Valentine's Day

Make February 14 extra romantic by staying in and whipping up special dishes for your loved one and bask in the sweet glow of their delight and surprise. Choose from our collection of Valentine's Day recipes that will certainly add splendor to your candlelight dinner.

Recommended Valentine's Day


Best Red Velvet Cake Recipe

This simple red velvet cake recipe certainly won’t disappoint. Nothing beats a classic red velvet cake from scratch.  It’s a wonderfully rich and moist treat with a decadent cream cheese frosting that you won’t be able to get enough of. 

50 mins


Panera French Onion Soup Recipe (Copycat)

Savor the meaty broth of this Panera french onion soup made with caramelized yellow onions cooked in red wine, beef stock, and cognac. Love it even more with crunchy baguette croutons topped with melted cheese stirred in this flavor packed soup.

1 hr 10 mins

BBQ & Grilled

Grilled Beef Tenderloin Recipe

Sink your teeth into this grilled beef tenderloin that's made flavorful with a tangy and sweet essence overtop, for a hearty and belly-filling dinner meal!

5 hrs 20 mins

Pan-Fry & Skillet

Pan-Seared Steaks with Shallot Sauce Recipe

An incredible recipe for perfectly seared top sirloin steaks to lock in those precious juices and flavor. Topped of with a delicate sweet and savory shallot sauce which is also made with beef broth, red wine, and balsamic vinegar.

40 mins


Eye of Round Steak Recipe

A thick and juicy steak to try, this eye of round steak recipe is a simple and quick dish to cook. Pair it with some red wine and it'll be perfect for intimate date nights at home!

15 mins


Oven Grilled Sirloin Steak Recipe

Make the perfect juicy steak in the comfort of your own home. This sirloin steak recipe is incredibly easy and lets you serve a sumptuous meal for two in less than an hour.

35 mins


Cod, Scallops, and Spinach Recipe

This cod recipe yields a delicious seafood meal made creamy by butter, while the coconut oil adds a hint of flavor as well.
55 mins


Strawberry Cream Cake Recipe

This easy strawberry cake is made of a classic vanilla buttercream cake, filled with strawberry marmalade, and brushed with red wine. The frosting is made of red wine-infused buttercream and fresh strawberries for additional edible decor.

4 hrs 10 mins


Classic Strawberry Milkshake Recipe

Indulge in a quick and easy homemade strawberry milkshake recipe with a few simple ingredients to make the perfect drink. It’s thick, creamy, and deliciously oozing with strawberry sweetness.

5 mins


Breakfast Zucchini Hash Browns Recipe

These low-carb zucchini hash browns will energize and fill you up in the morning. Make crispy keto hash browns with just a few ingredients in this easy recipe.
25 mins


Red Velvet Crinkle Cookies Recipe

These red velvet crinkle cookies covered with powdered sugar are a stunning addition to your cookie trays. Serve a batch of this iconic sweet treat in just 30 minutes.
30 mins


Semisweet Chocolate Mousse Recipe

Get your chocolate fix in this light, rich and creamy chocolate mousse with just five simple ingredients. Quickly whip up this luscious dessert with intense chocolate flavor that you’ll enjoy in every scoop.

25 mins


Be My Valentine Cupcakes Recipe

These moist valentine cupcakes are filled with dark chocolate ganache, finished with vanilla buttercream frosting, and decorated with playful candy toppings that will surely melt the heart of your loved ones.

35 mins

Chocolate Dessert

Royce’ Nama Chocolate Hack Recipe

Our version of the famous Royce' Nama Chocolate is made with quality dark chocolate and easy-to-find ingredients. Enjoy every bite of silky, smooth, and rich chocolate that you can also share with your loved ones.

6 hrs 30 mins


Best Traditional Red Sangria Recipe

This easy sangria recipe makes a cold, refreshing beverage best enjoyed with a big group. It will easily become your go-to party drink.

1 hr 15 mins


Oreo Cupcakes Recipe

Indulge your taste buds with these rich Oreo cupcakes! They're baked in with those classic cookies and topped with creamy frosting for a decadent treat.
35 mins


Pink Velvet Cake Recipe

This rich decadent Pink Velvet Cake is going to be a quick favorite.It's absolutely perfect for Valentine's Day, baby showers or any other special occasions.
1 hr 10 mins