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Pappa al Pomodoro Soup Recipe

This pappa al Pomodoro soup recipe is made with simple, bright ingredients. Warm and aromatic, it\'s the perfect comfort food for a cold day.
1 hr


Seafood Pasta Salad Recipe

Whip up the perfect potluck dish with this seafood pasta salad recipe. Enjoy a creamy bite made with tri-color pasta, mayo, and crabmeat.

5 hrs 35 mins


Christmas Creamy Eggnog Recipe

Warm up your cold, wintry Christmas nights with this creamy eggnog recipe. It has the richness of eggs, milk, and a hit of warmth from the rum.
30 mins

Pies & Pastries

Chocolate Eclair Recipe

Serve up something sweet and elegant with this chocolate eclair recipe, a French dessert with a choux pastry, vanilla cream filling, and chocolate icing.
2 hrs 35 mins


Loaded Smashed Red Potatoes Recipe

Prepare a loaded meal for a busy day with these smashed red potatoes made with red potatoes, spices, and cheese all baked together until golden brown.
50 mins


Seven Pepper Chili Recipe

If you are looking for the ultimate chili experience, this seven pepper chili dish will surely warm your palate with the depth of flavor and sizzling heat.
1 hr 30 mins


Sticky Chicken Drumsticks Recipe

Enjoy chicken drumsticks glazed with a tasty BBQ sauce then oven-baked to sticky, golden-brown perfection! Try this simple and easy recipe now!
55 mins


Home Style Meatloaf Recipe

Make some meatloaf for dinners and gatherings. Homemade cooking works best so why not try our home style meatloaf recipe to get started.
1 hr 35 mins

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Finger Foods

Brigadeiros Recipe

Treat yourself to luscious Brazilian treats in this brigadeiros recipe. It mixes 4 ingredients for chilled sweets that are similar to chocolate truffles.
2 hrs 25 mins


Chicken and Salmon Meal Prep Recipe

Whip up a delectable chicken and salmon meal prep, loaded with pesto infused chicken breast, flake salmon, and veggies, for an instant next day meal!
30 mins


Donut Bread Pudding Recipe

This tasty donut bread pudding transforms your favorite donut into a flavorful bread pudding with only 5 simple ingredients needed and easy steps to follow.
1 hr 10 mins

Fruit Dessert

Strawberry Pretzel Salad Recipe

Whip up this sweet and salty strawberry pretzel salad for your next dinner gathering! It comes with three layers of pretzel, cream cheese, and strawberry.
5 hrs 35 mins


Salted Caramel Pots de Crème Recipe

Indulge yourself with a creamy Pots de Creme for dinner tonight! This smooth custard is made with caramel and flaky sea salt for a flavor-balanced sweet.
5 hrs 40 mins

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