Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe

These Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes are a delicious side dish perfect for any meal. The creamy potato filling is flavored with garlic, thyme, and Parmesan cheese, making each bite a savory delight. The potatoes are baked until tender and golden, giving them a delightful texture that pairs well with the creamy filling. This recipe is simple to make but has a gourmet feel, sure to impress your guests.

Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe
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The main ingredient you need to be aware of in this recipe is red bliss potatoes. These potatoes are small, round, and have a thin red skin. Their key feature is their waxy texture that is slightly creamy and buttery. They have a slightly sweeter taste than regular potatoes, which makes them perfect for this recipe. If you can't find red bliss potatoes, new potatoes or fingerling potatoes can be used as a substitute.

Ingredients for Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

Red bliss potatoes: These small, round potatoes have a waxy texture and slightly sweeter taste that works well in this recipe.

Light mayonnaise: Used to add creaminess to the potato filling.

Sour cream: Adds a tangy flavor that complements the other ingredients in the filling.

Olive oil: Helps to sauté the garlic and brings out its flavor.

Garlic: Adds a savory element to the potato filling.

Fresh thyme: Gives the potatoes a herby flavor.

Parmesan cheese: Adds a salty, cheesy flavor to the potato filling.

Salt and pepper: Season to taste.

Paprika: Gives a slight heat and color to the stuffed potatoes.

One reader, Keith Tripp says:

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These stuffed red bliss potatoes were a hit at my dinner party! The combination of creamy filling and perfectly cooked potatoes was a delight. The flavors were well-balanced, and the paprika added a nice touch of smokiness. I'll definitely be making these again for my next gathering. Delicious!

Keith Tripp

Techniques Required for Making Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe

How to boil red bliss potatoes: Place the red bliss potatoes in a medium pot, cover them with water, and add a teaspoon of salt. Bring the water to a boil and cook the potatoes until they are soft.

How to cook garlic: In a small pan, heat the olive oil and add the garlic. Cook the garlic on very low heat for about 12 minutes until it becomes soft. Remove the garlic and discard the oil, then mash the garlic.

How to fill and bake the stuffed potatoes: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees F. Using a teaspoon, scoop out the cooked potato, leaving a ¼-inch shell. Mix the scooped-out potato with the garlic, thyme, cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, salt, and pepper. Fill the potato shells with the mixture, sprinkle with paprika, and bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

How To Make Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

Make flavorful stuffed potatoes with a generous amount of garlic and herbs. Top it off with sour cream and Parmesan cheese for a delicious dish.




  • 10ozred bliss potatoes
  • 1tbsplight mayonnaise
  • 2tbspsour cream,fat free
  • 4tbspolive oil
  • 6clovesgarlic
  • 2tbspfresh thyme
  • 3tbspParmesan cheese
  • Salt and pepper,to taste
  • paprika


  1. In a medium pot, cover potatoes in water and add 1 teaspoon of salt.

  2. Bring to a boil and cook until soft.

  3. Drain and run under cool water. Set aside.

  4. While the potatoes cook, in a small pan, add oil and garlic and cook on very low heat, about 12 minutes, till soft.

  5. Remove garlic and discard oil.

  6. Mash garlic.

  7. In a medium bowl combine garlic, thyme, cheese, mayonnaise, sour cream, salt, and pepper.

  8. Mix well.

  9. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.

  10. Using a teaspoon, scoop out potato leaving a ¼-inch shell.

  11. Mix the potato with the other ingredients and fill potato shells.

  12. Sprinkle with paprika.

  13. Bake in the oven for 20 minutes.


  • Calories: 233.69kcal
  • Fat: 17.82g
  • Saturated Fat: 3.90g
  • Monounsaturated Fat: 10.96g
  • Polyunsaturated Fat: 2.27g
  • Carbohydrates: 15.01g
  • Fiber: 1.90g
  • Sugar: 0.98g
  • Protein: 4.47g
  • Cholesterol: 7.86mg
  • Sodium: 248.86mg
  • Calcium: 112.27mg
  • Potassium: 345.46mg
  • Iron: 1.01mg
  • Vitamin A: 27.93µg
  • Vitamin C: 17.34mg

Technique Tip for Perfecting Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

When scooping out the potato to create a shell, be careful not to pierce the skin. Using a small spoon or melon baller can help you control the depth and keep the shell intact. Also, when mashing the garlic, you can use a garlic press for a smoother consistency. This will help to evenly distribute the garlic flavor throughout the stuffing mixture.

Time-Saving Tips for Preparing Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

Prep ahead: Pre-cook the potatoes the day before and store them in the refrigerator. This will save time on the day of making the stuffed potatoes.

Use a food processor: Use a food processor to mix the filling ingredients quickly and evenly, saving time and effort.

Multi-task: While the potatoes are baking, use that time to prepare other dishes or clean up the kitchen to save time later.

Organize ingredients: Before starting, gather all the ingredients and tools needed for the recipe to avoid last-minute searches and save time.

Substitute Ingredients For Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe

  • red bliss potatoes - Substitute with Yukon Gold potatoes: Yukon Gold potatoes have a similar creamy texture and buttery flavor, making them a great substitute for red bliss potatoes in this recipe.

  • light mayonnaise - Substitute with Greek yogurt: Greek yogurt can provide a similar creamy texture and tangy flavor as light mayonnaise, while also adding a boost of protein to the dish.

  • sour cream - Substitute with plain yogurt: Plain yogurt can offer a similar tangy flavor and creamy consistency as sour cream, making it a suitable substitute in this recipe.

  • olive oil - Substitute with avocado oil: Avocado oil has a mild flavor and high smoke point, making it a suitable substitute for olive oil in this recipe.

  • garlic - Substitute with shallots: Shallots can provide a milder, sweeter flavor compared to garlic, adding a unique twist to the dish.

  • fresh thyme - Substitute with rosemary: Rosemary can provide a similar earthy and aromatic flavor as fresh thyme, complementing the dish with its herbaceous notes.

  • parmesan cheese - Substitute with Asiago cheese: Asiago cheese offers a nutty and slightly tangy flavor similar to parmesan, making it a suitable substitute in this recipe.

  • paprika - Substitute with smoked paprika: Smoked paprika can add a deeper, smokier flavor to the dish, enhancing the overall taste profile.

Best Way to Present Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

  1. Elevate the dish with a stunning plating: When presenting the stuffed red bliss potatoes, focus on creating an elegant and visually appealing plate. Use edible flowers or microgreens to add a pop of color and freshness to the dish.

  2. Incorporate artistic drizzling: Drizzle a small amount of balsamic reduction or truffle oil on the plate to add a touch of sophistication and depth of flavor to the dish.

  3. Utilize contrasting textures: Consider adding a crunchy element such as toasted breadcrumbs or crispy prosciutto to provide a delightful contrast to the creamy stuffed potatoes.

  4. Garnish with fresh herbs: Sprinkle the plate with freshly chopped chives or parsley to enhance the overall presentation and add a burst of vibrant green color.

  5. Serve on elegant dinnerware: Choose porcelain plates or slate platters to showcase the dish beautifully and create a sense of refinement.

  6. Create a focal point: Arrange the stuffed red bliss potatoes in a visually appealing manner, perhaps in a circular pattern, to draw attention to the dish's enticing presentation.

  7. Consider the use of edible gold leaf: For a truly luxurious touch, delicately place a small piece of edible gold leaf on the plate to add a touch of opulence and sophistication.

  8. Add a touch of elegance with a side salad: Accompany the stuffed potatoes with a small side salad dressed with a light vinaigrette, adding a refreshing and complementary element to the overall presentation.

Essential Tools for Making Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

  • Medium pot: A pot used for boiling or cooking ingredients over medium heat.
  • Small pan: A small cooking vessel used for sautéing, heating liquids, or frying small portions of food.
  • Oven: A kitchen appliance used for baking, roasting, and heating food.
  • Teaspoon: A small spoon used for measuring and stirring ingredients.
  • Baking sheet: A flat, metal sheet used for baking and roasting in the oven.
  • Mixing bowl: A bowl used for combining and mixing ingredients.
  • Food processor: A kitchen appliance used for chopping, blending, and pureeing food.
  • Spatula: A kitchen tool used for flipping, spreading, and smoothing ingredients.
  • Colander: A bowl-shaped kitchen utensil with perforations used for draining liquids from food.
  • Oven mitts: Insulated gloves used for handling hot dishes and cookware from the oven.
  • Measuring spoons: Utensils used for measuring small amounts of ingredients accurately.
  • Knife: A sharp tool used for cutting, slicing, and chopping ingredients.
  • Potato masher: A kitchen tool used for mashing cooked potatoes or other soft foods.

Storing and Freezing Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

  • Let the stuffed potatoes cool completely before storing or freezing. This will prevent condensation from forming and making them soggy.

  • To store in the refrigerator, place the cooled stuffed potatoes in an airtight container or wrap them tightly with plastic wrap. They will keep in the fridge for up to 3-4 days.

  • For longer storage, you can freeze the stuffed potatoes. Arrange them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, making sure they aren't touching each other. Place the baking sheet in the freezer for about 2 hours, or until the potatoes are frozen solid.

  • Once frozen, transfer the stuffed potatoes to a freezer-safe container or resealable plastic bag. Label the container or bag with the date and contents. Frozen stuffed potatoes will keep for up to 2-3 months.

  • To reheat refrigerated stuffed potatoes, place them on a baking sheet and bake in a preheated 350°F (175°C) oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until heated through.

  • For frozen stuffed potatoes, you can either thaw them overnight in the refrigerator and then reheat as directed above, or bake them directly from frozen. If baking from frozen, increase the baking time to 20-25 minutes, or until they are heated through and the cheese is melted and bubbly.

How to Reheat Leftover Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

  • To reheat leftover stuffed red bliss potatoes, preheat your oven to 350°F (175°C). Place the potatoes on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper or aluminum foil. Bake for 15-20 minutes, or until heated through and the tops are slightly crispy. This method helps maintain the texture and flavor of the potatoes while ensuring they are evenly heated.

  • Another option is to use an air fryer. Set the air fryer to 350°F (175°C) and place the stuffed potatoes in the basket, making sure they are not overcrowded. Cook for 5-7 minutes, or until heated through and crispy on the outside. This method is quick and helps restore the crispy texture of the potato skins.

  • For a faster reheating method, you can use the microwave. Place the stuffed potatoes on a microwave-safe plate and heat them on high power for 1-2 minutes, or until heated through. To prevent the potatoes from becoming soggy, you can place a damp paper towel over them while microwaving. Keep in mind that the microwave may not restore the crispy texture of the potato skins.

  • If you have a toaster oven, you can also use it to reheat your stuffed potatoes. Preheat the toaster oven to 350°F (175°C) and place the potatoes on the wire rack. Heat for 10-15 minutes, or until heated through and slightly crispy on the outside. This method is similar to using a regular oven but may be more convenient for smaller portions.

  • Lastly, you can reheat the stuffed potatoes on the stovetop using a skillet. Heat a small amount of olive oil or butter in a skillet over medium heat. Add the potatoes and cover the skillet with a lid. Cook for 5-7 minutes, or until heated through, flipping them halfway through cooking. This method helps crisp up the potato skins while heating the filling.

Interesting Facts About Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

Red Bliss Potatoes are a type of potato known for their smooth, thin red skin and creamy texture. They are a good source of vitamin C and potassium, and they are often used in recipes that call for boiling, roasting, or mashing.

Is the Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe Budget-Friendly?

This stuffed red bliss potatoes recipe is quite cost-effective for a household. The main ingredients, such as red bliss potatoes and garlic, are affordable and readily available. The addition of parmesan cheese and sour cream may slightly increase the cost, but the overall expense is reasonable. The approximate cost for a household of 4 people would be around $10. The dish offers a delightful combination of flavors and textures, making it a satisfying and budget-friendly option. Verdict: 8/10.

Are Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Healthy or Unhealthy?

The stuffed red bliss potatoes recipe is a delicious and indulgent dish, but it may not be the healthiest option. While potatoes themselves are a good source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, the addition of mayonnaise, sour cream, and cheese increases the fat and calorie content of the dish. The use of olive oil and garlic provides some health benefits, but the overall nutritional value is compromised by the high-fat ingredients.

To make this recipe healthier, consider the following suggestions:

  • Reduce the amount of mayonnaise and sour cream, or replace them with low-fat or non-fat alternatives such as Greek yogurt
  • Use a smaller amount of cheese or opt for a lower-fat variety like part-skim mozzarella
  • Increase the proportion of vegetables by adding chopped spinach, bell peppers, or onions to the potato filling
  • Use a combination of sweet potatoes and red bliss potatoes for added nutritional value and fiber
  • Experiment with different herbs and spices to enhance flavor without relying on excessive amounts of fat and salt

By making these adjustments, you can create a more balanced and nutritious version of the stuffed red bliss potatoes while still enjoying the comforting flavors and textures that make this dish so appealing.

Editor's Thoughts on Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe

The stuffed red bliss potatoes recipe is a delightful combination of creamy and savory flavors. The use of garlic, thyme, and parmesan cheese adds a rich and aromatic essence to the dish. The method of boiling and then baking the potatoes ensures a tender and fluffy texture, while the addition of mayonnaise and sour cream creates a luscious filling. The final touch of paprika adds a hint of smokiness and a pop of color. Overall, this recipe offers a satisfying and indulgent twist on traditional stuffed potatoes, making it a delightful addition to any meal.

Enhance Your Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe with These Unique Side Dishes:

Roasted Asparagus: Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Roast in the oven until tender and slightly crispy.
Grilled Chicken Skewers: Marinate chicken pieces in a mixture of lemon juice, garlic, and herbs. Skewer and grill until charred and juicy.
Fruit Salad: Toss together a mix of fresh fruits such as strawberries, blueberries, and kiwi. Drizzle with a honey-lime dressing for a refreshing side dish.
Creamy Tomato Soup: Simmer tomatoes, onions, and garlic in a pot with vegetable broth. Blend until smooth and stir in heavy cream for a velvety finish.

Alternative Recipes Similar to Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

Roasted Vegetable Quinoa Salad: This hearty salad is packed with roasted vegetables and protein-rich quinoa, making it a satisfying and nutritious meal.
Balsamic Glazed Chicken: Tender and juicy chicken breasts are coated in a sweet and tangy balsamic glaze, perfect for a quick and flavorful dinner.
Mango Coconut Chia Pudding: Indulge in this creamy and tropical chia pudding, made with fresh mango and coconut milk for a refreshing and healthy dessert option.

Ideal Main Courses and Desserts to Pair with Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes

Main Courses:
Grilled Salmon: Marinate the salmon in a zesty lemon and herb mixture before grilling to perfection. Serve with a side of roasted vegetables for a light and flavorful main course.
Beef Wellington: Tender beef tenderloin wrapped in a flaky puff pastry, served with a rich mushroom duxelles. This elegant dish is sure to impress your dinner guests.
Chocolate Mousse: Indulge in a rich and velvety chocolate mousse, topped with a dollop of whipped cream and a sprinkle of cocoa powder. The smooth texture and decadent flavor will satisfy any sweet tooth.
Berry Parfait: Layer fresh berries with creamy yogurt and crunchy granola for a delightful and refreshing berry parfait. The combination of sweet, tart, and crunchy creates a perfect balance of flavors and textures.

Why trust this Stuffed Red Bliss Potatoes Recipe:

This stuffed red bliss potatoes recipe is a must-try for any potato lover. The combination of garlic, thyme, and parmesan cheese creates a flavorful and aromatic filling. The use of light mayonnaise and sour cream adds a creamy texture without overwhelming the dish. The careful instructions ensure that the potatoes are perfectly cooked and the filling is well-balanced. Trust the expertise behind this recipe to deliver a delightful and satisfying dish.

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How long does it take to cook the stuffed red bliss potatoes?
The stuffed red bliss potatoes take about 30 minutes to prepare and cook in the oven.
Can I use other types of potatoes for this recipe?
Yes, you can use other types of potatoes, but the red bliss potatoes work best for their creamy texture and thin skin.
Can I prepare the stuffed red bliss potatoes in advance?
Yes, you can prepare the stuffed red bliss potatoes in advance and then bake them when you're ready to serve. Just make sure to store them in the refrigerator.
Can I substitute any of the ingredients?
You can substitute the light mayonnaise with Greek yogurt for a healthier option, and you can also add different herbs or cheeses to customize the flavor.
How can I tell if the potatoes are cooked through?
You can check if the potatoes are cooked through by piercing them with a fork. If the fork easily pierces the potatoes, they are ready.

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