German Cookies

German Cookie Recipes

Recommended German Cookie Recipes


40 mins

Pfeffernüsse Spice Cookies Recipe

Delight in a wonderful treat with these pfeffernüsse spice cookies. These German Christmas cookies are brushed with a lemony sugar glaze for a sweet finish.


46 mins

German Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

These German chocolate thumbprint cookies serve delightfully chewy treats made with chocolate cake mix dough that are filled with creamy nuts and coconuts.


25 mins

Whip-Up German Chocolate Cookies Recipe

You can make these chocolate cookies easily with some German chocolate cake mix. The coconut flakes and pecans lend them more flavor and texture.


45 mins

Spiced Honey Cookies Recipe

These honey cookies are sweet and yummy to nibble on. It's even topped with a delicious almond glaze. Try out this honey cookies recipe.


1 hr 25 mins

Honey Cookies Recipe

In this honey cookies recipe, honey and sour cream give a more natural sweetness and a moist center whenever you take a bite. Plus, it has just the right hint of spice from cinnamon, nutmeg, and ginger.