carrot recipes

Carrot Recipes

Carrots are delightful vegetables that can be mixed into a ton of recipes! In general, they're perfect for roasting, stews, grilling, and soups. But they also contribute as a great main ingredient for sweet desserts. Some come in carrot cakes, bread, souffle, among others. This ingredient can go in just about anything, adding a healthy benefit to your food. Enjoy our wonderful carrot recipes for any occasion.

Recommended Carrot Recipes


45 mins

Copycat Red Robin Veggie Burger Recipe

Make your own healthy burger with this copycat Red Robin veggie burger recipe! It’s a quick and easy dish that uses simple ingredients and seasonings to make delicious plant-based burger patties. Serve this tasty veggie burger with toppings and sides of your choice.


10 mins

Apple Raisin Cole Slaw Recipe

This take on the classic slaw gets its sweetness from the addition of apple slices along with the natural sweetness of raisins. It also adds texture to the dish in the form of the crisp apples slices.


1 hr 30 mins

Butter Stuffed Burger Recipe

Make your patties extra ordinary with this butter stuffed burger recipe. Juicy patties served with caramelized veggies on a warm toasted bun. Time for a grill party!


1 hr 50 mins

Creamy Split Pea Soup Recipe

This homemade creamy split pea soup recipe makes a thick soup with savory flavors from the ham bone and cream cheese.


30 mins

Microwave Vegetable Lasagna Recipe

This vegetable lasagna recipe is so simple to make yet it tastes just as good as a regular lasagna. It's hard to believe it was cooked in a microwave!


10 hrs 10 mins

Crockpot Italian Chicken Stew Recipe

Staying true to Italian cuisine as being hearty, this chicken stew recipe is both hefty and healthy without being too labor-intensive, all thanks to the wonders of cooking in a crockpot.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

35 mins

Swiss and Bacon Dip Recipe

A quick and easy bacon dip recipe with the addition of smooth and savory Swiss cheese. A wonderful blend of cream cheese, mustard and smoked almond for that rich flavor.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

1 hr 25 mins

Dutch Oven Pork Chops and Potatoes Recipe

These pork chops and potatoes are smothered in rich seasonings with hints of tomato flavor, each bite giving you tender pieces of potatoes and vegetables, and juicy flavors from the chops. Your meat lover guests are sure to grab seconds!


1 hr 35 mins

Home Style Meatloaf Recipe

Make some meatloaf for dinners and gatherings. Homemade cooking works best so why not try our home style meatloaf recipe to get started.


10 mins

Easy Chinese Egg Drop Soup Recipe

Make Chinese food from the comfort of your own home with this healthy egg drop soup. It takes less than 15 minutes to make and includes ingredients you can easily find in your kitchen.


1 hr

Pureed Split Pea Soup Recipe

This split pea soup recipe is loaded with carrots, onions, and potatoes making it a hearty and comforting dish.


1 hr 5 mins

Carrot Potato and Leek Casserole Recipe

Looking for a hearty dish? Try this vegetarian potato casserole recipe and enjoy tender and delicious vegetables made even better with vibrant flavors!


1 hr 25 mins

Better Canned Beef Stew Recipe

Grab a regular can of beef stew, and take it to another level with extra vegetables and seasonings. This beef stew recipe is perfect for cold nights!


35 mins

Tuscan Bean Soup Recipe

The perfect soup for the rainy days is here. Grab some veggies, some basil, some chicken broth, and have a deliciously filling soup!


10 mins

Thai Coleslaw Recipe

This Thai coleslaw recipe puts an Asian twist on regular slaw. It's a multi-dimensional soba salad bursting with flavor, perfect as a light but tasty meal.


1 hr 25 mins

Copycat Outback Carrot Cake Recipe

Treat your taste buds to a moist dessert with this copycat Outback carrot cake. It's made with yogurt glaze and cream cheese frosting.

Slow Cooked

4 hrs 15 mins

Slow Cooked Apples And Pork Recipe

In our pork chops and apples recipe, the meat and fruits are tendered by simmering it in an applesauce bath. This gives flavor unlike you ever tasted.

Slow Cooked

4 hrs 5 mins

Slow Cooker Classic Pot Roast & Rice Recipe

A well-cooked piece of meat that's tender to the bone paired with an array of colorful veggies over a hot platter of rice is just what you need for a full and satisfied tummy.


25 mins

Copycat Chili’s Asian Chicken Salad Recipe

This healthy and tasty Asian Chicken Salad Recipe serves a bowl of crisp vegetables and herbs topped with soft and tender chicken sprinkled with sweet and savory salad dressing and crunch fried noodles.

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