Oreo Peppermint Balls Recipe

Jessica Published April 14, 2020

You can also use vanilla filled cookies and use white almond bark to dip them in and leave out the peppermint discs.

How To Make Oreo Peppermint Balls

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80 mins
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80 mins


  • 1 pkg Oreo cookies plain
  • 12 peppermint discs
  • 8 oz cream cheese
  • 1 pkg chocolate almond bark
  • some sprinkles


  • Grind the Oreo cookies and peppermint discs in a food processor.
  • Divide the cream cheese into thirds and add it into the food processor in thirds to ensure that all the ingredients are mixed well. 
  • Once you're done blending everything, pour out the mixture and shape it into balls using an ice cream scoop or a melon baller.
  • Lay the Oreo balls on wax paper above a cookie sheet and freeze them for an hour.
  • Once the Oreo balls are done freezing, melt the almond bark and dip the balls in the melted almond bark using a bamboo skewer. 
  • Lay the Oreo balls on wax paper to harden them. Sprinkle them with chocolate or rainbow sprinkles. Enjoy!


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