27 Delicious Gluten-Free Chicken Recipes To Try at Home

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Odette Modified: December 29, 2022
27 Delicious Gluten-Free Chicken Recipes To Try at Home

Ever stumbled upon gluten-free diets from your favorite celebrities and thought about trying them out in the hopes of keeping a slimmer figure? The question is, are they any effective? Well, yes and no. Gluten-free is not a weight loss diet despite being a popular lifestyle choice for some. Some follow it as a primary treatment for celiac disease and wheat sensitivity. To explain, gluten-free is a diet plan that excludes gluten or groups of protein found in grains like wheat, barley, oats, and rye. Others, however, are reluctant to follow it as they perceive gluten-free as bland. That’s not necessarily true and these gluten free chicken recipes will prove such myths otherwise!

If you’re keen on trying this diet, whether as a lifelong necessity or simply a lifestyle choice, these 27 delicious gluten-free chicken recipes will redefine your thoughts about this strict diet. Plus, a wheat-free diet is beneficial whether you have dietary restrictions or not.

Gluten Free Fried Chicken

Gluten-free fried chicken recipe, gluten free chicken recipes

One of the foods that hinder some from trying gluten-free meals is the ever-famous fried chicken. There’s just something so comforting with this fried food and its crunchy breading. So one of the first questions that come to mind when you start eating gluten-free is: do I have to avoid fried chicken as well and just make do with boiled chicken breasts? Well, not necessarily. You just have to remove the wheat found in all-purpose flour used to coat your fried chicken. Instead of flour, you can substitute it with tapioca starch or pure cornstarch like this gluten-free fried chicken recipe.

Recipe for Inspiration: Gluten Free Fried Chicken

Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash

pesto chicken spaghetti squash recipe

Whoever said you can’t enjoy pasta recipes just because you’ve turned gluten-free? Why, there are delicious gluten-free chicken recipes like this spaghetti squash recipe. For this dish, you can use a perfectly cooked squash instead of semolina flour and it will completely be gluten-free.

If you’re thinking it will take so much work cooking squash, think again. All you need to do is pop them in the microwave, bake, and pull them to strings. Your oven and microwave do all the work, really. That is, aside from using a fork to pull and make strings. Despite how it sounds, preparation time takes only 11 minutes. You can prepare some ingredients, like the pesto sauce, in advance to make meal prep even shorter.

Recipe for Inspiration: Pesto Chicken Spaghetti Squash

Slow Cooker Chicken Marsala

slow cooker chicken marsala recipe

Like we said, just because you plan on following a wheat-free diet, doesn’t mean your food should be boring. One very good way to bring out flavors in your dishes is by using a slow cooker for making your meals, like this chicken marsala.

This recipe is already full of flavor, but what’s even better is that using a slow cooker for chicken breasts also prevents them from drying out and losing their moisture. The result would be tender chicken breast coated in rich mushroom sauce.

Recipe for Inspiration: Slow Cooker Chicken Marsala

Gluten Free Hearty Chicken Pot Pie

Gluten Free Hearty Chicken Pot Pie, gluten free chicken recipes

Everyone will love this chicken pot pie recipe. And by everyone, we mean even those who follow a strict diet. As you know, chicken pot pies are normally loaded with sodium, calories, and gluten from the toppings. Fortunately, there are healthy gluten-free chicken pot pie recipes you can cook at home. Recreate your favorite dish with this easy recipe using a box of gluten-free pancakes and baking mix. We promise you won’t even notice the difference!

Recipe for Inspiration: Gluten Free Hearty Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Parmesan Cheese

easy chicken parmesan recipe

You might be wondering why we added chicken parmesan to this list when one of its usual primary ingredients is breadcrumbs. But did you know there are gluten-free panko breadcrumbs you can buy at your local supermarkets? Yes, you heard that right. It’s only recently that they’ve made gluten-free versions. Now, it’s much easier to recreate your favorite recipes!

If you haven’t given gluten-free panko a try yet, now is the perfect time to try it out. Aside from panko, swap the flour with tapioca flour or cornstarch and this dish would be completely free of wheat.

Recipe for Inspiration: Easy Chicken Parmesan

Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

gluten free chicken nuggets

Aside from using gluten-free panko in place of breadcrumbs, you can also use gluten-free cereals. All you have to do is blend the cereal in a blender or food processor and you can use it for gluten-free meals. This recipe is made for kids, but it won’t hurt to season it with a bit of paprika aside from the usual salt and pepper.

Need some dip with that? No problem! You can also prepare dipping sauces such as hot sauce and honey mustard dip.

Recipe for Inspiration: Gluten-Free Chicken Nuggets

Chicken Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

Warm Chicken Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette Chicken Salad Recipe

Of course, we won’t forget to add a salad to this list, especially one that is as delish as this one.

Nearly everyone expects salads to be flat and bland, but really the secret to a flavorful (yet healthy) salad is through its dressing. With that, this chicken salad is slathered in a healthy mustard vinaigrette you’ll surely love. So if you’re looking for something that can entice you with flavors but want to keep it healthy and wheat-free, count on this gluten-free chicken recipe!

Recipe for Inspiration: Warm Chicken Salad with Mustard Vinaigrette

Lemon Chicken Soup

lemon chicken soup recipe

Feeling under the weather lately? Perhaps you can pick yourself up by preparing this heartwarming lemon chicken soup recipe. Or better yet, have someone prepare it for you. This soup is citrusy, so it’s just the right food to give your immune system a boost!

Recipe for Inspiration: Lemon Chicken Soup

Ratatouille Baked Chicken

ratatouille baked chicken

Give this classic French dish a twist by adding baked chicken. Now, it’s not only loaded with antioxidants from eggplants and zucchini, it’s also loaded with proteins.

If you think about it, ratatouille is a good partner for different meats such as fish and even steak. But for this recipe, you don’t have to partner it with another main dish, because it’s a main dish on its own now. Truly, this is worth adding to your list of gluten-free chicken recipes.

Recipe for Inspiration: Ratatouille Baked Chicken

Chicken Piccata

appetizing chicken piccata

Just by hearing its name, many would back out cooking it just because it sounds like a lot of work. But chicken piccata is one of the easiest gluten-free chicken recipes you can make at home. With just a few ingredients, you’ll have a tasty and gluten-free meal. This recipe needs to be cooked in the skillet, then finished off in the oven. But if you have an electric skillet lying around, you can finish it in one cooking appliance!

Recipe for Inspiration: Appetizing Chicken Piccata

Baked Chicken Breast

baked chicken breasts recipe

Your wheat-free chicken breast shouldn’t have to be dry and boring! There are baked gluten-free chicken recipes you can make at home that are still full of flavor. With the help of select spices mixed with olive oil, you can make flavorful baked chicken breast for everyone to enjoy! And the best of all? This recipe only takes 30 minutes to make. We recommend trying this one on a busy working week. Then, partner it with either plain rice or even pasta for added taste!

Recipe for Inspiration: Baked Chicken Breast

Orange Chicken Makeover

orange chicken makeover recipe

This Chinese take-out is popular, so we know it’s difficult to leave this behind once you begin your gluten-free journey. But you can forget saying goodbye to your favorite dish because we have the perfect recipe to recreate it, gluten-free!

So what do you have to do? Swap soy sauce with tamari, of course. What is tamari? Tamari is a Japanese soy sauce variant that doesn’t contain wheat.

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Aside from the soy sauce, you can also swap flour with cornstarch. Both are gluten-free, so they’re a pantry staple in gluten-free kitchens.

Recipe for Inspiration: Orange Chicken Makeover

Rotisserie Chicken with Salad Greens

rotisserie chicken dinner: the garden-lover recipe

Make meal prep a lot easier with this rotisserie chicken with salad greens. Many store-bought rotisserie chickens are gluten-free. Of course, it still pays to check the label. But if you want a fresher rotisserie chicken, you can always make one at home using your rotisserie oven and this amazing recipe we prepared for you.

Recipe for Inspiration: Rotisserie Chicken with Salad Greens

Gluten Free Sesame Chicken

gluten free sesame chicken recipe

Alongside orange chicken, another crowd favorite in Chinese take-outs is chicken with sesame oil and sesame seeds. So undoubtedly, we would also include it in our list of gluten-free chicken recipes.

We love the salty and savory flavor of coconut aminos, but if it’s not your cup of tea, simply substitute it with tamari soy sauce. All in all, we’re sure you’ll love this tender, savory chicken just as we do. Another reason to try it? It’s paleo-friendly too!

Recipe for Inspiration: Gluten Free Sesame Chicken

Roasted Lemon Chicken

roasted chicken

Here is another roasted chicken you can try! This one has tangy flavor notes that get rid of extra saltiness from the herb and soup mix. And if you love anything classic (albeit being soy-free), then this roasted lemon chicken will do the trick nicely especially for dinner parties.

This recipe is best paired with a healthy side of roasted vegetables or mashed potato. To impress your dinner guests a little more, top it with parsley and drizzle a little more lemon.

Recipe for Inspiration: Roasted Lemon Chicken 

Instant Pot Drumsticks

instant pot drumsticks recipe

Craving for something sweet and savory? Or perhaps it’s one of your comfort foods? Then it’s worth adding this instant pot chicken drumsticks to your list of gluten-free chicken recipes. Tender drumsticks are coated in savory, salty, and sweet teriyaki sauce. But don’t worry, it’s made of tamari, sugar, and rice wine vinegar. These ingredients are all completely gluten-free.

Recipe for Inspiration: Instant Pot Drumsticks

Shredded Chicken Fried Rice

shredded chicken fried rice in a white bowl

Don’t know what to do with leftover rice? Give it a new life and create something your family will love! You can add and top it with your all-time favorites like gyoza or pot stickers (gluten-free of course), ground beef, or ground pork. As for us, we love a shredded chicken that has been boiled to perfection. You can throw a couple more vegetables in too to add substance and nutrition.

Recipe for Inspiration: Shredded Chicken Fried Rice 

Mustard and Honey Chicken

mustard and honey chicken recipe

On the lookout for easy prep meals? Whether you just have too much on your hands or you’re feeling quite lazy for the day, this easy-to-put-together dish is right for you. If you have broiled chicken for make-ahead meals, this is also one great way to spruce it up. You just have to mix mustard and honey and brush over the chicken while broiling.

Recipe for Inspiration: Mustard and Honey Chicken 

Chicken Casserole

chicken enchilada casserole recipe

Do you love tortillas? If you do, then there’s a good chance you hesitate on trying gluten-free meals, but did you know corn tortillas are gluten-free? Not only that, but compared to flour tortillas, they’re also a healthier alternative. To start, you can try corn tortillas using this chicken enchilada casserole recipe. We’re sure you and your kids will love it! We doubt they will even notice the difference.

Recipe for Inspiration: Chicken Enchilada Casserole

Buffalo Chicken Meatballs

buffalo chicken meatballs recipe

Tired of your usual chicken meatball recipe? Make it healthier and tastier with this buffalo chicken meatballs recipe. If you’re thinking it’s not gluten-free because it has panko, then just substitute the panko bread crumbs with the gluten-free version to make sure.

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To add, this recipe also uses Frank’s hot sauce. And like most hot sauce products, Franks’ is gluten-free. So, no matter how challenging it may sound to follow this diet, there’s no reason to fret because there are plenty of alternatives home cooks can easily use to make gluten-free chicken recipes.

Recipe for Inspiration: Buffalo Chicken Meatballs 

Gluten-Free Chicken And Dumplings

gluten free chicken and dumplings recipe

Do you also love dumplings? Partnered with fried rice or even added to soups like this chicken and dumplings recipe, it’s lucky you don’t have to miss this versatile ingredient by using gluten-free flour. This is good in cold weather or whenever you feel down. Now, here’s a pro tip: this recipe is good for leftover dumpling mixture. Think of leftovers when you make your favorite potstickers.

Recipe for Inspiration: Gluten Free Chicken And Dumplings

Chinese Honey Chicken

chinese honey chicken recipe

Chinese honey chicken is another Chinese dish we all love. This recipe only needs a few ingredients like mayonnaise, honey, condensed milk, and cornstarch (aside from chicken of course). All its ingredients are wheat-free! Plus, we heard it stays crispy even after hours of cooking it. And with sauce coated on it too!

Recipe for Inspiration: Chinese Honey Chicken 

Chicken Rice Bowls

grilled citrus chicken rice bowls recipe

Fan of rice bowls? We don’t blame you. They’re not only delicious, but they’re easy to prepare and eat too! They are best eaten while working or during a movie marathon. Rice bowls are laid-back meals you can eat comfortably! One hand is cradled on the bowl while the other is used to hold your spoon and chopsticks. That, and this recipe of a refreshing bowl of citrus chicken make chicken rice bowls worth adding to your list of gluten-free chicken recipes.

Recipe for Inspiration: Grilled Citrus Chicken Rice Bowls 

Waldorf Chicken Salad

waldorf chicken salad recipe

If you want something new to add to your list of gluten-free salad recipes, then better try this Waldorf chicken salad. Instead of the usual caesar salad dressing, this one uses a mixture of mayonnaise and Greek yogurt. It also has apples, grapes, celery, and walnuts. Luckily, plain Greek yogurt and walnuts are both gluten-free. But as always, it’s a good practice to check labels before you consume them just in case they’re made in the same facility with gluten foods.

Recipe for Inspiration: Waldorf Chicken Salad

Gluten-Free Chicken Taquitos

gluten free chicken taquitos recipe

We all love Mexican food. Be it tacos, nachos, or burritos. With that said, we know some Mexican meals can be loaded with gluten, so we made sure to include some gluten-free chicken recipes from the Mexican cuisine you will enjoy, like this taquitos recipe. As usual, you just have to switch to corn tortillas to enjoy this one.

Recipe for Inspiration: Gluten-Free Chicken Taquitos 

Gluten-Free Cream Of Chicken Soup

gluten free cream of chicken soup recipe

To create thick and delicious sauces and soups, you have to make roux first. Chicken soup is one of the recipes where you have to use it. Now to make one, you have to put equal amounts of flour and butter. But it’s not completely impossible to make a roux for gluten-free recipes. You just have to switch to wheat-free ingredients like rice flour. This recipe is sure to be just as creamy and delicious as the original recipe, so give it a try!

Recipe for Inspiration: Gluten Free Cream Of Chicken Soup

Low Cholesterol Chicken Meatloaf

Low Cholesterol Chicken Meatloaf Recipe, easy juicy homemade italian meatloaf with vegetables and marinara sauce

This healthy, low cholesterol recipe uses quick-cooking oats as filler to prevent the meatloaf from drying. Again, you can use gluten-free breadcrumbs and cereals. We also heard it’s good to put crushed corn tortilla chips.

Recipe for Inspiration: Low Cholesterol Chicken Meatloaf

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