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4 Restaurant Chains That Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

4 Restaurant Chains That Accept Cryptocurrency Payments

We’re all familiar with crypto – the rising star of the fintech industry. By this point, everyone has heard of at least one coin or token, most likely, Bitcoin or Ethereum, but there are plenty of other amazing ones that are primed to steal the show.

But did you know crypto can actually feed you? That’s right! And we don’t mean it in the sense that you can invest in it and wait until you get a profit and then buy a regular currency with it.

What we mean is that you can actually buy food using crypto. You read that right! Consider crypto as a mainstream payment method, with more and more chains accepting this virtual currency.

Of course, if you first need help with cryptos, to understand the basics, how to invest in them, and so on, there are plenty of resources available online, such as the aptly named CryptocurrencyHelp. And don’t forget to consult the crypto-nerd in your life – we all have one or two of those.

But let’s digress no further and learn more about where you can spend your virtual coin for some delectable meals. Just keep in mind that depending on your location, you might not have this option available, but that is sure to change with the lightning-speed adoption of the currency.


The beloved Domino’s has done it again. Not only is it currently the largest pizza chain in the entire world, but it has also decided to take a step further towards innovation by allowing people to buy a piping hot pie with crypto.

So, now, you can get all the deliciousness of the customizable pizzas, that somehow always hit the spot, with their renowned speediness and all purchased with your Bitcoin. At this moment in time, you can do this via the Lightning Pizza platform for both pick-up and delivery, which accepts five wallets at this point: Zap (desktop and iOS), lightning-app (desktop), Casa (desktop, iOS, and Android), BlueWallet (iOS and Android), and the Eclair wallet (Android).

They’ve honestly made it very convenient to buy from them, and let’s be honest, just like with pizza, there are never too many options when it comes to payment methods. So next time you’re itching for a slice, we don’t see a reason as to why you shouldn’t use your Bitcoin.

Burger King

Now, onto the king of burgers, Burger King. Home of the juicy flame-grilled Whopper and now home to the Instpower power bank rental machines. All the payments are made through Binance Pay which is in turn powered by Alchemy Pay. And you are not limited to Bitcoin, as you can use over 70 cryptocurrency coins, from Ethereum to Dogecoin.

And Burger King didn’t just stop there. In 2021, they had a promotion going on where clients could get a cryptocurrency prize code with every purchase registered on their app for over $5. The prize was easily claimed via the Robinhood app.

Due to its popularity, it wouldn’t be surprising if they decide to do another similar stunt, so make sure to keep an eye out for any future ones on their platform or online. And let’s be honest, it further legitimized the practical uses of crypto while also showing how forward-thinking the company really is.

Tapping into the crypto market is a smart move, and they understood the assignment fully. We can only expect more companies to join their ranks at this point.


Subway’s Eat Fresh slogan is one we have all heard of. Distancing themselves from the unhealthier fast food, they worked to deliver a healthy option but at the same speed, if not quicker. But that’s not the only way they have differentiated themselves.

All the way back in 2013, several Subway stores started accepting Bitcoin as a payment method. From the US to Russia to Slovakia, people kept finding out they could pay using their digital wallets.

Now, they allow clients to buy using the Bitcoin layer-2 Lightning Network payment solution. The owner of some Subway outlets, Daniel Hinze, has openly stated that Bitcoin could be the better money system. And he was not all talk, which is why some Subway outlets allow you to buy a healthy meal with this virtual coin.

He even started a trending hashtag, #UsingBitcoin, if that’s not commitment in this digital age, we don’t know what is. While this does mainly cater to the tech-savvier people out there, we can expect even more mainstream adoption. At one point, people had a hard time with smartphones, and this is no different.


For the Mexican foodies and crypto enthusiasts out there, you can rejoice! Since 2022, Chipotle has joined the ranks of other major chains and is now accepting crypto payments through its partnership with Flexa.

And you can use 98, yes 98, different currencies. From Bitcoin to Solana to Avalanche, there’s definitely a coin that you have and they accept.

Prior to this, they already had a promotion to test out the crypto waters, when they had a Bitcoin giveaway in 2021 to celebrate National Burrito Day. Of course, this wasn’t their last promotion, and more are expected to happen so keep an eye out so you don’t miss out on some free coin.

If you’re worried that it will take too long for the payment to process, don’t. Crypto payments are all practically instant, and typically much faster than those done via fiat currencies. And Flexa promises to process the payment in under a second, so it seems like a win-win situation all around to us.

Burritos and Bitcoins already sound like they should go hand in hand, so if you’re craving some good old Tex-Mex, why not try out this new payment option?


We might have only mentioned 4 chains, but it doesn’t stop there. There are countless more that are accepting crypto already and more are expected to join in. If at the moment, your restaurants locally don’t accept it, we’re sure they’ll catch up with the times.

As it stands, crypto is Gen Zers most common investment, and millennials have the biggest percentage of crypto purchases. So, it makes sense that companies worldwide will start adopting more futuristic payment methods to accommodate this new market.

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