Shrimp recipes

Shrimp Recipes

Brush up your weekly menu with lip-smacking shrimp goodness! Cook shrimp with pasta or flavor it with butter, honey, or lemon. You can't go wrong with our shrimp recipes! These tasty shrimp recipes of ours are guaranteed to whip up some restaurant-quality shrimp dishes.

Recommended Shrimp Recipes


3 hrs 10 mins

Crockpot Seafood Paella Recipe

Delight seafood lovers with this crockpot seafood paella recipe for an elegant and flavor-packed bite! The marriage of deglazed white wine and two kinds of broth is mixed with tasteful clams, shrimp, and scallops.


35 mins

Cheesy Shrimp Casserole Recipe

This easy shrimp casserole recipe brings you the right mix of a lot of creamy cheese and juicy shrimp for the perfect seafood dinner.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

40 mins

Shrimp Lobster Dip Recipe (Longhorn Steakhouse Copycat)

This copycat Longhorn Steakhouse shrimp lobster dip recipe is packed with creamy cheeses, lobster and shrimp bits made ultra flavorful with smoked paprika and white wine. It's deliciously cheesy with a brown and bubbly finish.


25 mins

Popeye’s Copycat Popcorn Shrimp Recipe

Crispy, tender shrimp seasoned with spices reminiscent of Southern-style cooking, this scrumptious popcorn shrimp dish from Popeyes is the perfect seafood meal. Recreate it in this easy recipe!


50 mins

Lean Shrimp and Grits Recipe

Have a hand at a New Orleans tradition with this Lean Shrimp and Grits recipe! Make a hearty bowl of creamy grits and seasoned seafood in less than an hour.


25 mins

Broccoli and Shrimp Soup Recipe

This Broccoli and Shrimp Soup Recipe will warm you up. Healthy broccoli, earthy miso, and spicy ginger mixed to make a light broth topped with savory shrimp.


16 mins

Prosciutto Wrapped Shrimp Recipe

Ideal as both a main and an appetizer, this grilled prosciutto wrapped shrimp is seasoned with dill, tarragon, and garlic for a beautiful earthy herb flavor.


50 mins

Bubba Gump’s-Inspired Jambalaya Recipe

Explore more of Southern cuisine with our homemade jambalaya recipe inspired by Bubba Gump’s. It’s a seasoned mixture of rice, shrimp, meats, and tasty vegetables, which you can serve to your family tonight!


25 mins

Linguini Aglio Olio Recipe

Bring a little part of Italy to your table today! This classic pasta recipe is rich, fragrant and full of flavor, perfect for dinner. Not only that, but it can be easily customized to suit vegans and vegetarians!


25 mins

Cajun Shrimp Pizza Recipe

This is a quick delicious pizza recipe. It is a little spicy but you can use less of the suggested ingredients to make it kid-friendly!


45 mins

Outback Shrimp On The Barbie Recipe (Copycat)

Our Outback shrimp on the barbie serves deliciously grilled juicy shrimp with a creamy homemade remoulade sauce on the side. Try this easy grilled shrimp recipe that you can make in under an hour.


35 mins

Copycat Red Lobster Shrimp Linguini Alfredo Recipe

This delicious combination of fresh shrimp and creamy, savory Alfredo sauce is not one to miss your dinner table! Our Red Lobster-inspired shrimp linguini alfredo recipe is a classic, perfect for all occasions--whether it be a fancy dinner or a party with friends.


1 hr 20 mins

Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp Recipe

Cajun-seasoned Chicken and shrimp are marinated to soulful perfection in this copycat Bourbon Street Chicken & Shrimp Recipe. This Applebee’s menu favorite shows off the South’s flavorful, bayou-style cooking!

Instant Pot

Instant Pot Shrimp Biryani Recipe

The multi-cooker makes this beloved Indian dish an easy clean-up. the shrimp and spices are first sautéed in the pot, then the rice is well cooked.

Dip, Sauce & Condiment

Coconut Shrimp Dipping Sauce Recipe

Made using 3 ingredients, the blend of sweet and slightly spicy flavors in this coconut shrimp dipping sauce brings any savory dish to a new level!


Seafood Casserole Recipe

Parmesan and Swiss Cheese lend creamy & cheesy notes to this seafood casserole. This baked delight uses haddock, scallops, and shrimp for a loaded bite.
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