handy especially when you don’t feel like visiting a bar. If you happen to love throwing parties, then knowing your cocktails also pays a lot! It saves you a lot of money too. Now, you might be wondering how and where to start. After all, it can be a little tricky what alcohol goes well with one another. To begin, we have here 23 fruity alcoholic drinks that you can try making for your next home party!

If you’re thinking these are sweet and fruity cocktails and it will not hold a lot of booze, better check the ingredients list first. From sweet and fruity to definitely boozy, we have everything on our list. So, get your highball glass ready and try one or two of these cocktail recipes today!

Fiery Tequila Sunrise Cocktail

fiery tequila sunrise cocktail recipe

Missing the tropics? How about transporting yourself to the beach by making this tropical cocktail?

Of course, this is the first on our list. It’s not only because it looks like sunrise on glass, but because you can make this using only three ingredients: tequila, fresh orange juice, and grenadine. Now if you have maraschino cherries and orange slices in your pantry, you can garnish this drink with those. We think this is one of the best cocktail drinks to whip up if you’re new to mixing your own drinks.

Recipe for Inspiration: Fiery Tequila Sunrise Cocktail 

Smirnoff Passion Fruit Cocktail

smirnoff passion fruit cocktail recipe

If you haven’t guessed it already, this fruit cocktail is made of Smirnoff passion fruit-flavored vodka. Therefore, you don’t have to juice a passion fruit. With that in mind, expect it to be infused with the fruity and tart flavor of passion fruit best paired with cranberry juice as found in this recipe. We know just from the name that it sounds sweet and fruity, but this cocktail packs a punch too!

Recipe for Inspiration: Smirnoff Passion Fruit Cocktail

Mai Tai Cocktail

mai tai cocktail recipe

There’s another way to relive your days in the tropics: it’s through this cocktail. Anyone would love this the instant their eyes lay on it. Why? That’s because it’s beautiful to look at. Of course, the taste is also a leading factor why we included it on this list of fruity alcoholic drinks to try.

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This cocktail is made of light and dark rum, orgeat syrup, fresh lime juice, and more! And did we mention it’s also one of the most iconic drinks in Tiki culture? That is why this drink is perfect with Hawaiian dishes like the grilled mango barbecue chicken wings.

Recipe for Inspiration: Mai Tai Cocktail

Blue Curacao Cocktail

blue curacao orange champagne cocktail recipe

This drink looks fancy from its aesthetic down to its taste, ingredients, and how it is served! How did we say so? Although one of its ingredients is blue curacao, it also has champagne. Good thing you only need three ingredients for this recipe. On the upside, when it comes to party cocktails, you can count on this blue alcohol drink to jump-start your party!

Recipe for Inspiration: Blue Curacao Orange Champagne

Blood Orange Margaritas

blood orange margaritas recipe

Just from the looks of it, you’ll immediately gravitate towards this drink. Why given its bright red color, we just know it looks like a cocktail you’ll order from the bar.

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Cool, right? That said, it’s lucky you can actually easily replicate this margarita recipe at home and using the freshest of ingredients too. This recipe just needs lime juice, a slice of blood orange fruit, lime wedges for garnishing, and of course tequila.

Recipe for Inspiration: Blood Orange Margaritas

Blender Piña Colada

piña colada recipe

This party starter also beats the heat! If you’re planning to schedule one in the middle of the summer, then check out this blender piña colada recipe! It has some of the fruits and flavors you love during the summer season: coconut and pineapple juice and its chunks! On top of that? It’s blended so it’s the perfect drink to combat the summer heat.

Recipe for Inspiration: Blender Piña Colada

Caribbean Rum Punch

caribbean rum punch recipe

Here is a drink that will make you throw your cares away with just a few sips! If you tried rum punch already, then you probably have an idea why we’re gushing over this drink. But if you don’t have a clue, then it’s high time for you to try one of the most refreshing fruity alcoholic drinks you can make at home.

We like that we can be creative with this cocktail drink. Tweak it however you like by serving it over ice, adding a few bitter and warm nutty flavors using nutmeg, or adding fresh fruit garnishes. Additionally, we heard you can also prepare this ahead of time. But be warned though, don’t add fruit and ice until you serve it.

Recipe for Inspiration: Caribbean Rum Punch 

Pineapple Rum Cocktail

pineapple rum cocktail recipe

Looking for more tropical drinks to pair with your Friday night dinner ideas? Then give this pineapple rum cocktail a shot. After a long tiring week, you definitely deserve a glass of this cocktail. But you can’t say no to this drink even on a weekday! It helps that it’s incredibly easy to put together too. For one, it just needs a few ingredients and even fewer minutes of prep time. So it definitely deserves a spot on your list of fruity alcoholic drinks to make for your Friday night happy hour.

Recipe for Inspiration: Pineapple Rum Cocktail

Sex on the Beach

sex on the beach cocktail recipe

This one, like the other fruity alcoholic drinks on this list, is perfect for a quick pick-me-up after a long tiring day! This is one of our picks for a quick fix since you can put it together in just five minutes. Or less if you know your cocktail well. We recommend juicing oranges ahead of time so all you have to do is mix this cocktail after a busy day.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sex on the Beach

Sex in the Driveway

sex in the driveway cocktail recipe

Wondering what this drink is and its difference from sex on the beach? Of course, there’s the color difference. This one is obviously brighter, plus it also doesn’t contain cranberry juice. However, you should know that this is a variation of sex on the beach. If you happen to enjoy the fruity flavors of sex on the beach, there’s a good chance you’ll enjoy this too.

Recipe for Inspiration: Sex in the Driveway

Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

Strawberry Lemonade Vodka (Cheddar's Copycat)

Want to beat the heat with lemonade but with the added alcohol kick? Then you definitely have to try this strawberry lemonade vodka! The combination of lemon juice and strawberries makes it just like the fruity alcoholic drink you order at the beach. You can tweak this recipe and add as much booze you prefer. But if you want just the right of alcohol, then simply follow the recipe.

Recipe for Inspiration: Strawberry Lemonade Vodka

Malibu Sunset

malibu sunset recipe

If you want something fruity without the overpowering sweet taste, then you better give malibu sunset a try. Of course, you can always add more alcohol if you want it strong, but this recipe will give you just the right balance of sweetness and alcohol. But what goes in it? It has malibu coconut rum, grenadine, pineapple-orange juice, maraschino cherries, and pineapple slices for garnishing.

Looking at its ingredients some would say this drink is perfect for summer, but we think it’s perfect all year round. Plus, it looks it’s perfect for your next party.

Recipe for Inspiration: Malibu Sunset

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe

Now, this drink might sound and look like a simple juice drink, but it’s surprisingly potent and boozy. Why, it has not one or two, but five alcohol ingredients! We don’t know about you, but having that many in your drink will surely kick. It contains vodka, gin, tequila, white rum, and triple sec. Surprisingly, it doesn’t have iced tea on its ingredients but it sure tastes like it too. But maybe that is the cola added.

Recipe for Inspiration: Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail 

Paloma Cocktail

paloma cocktail recipe

This cocktail is reminiscent of a margarita because it contains tequila, lime, salt, and ice. The main difference? Instead of using orange liqueur, you will use grapefruit soda that’s a relatively cheaper and more refreshing cocktail mix. So, if you just want a little kick of alcohol, then this is your pick. If not, not to worry! There are tons of stronger fruity alcoholic drinks you can try on this list.

Recipe for Inspiration: Paloma Cocktail

Hurricane Cocktail Recipe

hurricane cocktail recipe

Here is a drink you can try if you want a little stronger than the Paloma cocktail. This rum-filled cocktail includes a refreshing combination of passion fruit purée and freshly squeezed lime and orange juice. If you’re new to making your own fruity alcoholic drinks, we suggest starting on this easy-to-mix cocktail.

Recipe for Inspiration: Hurricane Cocktail

Malibu Rum Cocktail

malibu rum cocktail recipe

This refreshing yet boozy malibu rum cocktail is another quick and easy fix at home you can try. It’s so easy to put together, even beginners can make it, fuss-free! And it only needs a few ingredients too. It’s the right cocktail choice for whenever you feel down.

Recipe for Inspiration: Malibu Rum Cocktail

Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail

pink gin fizz cocktail recipe

Here is another drink you can prepare in just under 10 minutes. In our opinion, it’s also the right drink to prepare for unexpected guests. Yes, despite the number of ingredients like gin, fresh lime juice, mint leaves, and more, it’s incredibly fast and easy to make.

And by its appearance, we doubt your guests can even tell that one glass is easy to put together. And if you happen to have strong cheeses, seafood, or popcorn around, you can serve it with those too!

Recipe for Inspiration: Pink Gin Fizz Cocktail

Cranberry Daiquiri Slush

cranberry daiquiri slush recipe

This refreshingly cool yet boozy alcohol doesn’t whip up in a snap. But it’s worth it, especially on a hot summer day.

For this fruity alcoholic drink, the most patience-testing part would be waiting for it to freeze. But other than that, serving it is effortless. Just scoop up the frozen cranberry daiquiri and stir to form a slush. That’s it! We say this is one of those fruity alcoholic drinks that are best enjoyed by the pool while you’re lounging.

Recipe for Inspiration: Cranberry Daiquiri Slush

Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail

grapefruit and elderflower cocktail

To make this cocktail, all you need are three ingredients. Or five if you count ice cubes and the optional sprig of rosemary for garnishing.

Even though it doesn’t look like it, this is one of the fruity alcoholic drinks you can prepare in a snap. Not only is it easy because it requires just a few ingredients like grapefruit juice, gin, and St. Germain, but it’s just two steps when making this alcohol. Easy, right?

Recipe for Inspiration: Grapefruit and Elderflower Cocktail

Singapore Sling

singapore sling recipe

Bring Singapore to the comfort of your home by preparing a Singapore sling for your next home party. Wondering why it’s named after a country? It’s because this cocktail drink was created at the now-iconic Long Bar in Singapore.

This elaborate-looking cocktail was made by mixing gin, curacao, cherry Sangue Morlacco, grenadine, and pineapple juice to name a few.

Recipe for Inspiration: Singapore Sling Recipe

Peach Daiquiri

peach daiquiri recipe

With a drink as refreshing and sweet as this, it will be a shame not to add it to our list of fruity alcoholic drinks. Made with frozen peaches and then mixed with light rum, apricot brandy, and peach schnapps, this is just the cocktail to drink on a hot summer day. But who will say no to having it after a long tiring week?

Recipe for Inspiration: Peach Daiquiri

Mango Margarita

mango margarita recipe

Love mangoes? Then you’ll love this mango margarita cocktail made of fresh mango puree! Mixed with fresh lime juice and orange liqueuryou can just tell this is going to be a fruity cocktail drink fit for all occasions.

Recipe for Inspiration: Mango Margarita

Mojito Cocktail

Fauxjito Cocktail

We all love mojito, don’t you agree? We mean, you’ll never go wrong with a cocktail as classic as this one. The few ingredients it has complement each other so much that they create a perfect balance of sweetness, mint, and citrus flavors. And so, it not only became a famous cocktail for the summer but it is also now a staple at cocktail bars.

Recipe for Inspiration: Mojito 

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