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Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Slow Cooker Banana Bread Recipe
Appetizers & Snacks

Slow Cooker Banana Bread

Making banana bread has never been this yummy and easy. And you can give it even more texture by adding some pecans and chocolate chips too! Just imagine the sweet, moist bread speckled with bits of nuts and chocolate.

Total 150 mins
Smitten Kitchen’s Latkes Recipe

Smitten Kitchen’s Latkes

Total 35 mins
Copycat IHOP French Toast Recipe
Breads & Doughs

Copycat IHOP French Toast

Enjoy IHOP's french toast by making your own with this recipe.

Total 40 mins
Simple Chicken Stuffed Omelette Recipe

Simple Chicken Stuffed Omelette

This omelette recipe is a lot heartier than your regular omelette. The extra fillings adds more flavors and turns it into a fulfilling breakfast you can quickly prepare.

Total 15 mins

Whats Cooking?

Italian Chicken Lasagna Recipe

The best tasting chicken lasagna recipe that gives you layers of lasagna pasta filled with meaty, creamy, and cheesy goodness.

Total 90 mins
Sugar-Free Raisin Bars Recipe
Total 40 mins
Copycat Chick-fil-A Chicken Tenders Recipe

The most sensational chicken tenders marinated then finely coated with a batter full of spices. These tenders are fried to golden brown perfection for the extra crispy crust that we all love.

Total 30 mins
Copycat Hot Dog On A Stick Corn Dog Recipe

Bite into heavenly goodness with our simple and minimal version of the corn dog. Our corn dog recipe guarantees a satisfied tummy in every crunch.

Total 30 mins
Cooking one on one

Cooking 101

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