12 Best Rotisserie Oven Choices For Better Roasting

12 Best Rotisserie Oven Choices For Better Roasting

Although buying rotisserie chicken at the store is practical and convenient for some, this might not be the case if meat is a staple in your household. In the long run, you will end up spending a lot more money, and on pre-made options too! Imagine spending more for a premade and not freshly cooked chicken that can be easily achieved using the best rotisserie oven. With your best oven and your favorite quick and easy rotisserie chicken recipe, you can easily wow your guests with restaurant-quality entrées!

Plus, who would say no to a good oven especially if it comes with versatile features that allow you to use it for other kitchen tasks? The only catch is that markets are peppered with all kinds of ovens that have different functions and features that may sound alien. There are compact air fryers, toaster ovens, commercial ovens, and more.

So if you need some help in deciding, continue reading to discover the best rotisserie oven for better roasting. From the most asked questions to factors you need to consider, we’ll provide you all the information you need to help you find the best one!

Our Favorite Rotisserie Ovens at a Glance

Top 12 Rotisserie Ovens For Your Kitchen

To help you choose the best oven for your chicken recipes, we carefully selected products that are up to par with our qualifications! That is to say, they have good reviews as well as features and functions that suit your needs.

1. Best Overall: Instant Vortex Plus 7-in-1 Air Fryer Oven

What We Love

  • Cooking accessories are dishwasher-safe
  • 7 built-in smart functions
  • Heats up to 400 degrees F

What We Don't Love

  • Drip pan loses its non-stick coating

At the moment this is the best-selling and best-rated oven with a rotisserie program on Amazon. Instant Vortex from Instant Pot has all the promise and function you would expect from a premium brand! This one especially has 7-in-1 smart programs that enable you to roast, broil, bake, reheat, air-fry, dehydrate and cook your rotisserie. The beauty of it not only comes from its many functions, but its one-step even-crisp technology is also a convenient feature that many busy parents are looking for in an air-fryer slash rotisserie ovens.

Like any air-fryer, you’ll use little to no oil at all! And if you happen to cook a greasy, yet tasty dish like this pork neck recipe, cleaning its roasting pans and accompanying accessories will be a breeze because they’re all dishwasher safe!

2. Best Vertical: NutriChef Countertop Vertical Rotating Oven

What We Love

  • Countertop-safe
  • Energy efficient
  • High-heat resistant doors

What We Don't Love

  • The drip tray is too small

Now, this one might look intimidating to use in the kitchen, but believe us when we say this is one of the easiest vertical rotisserie ovens you can use! Control it like you would any toaster or air-fryer and you’re good to go. Furthermore, this vertical oven heats up to 464 degrees F that’s easily adjusted using the time knob. You can also set it for 60 minutes!

People also go gaga over its versatile meal prep. Unlike what you think, this also works well with kabobs, shawarma, rotisserie, and more! So you are guaranteed to have a fantastic time using this for your chicken kabob recipe. After all, this oven comes with racks and skewers that work for both kabobs and rotisserie.

And the last feature that’s worth mentioning is how it is countertop safe! We told you it heats up to 464 degrees F, but it can sit right on your countertop thanks to its heat-resistant doors. These heat-resistant doors allow you to make use of counter space at its front that’s otherwise harder to utilize when doors can’t contain the oven’s heat. More importantly, it saves you from accidental burns too.

3. Best Horizontal: OMMO Countertop Air Fryer Toaster Oven Combo with Rotisserie

What We Love

  • 360 degrees rapid air circulation
  • 1800 watts air-fryer
  • Auto shutoff
  • Eight preset options for one-touch cooking

What We Don't Love

  • Makes clanking noises
  • Takes up most counter space

Ommo sports a 17-quart capacity that can accommodate a family or even small parties for up to nine people despite its compact size! To be exact, its inner size is 11.8 by 10.2 by 9.8 inches. You’ll have no trouble cooking your six-pound chicken or even a 12-inch whole-wheat pizza with this horizontal rotisserie oven!

One of its biggest flexes, however, is its LCD that includes eight presets that allow users to cook their food with just one touch. Can you imagine being able to fry, bake, roast, dehydrate, and more in just one click?

4. Best Convection: Cuisinart Airfryer, Convection Toaster Oven, Silver

What We Love

  • Auto shutoff
  • 7-in-1 functions

What We Don't Love

  • No spits or skewers
  • Capacity too small for turkeys and similar-sized meats

If you want to give your dishes a nice toast and loud crunch, your best bet would be using this convection oven from Cuisinart! This 1800–watt workhorse has seven functions that are useful in the kitchen especially if you have limited counter space. Some of its functions include air-fry, convection broil, bake, and roast. Worry-free kitchen duties are now also within your reach with no danger of oil splattering when you air-fry this chicken wings recipe.

When it comes to its capacity, it can perfectly toast six slices of bread as well as roast, say, four pounds of chicken! Although this one can perfectly cook a rotisserie chicken, we’re afraid it doesn’t come with a rotisserie spit.

But the good thing with this oven is that you’ll still get to enjoy the many functions we mentioned earlier. That and its auto-shutoff feature makes this one a breeze to use!

5. Best Toaster: Breville the Smart Oven Pro with Element IQ

What We Love

  • LCD preset functions
  • Non-stick oven walls
  • Detects where it needs more heat

What We Don't Love

  • Has wonky buttons and knobs

Here’s another toaster oven that’s unbelievably versatile despite just being a convection toaster! But what sets this apart from the rest is its IQ system that can detect where it needs more heat. It provides just the right heating environment to where it’s needed and when it’s needed. As a result, it reduces cooking time by up to 30 percent which gives you more time for more important meal prep.

This oven is also designed not just for your rotisserie chicken, it’s also capable of baking, roasting, and broiling. You can even try baking this mouth-watering butter cookies recipe and it will be perfect! Aside from that, this oven also has slow-cooking settings for your slow-cooked meals that can be left while you make a quick run to the grocery store — a useful feature for busy people!

6. Best Air-Fryer COSORI Air Fryer Toaster Combo Large Countertop Oven

What We Love

  • Smart control using Hey Google and Alexa
  • Works with 2.4GHz WiFi network

What We Don't Love

  • Confusing to use at first
  • No rotisserie spit

Some people love cooking for themselves but are easily discouraged when they realize how inconvenient it is for their current living situation. Whatever your reason why cooking hasn’t been on your “to-do list”, this air-fryer oven is the perfect kitchen appliance for you! This one even has a smart feature that allows you to control your oven through Alexa and Hey Google. Just download the Vesync app and cook to your heart’s content, hands-free.

But what does the app do? You can create cooking programs, cooking presets, and control your oven through the app. You’ll also get notifications if your food is ready. No need for you to keep an eye on your food all the time.

7. Best Countertop: Elite Gourmet Double French Door Countertop Oven

What We Love

  • 45-liter capacity
  • Double French door saves heat and counter space

What We Don't Love

  • Flimsy racks
  • Door handles are not heat-resistant

This oven with a double French door is our solid bet for the best countertop oven. At first glance, you’d think this is a pretty bulky oven (considering it sits on your countertop), but it’s actually the opposite. For its size and capacity, it takes less space than it normally should. Many also commend it for having a perfect size (and elegant doors). The reason, Elite Gourmet completely utilizes its size by giving a lot of space for the cooking area. And that leaves you enough space to cook 20 pounds of turkey. Test it out with this 14-pound herb-roasted turkey recipe!

The doors also look pretty on your countertop. But being pretty is not its only use. Elite designed it so you can utilize counter space that is, otherwise, occupied when you’re using other ovens. With this one, you’re free to use the counter because the doors are on each side, rather than down on the counter when the oven is opened. You can also leave the other door closed so you won’t let out as much heat.

8. Best Commercial: Ronco Showtime Large Capacity Rotisserie & BBQ Oven

What We Love

  • Auto shutoff feature
  • Self-basting rotation
  • Versatile use
  • Simple controls

What We Don't Love

  • Cleaning is difficult
  • Bulky

If you’re just starting your business, the Ronco rotisserie oven is just the right commercial oven to start on! It’s large enough for two rotisserie chickens, but not large enough for bulk and overwhelming orders. But besides chicken and turkey, you can also cook vegetables, burgers, shawarma, and barbecue with this kitchen appliance. In fact, this is just the right size for them! Furthermore, it also comes with a three-hour timer that automatically shuts off the oven when the timer runs up.

Favorably, its exclusive digital cook setting with three simple digital controls is also easy to operate. When you’re cooking for commercial use, there’s no need for intricate and difficult settings anymore. In other words, everything should be a breeze to use. And as Ronco said, “no guesswork needed.”

You also have very little to do with food preparation as this one comes with a self-basting rotation that helps lock in flavors while minimizing burned parts. For sure, you’ll end up with evenly-browned meats with very tender and juicy meat that’s hard to pass up.

9. Best Large Best Choice Products XXXL Family Size Air Fryer

What We Love

  • Dishwasher-safe parts
  • Made with FDA-grade materials
  • Door is removable for easy cleanup
  • Comes with 12 accessories

What We Don't Love

  • Rotisserie shaft is not durable

Did you say large? From options available on Amazon, no one can beat this one from Best Choice Products! Generously sized at 14.5 by 13 by 15.25 inches, this air-fryer has a 16-liter capacity that can fit two whole chickens! Fitting a turkey in there is also a no-bother.

But does it have the power for a large batch of flavorful roasted chicken? This air-fryer is equipped with an 1800-watt motor that contributes heat evenly throughout the oven. This makes cooking faster and more efficient. Using the LCD, you can also control the temperature between 90 to 400 degrees F.

Like most air-fryers today, this product has an auto-shutoff feature that prevents overcooking as well, although the rotating basket helps too! Burned and unevenly browned meat is not a problem you’ll have with this large rotisserie oven.

10. Best Compact: GoWISE USA GW44804 Air Fryer Toaster Oven with Rotisserie

What We Love

  • Space-saver
  • 12 quart capacity despite its size
  • Comes with 11 accessories
  • 11 preset functions

What We Don't Love

  • Non-stick coating for the pan is too thin
  • Some racks are flimsy

We don’t know about you, but we absolutely love the minimalist design of this small rotisserie oven from GoWISE! Take note though that you have to leave five inches of space for air to rotate around the air-fryer. But even with the additional five inches, this is still extremely compact compared to other rotisserie ovens.

Although this is a small rotisserie oven, it has a cooking capacity of 12.7 quarts that’s perfectly sized for two people! Use three racks and you can stretch its capacity to up to three.

If that isn’t enough to convince you, maybe this will: it comes with 11 accessories that help maximize this air fryer’s capabilities. It comes with a rotisserie tong, rod, skewer, rotisserie basket, 2 oven racks, drip pan, and more!

11. Best Budget-Friendly: Ultrean Air Fryer, Toaster Oven with Rotisserie

What We Love

  • Budget-friendly
  • Sports a light control switch

What We Don't Love

  • Takes time to heat up

Who can say this is a budget-friendly air-fryer? We mean it looks beautiful and functional enough to pass up as a luxury item. What more, it can double as a rotisserie oven, convection oven, and dehydrator!

To add to those amazing qualities, this rotisserie oven also features easy control LCD buttons that you’ll have no trouble operating even on first use. But what we like the most is that it has a light control switch that allows you to see the food you’re cooking! You don’t have to open the door anymore to check on your food. All that heat escaping? Surely no one wants that!

12. Best Versatile: Emeril Lagasse Power Air Fryer with Rotisserie Spit

What We Love

  • 360-degree Quick cook technology
  • Has 12 cooking functions
  • Comes with five accessories

What We Don't Love

  • Not a great fryer

This one might be last on our list, but it definitely isn’t the least! Contrarily, this product is one of the best rotisserie ovens in the market to date. Its versatility combined with durability is what sets it apart from the rest!

This air-fryer perfectly mimics commercial-quality ovens, making it the best addition to your kitchen arsenal. Only, this air fryer slash rotisserie oven is much more compact compared to really bulky commercial ovens. We also liked that this one has 12 preset functions. To put it into perspective, 12 is more than the average preset function for convection ovens. The average only has three!

How to Choose the Best Rotisserie Oven

Having a hard time zeroing in on a rotisserie oven you might like? We expect you are, but the good thing is we have listed down factors you have to keep an eye on when you begin your search. Continue reading to find out what these factors are!


Chicken comes in different sizes, usually around four to five pounds. And we must say, a four-pound chicken could barely fit in a small oven. There’s not much air rotation either! With that in mind, getting the family size is a better option than the compact size. This is unless you don’t have much limitations when it comes to kitchen space.

Temperature Setting

Cooking power for rotisserie ovens is often measured in watts. While it is important to know how much watts your oven runs, it is also important to look for ovens that allow you to manipulate the heat of the oven through temperature controls.


You can choose an oven that’s only capable of roasting your rotisserie chicken, but a lot of the ovens in the market have preset functions for different cooking methods like toasting, frying, and roasting. If you need it, you can also find one that can ferment foods for you as well!


Most rotisserie ovens in the market come with a rotisserie basket, a rotisserie spit, and a drip pan. Make sure you have all of the rotisserie essentials when you look for an oven.

Type of Rotisserie Ovens

Rotisserie Oven

Rotisserie ovens offer versatility that horizontal and vertical ovens cannot. You can perfectly use this oven for other functions, perhaps as a toaster or even as a broiler. With that said, there’s a chance you’ll sacrifice the quality of your rotisserie. Meanwhile, horizontal and vertical ovens have the advantage of an evenly roasted chicken.

Horizontal Rotisserie

As the name suggests, this oven rotates meat on a horizontal angle. This offers more versatility than the vertical one because it can accommodate different kinds of meat. Make it kebob, shawarma, burgers, and more. It can also sit on your countertop with little to no problem at all.

Vertical Rotisserie

Vertical rotisserie does not have much difference with horizontal, only, this one rotates on a vertical angle. Unlike its counterpart, though, this saves space on your counter because it is taller than it is wide. But for some, this can be a bother if there’s a kitchen cabinet at the top of your counter. Otherwise, this kind of oven is a space saver!

Frequently Asked Questions

What can you cook in a rotisserie oven?

You can cook practically anything in a rotisserie oven. Be it baked, roasted, broiled, or slow-cooked chicken or other types of food. As long as your rotisserie oven can accommodate the serving size, you’re free to use it according to the brand’s instruction manual.

How to use a rotisserie oven?

Using a rotisserie oven is actually an easy task. It comes with a spit where you place your meat. Simply slide the spit through the head of your chicken, position it in the middle, and affix the fork. Place it back and run your oven as instructed.

What are the benefits of using a rotisserie?

Using a rotisserie oven allows you to crisp meat to perfection without the risk of uneven baking that most ovens have. With normal ovens, you have to rotate the meat manually. Whereas in a rotisserie, you’ll have the spit do that for you.

Are there disadvantages to using a rotisserie oven?

Because horizontal and vertical ovens are made for rotisserie, they also offer less versatility which comes from using ovens with preset functions. Nowadays, however, you’ll be able to buy rotisserie ovens with multipurpose use.

Want to share your experiences with rotisserie ovens or get advice on choosing the best one for your needs? Join the discussion on the 12 best rotisserie oven choices for better roasting in the Kitchen Equipment forum.

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