Broccoli recipes

Broccoli Recipes

Broccoli may seem unappetizing, but there is so much more you can make than plain steamed broccoli. In fact, we assure you that even a broccoli hater can't say no to our collection of tasty broccoli recipes. Try it roasted and crunchy, baked and cheesy, or tossed in salad or pasta! And when winter comes, you'll be instantly comforted with some creamy broccoli soup. With the creative twists you can make with this humble veg, you might just fall in love with broccoli!

Recommended Broccoli Recipes


20 mins

Broccoli & Cheese Casserole Recipe

A scrumptious vegetable casserole that's filled with cheese and broccoli. This broccoli casserole recipe will be a pleasure to devour on the table.


15 mins

Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps Recipe

Make succulent and savory Korean beef lettuce wraps made of ground beef and broccoli stems sautéed in spicy and umami seasonings.


25 mins

Broccoli and Shrimp Soup Recipe

This Broccoli and Shrimp Soup Recipe will warm you up. Healthy broccoli, earthy miso, and spicy ginger mixed to make a light broth topped with savory shrimp.


1 hr

Cheesy Egg White And Broccoli Quiche Recipe

This cheesy egg white and broccoli quiche is a healthy and hearty breakfast. Fluffy egg whites with healthy broccoli mixed with stringy mozzarella to kickstart your day.


50 mins

Broccoli Cauliflower Cheesy Pasta Bake Recipe

Make this delicious broccoli and cauliflower bake recipe that’s overflowing with shredded parmesan and provolone cheese. It’s a simple and creamy baked pasta dish to enhance your afternoon and evening meals.


15 mins

Chicken Dijon Pasta Salad Recipe

This chicken pasta salad recipe creates a filling and lunch meal of tender chicken, fusilli, and crunchy broccoli, all smothered in a creamy dressing.


35 mins

Baked Cream of Chicken Pasta Recipe

Cook a hearty pasta dish with this simple and easy-to-follow chicken pasta recipe! Enjoy a delicious plate of pasta with this classic homemade dish.


5 hrs 16 mins

Crockpot Broccoli Cheddar Soup Recipe

Enjoy a creamy and chunky bowl in this broccoli cheddar soup recipe that combines frozen broccoli, creamy cheddar soup, and silky evaporated milk. This fiber-rich bite is slow-cooked in the crockpot to bring out more flavors.


50 mins

California Casserole Recipe

Cheese and vegetables go perfectly together. This California casserole recipe consists of a special blend of vegetables and cheese for a tasty side dish.


5 mins

Healthy Strawberry and Broccoli Smoothie Recipe

This delicious broccoli smoothie recipe has a hint of strawberry and lemon juice for that added sweet tart flavor. You’ll never look at veggie smoothies the same way again.


25 mins

Roasted California Blend Vegetables Recipe

This roasted vegetables mix offers a sweet, nutty, and toasted flavor compared to your regular vegetable medley. Try this 25-minute California blend casserole to serve as a side dish to your favorite protein.

BBQ & Grilled

40 mins

Mongolian BBQ Recipe

Excite your taste buds with this delicious stir fry, topped with beef, vegetables, and various spices. Our Mongolian BBQ Recipe is easy to cook and has flavors that definitely pack a punch. Enjoy the best of what Asian cuisine has to offer!


15 mins

Broccoli Almond Recipe

This tasty veggie dish will make you love taste of broccoli. All you need to do is add some almonds and you're good to munch it all up.


Dr Oz Recipe

Enjoy a protein-and-fiber-packed bowl of this Dr Oz recipe for your detox needs! This soup blends broccoli, dry lentils, and celery for a healthy bite.


Chicken Fritta Recipe

Chicken fritta is a unique pasta dish that also uses broccoli and mushrooms. Everything is then served with a creamy cheese sauce.


20 mins

Broccoli Grape Salad Recipe

This Broccoli Grape Salad is loaded with grapes, cucumber and bacon. The creamy broccoli salad dressing is so simple with just 4 ingredients.


20 mins

Apricot Dijon Salmon and Broccoli Recipe

This Apricot Dijon Salmon and broccoli is an easy, excellent one-pan salmon meal. The sweet and savory apricot glaze makes the salmon juicy and flaky.

Pan-Fry & Skillet

25 mins

Lemon Broccoli Chicken Recipe

Whip up an easy dinner meal with this broccoli chicken recipe! It's a sauteed dish with the freshness of lemon and the creaminess of the condensed soup.


45 mins

Rich Broccoli Cheese Soup
 Recipe (Panera Copycat)

The Best Broccoli Cheese Soup is a thick, rich and creamy soup with chunks of tender broccoli pieces, shredded carrots and a hint of nutmeg all cooked together in melted sharp cheese! The perfect comfort soup for the colder months!

Air Fryer

15 mins

Air Fryer Broccoli Recipe

Crunchy yet tender this Air Fryer Roasted Garlic Broccoli is going to become a favorite side dish. Super quick and easy this is the best way to cook broccoli guaranteed!
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