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Boiled food can be a healthier option when you've had enough of fried or saucy dishes. But it doesn't mean it can't be as savory and exciting since you have these yummy boiled recipes on hand. These recipes will never be too hot to handle!


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Seafood Gumbo Stock Recipe

Level up your gumbos with his notably savory and rich gumbo stock, made…
Total 7 hrs 50 mins

Boiled Tongue Recipe

This boiled tongue will take you on an adventure of flavors! Tender beef…
Total 3 hrs 10 mins

Game-Bird Stock Recipe

Made of giblets and other parts of ducks, this simple Game-Bird Stock results…
Total 1 hr 15 mins
Rice & Risotto

Saffron Rice Pilaf Recipe

Make your meals more colorful with this bright and fluffy saffron rice pilaf,…
Total 50 mins
easy boiled rice recipe
Rice & Risotto

Easy Boiled Rice Recipe

This hassle-free and easy boiled rice recipe produces fluffy rice on the stove-top…
Total 30 mins
creamy polenta recipe

Creamy Polenta Recipe

Have a rich and light meal with this creamy polenta! It's a porridge-like…
Total 30 mins