25 Amazing Coffee Bar Ideas For A Cozy Home Cafe This 2021

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Kaye Modified: October 8, 2021
25 Amazing Coffee Bar Ideas For A Cozy Home Cafe This 2021

When it’s early in the day and you want to sip freshly-brewed good morning coffee, you won’t always have the patience to scour your entire kitchen for your tools. It’s the same for when you’re on a quick coffee break from working or studying at home. For this reason, it’s really convenient to have a dedicated space for all your brewing needs. It’s also good that there are lots of DIY coffee bar ideas that you can try to recreate for your kitchen! 

So, continue reading to discover some of the most popular styles for coffee stations right now. Discover which aesthetic fits your needs and personal preferences, or take inspiration from seasonal home bar décor ideas.

Aesthetic Coffee Bar Ideas

In this section, we’ve gathered some of the most popular aesthetic coffee bar ideas for your home. Get inspired from these images and recreate the ambience from the coffee shop photos and images that you’re eyeing!

Modern Farmhouse Coffee Bar

Farmhouse coffee bar ideas have a dainty charm to them that never seems to go out of style! To add a twist, you can incorporate a modern flair to your country-side chic by using furniture and décor with clean-cut lines. You can also use your fresh and sleek espresso machine as the centerpiece to give your farmhouse style a contemporary feel. To tie everything together, add an all-white ensemble and a raw wooden sideboard and mug rack.

Sleek Modern Home Bar Designs

Looking for contemporary ideas for your coffee bar? How about recreating modern home bar design ideas like this by using earthy tones such as brown, gray, and green in your choice of furniture! These colors are neutral and they perfectly complement each other, as showcased on the walls, hanging shelves, and countertop of this quaint station. For the display, white and black canisters, mugs, and coffee bar décor blends in really well with this overall aesthetic.

Rustic Coffee Bar

You can successfully recreate rustic coffee bar ideas by highlighting pieces made with raw, all-natural materials such as stone or wood in your station. Lean into the bareness of wooden floating shelves and sideboards, stacked with more wood or paper implements. To keep your goods tidy, clean white canisters and fabric storage bins work perfectly with this style. Finally, achieve the complete rustic coffee shop aesthetic by adorning your station with small potted plants here and there. 

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Minimalist Aesthetic

If you don’t like seeing a lot of clutter on your personal station, you might appreciate the minimalist coffee shop aesthetic that’s been all the rave lately. Stripped back to the bare necessities, your coffee bar at home should have nothing but your trusty coffee equipment and clean ceramic mugs. As for your other items, you can tuck them away inside the counter cabinet or keep them in minimalist canisters to store overhead. It also doesn’t hurt to have a potted plant around! 

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Vibrant Coffee Bar

For mornings that feel repetitive, sometimes you just want coffee to come help pick up your mood. It can also help to have a bright and colorful home coffee station to uplift your spirits. And out of all the bar décor ideas, you’ll appreciate this style especially if you’re not one to shy away from colors! 

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Instead of going the traditional route with a white or bare wooden base, opt for fun colored ones like this mint green table. If the space isn’t enough for all your equipment, you can hang some wall-mounted shelves for more storage. Display some bright yellow mugs, the perfect coffee décor to keep the vibe going!

Retro Coffee Corner

Achieve the vintage coffee shop décor for your kitchen by using a contrasting combination of shapes and colors. A popular retro color combo is red and blue, as showcased by the bright red Smeg coffee machine at the forefront of this mini station’s blue mug shelves and background. It pops out from the rest of the more neutral-toned cups, signs, and wooden cake stand. To finish the look, incorporate memorabilia and some vintage coffee bar signs from or inspired by this notable 80’s aesthetic.

Inspirational Coffee Station

Wondering what to put on your coffee bar aside from your brewing equipment? Apart from plants, you can also consider putting a piece of inspirational coffee wall decor or bar sign. Not only will it add an extra element to your chosen home bar décor ideas, but it will also be a good reminder for yourself to keep motivated.

To keep your style cohesive, always match the material of your signage with the aesthetic you’re trying to achieve. For instance, if you want a more rustic feel, opt for ones made with wood. You can choose to hang the signs on the wall or display them on your sideboard with some flowers and a countryside-inspired rustic flower vase.

Shabby Chic Coffee Bar

Your coffee bar furniture doesn’t have to be brand new. Reuse and repurpose what you have at home by leaning into the “shabby chic” aesthetic. As a matter of fact, slightly run-down and worn-out pieces give this style movement its unique charm. An all-white ensemble will do the trick, paired with floral canisters and mugs. For more frills, flower wreaths and other floral arrangements will work well with this style. 

Industrial Coffee Bar

Bare and stripped back is the ultimate definition of industrial chic. With this aesthetic, you can embrace exposed pipes and other structural elements of your coffee bar table without a problem. To style your space, use more muted tones like gray, black, white, and brown. Open cabinets and shelving are also more than welcome. You can display your goods freely, or keep them organized in a brown woven storage box.

Rae Dunn-Inspired

Rae Dunn’s products have captured the hearts of many clay pottery enthusiasts and coffee lovers alike. If you didn’t already know, this brand is well-known for its cream-colored signature pieces, with hand-painted words written on each mug, canister, or plate. To complement this style in your kitchen coffee bar, we recommend using clean, white-colored furniture for the sideboard and floating shelves. White vases and other coffee organizers would also blend in really well.

Coffee Bar for the Plant Lover

This is the coffee bar for coffee lovers who also enjoy taking care of plants. Clean white pots and pieces of furniture with some wood elements like this coffee sign would work perfectly with this aesthetic. The former gives the lively green color of the plants the best opportunity to stand out, while the wooden pieces help continue the overall naturalistic vibe. You can even choose to hang the plants as a coffee wall décor if you’re up for it.

Space-Saving Coffee Mini Bar Ideas

Have limited space in your home? Don’t worry because your home bar design doesn’t have to be expansive for you to serve good quality java! Check out this section for small coffee bar ideas that you can easily achieve for apartments, living rooms, and other small spaces.

Repurposed Coffee Cart

If you have an unused bar cart lying around, you can definitely transform it into your own personal coffee space. This is also a relatively cheap bar set option since you won’t have to spend money on brand new buffet tables or sideboards.

Aside from having all your essentials in one go, another benefit of having coffee bar carts is that you can move them virtually anywhere around the house. And at the bottom layer of the cart, you can have wire storage for all your favorite magazines. You can move it into the living room for guests to enjoy or your bedroom to have for your alone time.

Coffee Cabinet

For more unique coffee bar cabinet ideas, why not transform an old kitchen hutch into a reclaimed coffee spot? With all the built-in storage spaces of this piece of furniture, you’ll have enough room for all your brewing essentials. You can decorate the background of the coffee station cabinet and add pendant lights to make the space more inviting.

Simple Coffee Corner

Not a fan of over-the-top kitchen coffee bar ideas? If that’s the case, then you’ll surely appreciate a simple yet fully functional corner coffee bar for your kitchen. Simply pick a dedicated space in your kitchen counter and build off from there. For starters, you can place your coffee machine and canisters on a slightly elevated surface like this Acacia serving platter. You can also install a floating corner shelf overhead for more storage. 

DIY Kitchen Cart

Make your own space-saving DIY coffee bar or station for your home using a wooden kitchen cart as the base. If you’re going to purchase a new one, we recommend getting a three-tier model for extra storage. The top-most layer can hold bulkier coffee equipment, whereas the lower parts can serve as a good space for mugs, cutlery, and other DIY kitchen décors. This is one of the best living room coffee bar ideas to go for if you want something compact and mobile.

Floating Bar Design

Storing items vertically is one of the most efficient ways of utilizing limited space. For home coffee bars, you can have a small sturdy table that is capable of holding your machine. Then, install a floating coffee shelf or two overhead to have more storage. You can keep and display your canisters, pods, and mugs in this dedicated space. This saves much more room compared to coffee corner or bar shelf ideas with layouts that are more spread out. 

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Small Coffee Bar

Your extra kitchen counter space could be just the right spot for a quaint home coffee bar. Feel free to take inspiration from our small coffee bar countertop ideas to maximize your available space. You can place your brewing necessities on the countertop itself and hang your mugs on the cupboards using mug hangers

Kitchen Counter Coffee Bar

If you have a plethora of coffee-making tools in your arsenal, you’ll definitely benefit from allotting countertop space for displaying each one. The good thing about these coffee bar ideas for the kitchen counter is that you don’t have to provide a different table or sideboard that might take up more space in your home.

Proudly showcase your prized machine and coffee syrups in your kitchen coffee station by lining them up on the counter. And to keep things organized, you can store your cups on a mug rack or display them on floating shelves with other decorative pieces. 

Versatile Coffee Bar Ideas

For this section, explore home coffee bar ideas for your kitchen that can also house other types of beverages. If you love having home-brewed coffee in the morning but also delight in having afternoon tea, high tea in the evening, or wine at night, then keep on reading!

Coffee and Tea Cabinet

Dedicate a small space in your kitchen for your coffee and tea essentials. All you need is a counter space that’s just right for your coffee percolators or machine and a cupboard directly above it to use as your coffee bar cabinet.

There, you can have canisters and wood storage bins to keep all your goods orderly. Label each coffee station organizer so that you know what to reach for when you want to brew some jasmine tea or a cup of joe. It’s also convenient that you can close the DIY bar cabinet when it’s not in use so that the space remains clutter-free at all times.

Bar Station for Coffee and Liquor

How convenient would it be to have all your coffee and booze favorites in one station? That’s the perfect recipe for the best coffee bar ideas for a party! Apart from that, this is for all the coffee lovers who also enjoy a mug of the best decaf coffee or an exquisite glass of liquor to cap off the night. Achieve this and more with this DIY home bar for your kitchen. 

Instead of having a regular buffet table with lots of storage, you can get one that fits a small wine cooler for your alcoholic drinks. Plus aside from installing regular floating shelves for your mugs, get a wine shelf that can also safely hold all your stemware. 

Seasonal Coffee Bar Ideas

Find the best coffee station ideas for different occasions in this section. Get inspired with ideas for festive holiday décor and more! 

Christmas Coffee Station


Bring out the holiday spirit by introducing pops of red in your coffee bar decoration ideas for Christmas. For instance, you can use a red table cloth to cover your table before reorganizing the items on your bar. White mugs and canisters, red ribbons, and holiday figurines scattered on the station will also help breathe life to your coffee corner’s theme.

Easter Coffee Corner

For Easter gatherings, it’s best if your coffee décor matches the jovial spirit of the holiday. To do this, try to incorporate more color into your station. If you prefer more muted tones, you can opt for pastel-colored pieces like these banner flags

Coffee Bar for Fall

Autumn is the season where a lot of people need coffee with some pumpkin spice. As such, why not also switch up your coffee station by incorporating time-honored fall pieces into your coffee nook ideas? For starters, some fake pumpkin décor would be a really fun addition to your coffee bar. Couple that with splashes of fall-colored items like yellow, red, and orange and you get a full-blown season celebration. 

Summertime Coffee Station

For summer kitchen bar ideas, vibrant colors are the way to go. This kitchen bar design, in particular, takes cues from the popular summer beverage: fresh and crisp homemade lemonade. The otherwise all-white station is brought to life by pops of bright yellow from the vase, fake plants, lemon wreath, and wall décor adorned with pictures of said citrus fruit.

Valentine’s Coffee Bar

To celebrate the most romantic day of the year, incorporate all things symbolic of love into your DIY coffee bar ideas. Take inspiration from this coffee corner where red mugs and other decorative items are scattered throughout the white display. You can also showcase items with heart-shaped prints for continuity. 

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